Eye Makeup For A Blue Dress

Have you ever thought of wearing a beautiful blue dress? 

But you got kind of confused about what type of eye makeup you should wear right!! 

You got confused about which shade to use or whether this or that skin tone will match or not.

So, don’t you worry guys because today in this article, we will share the eye makeup tips that you can use with your gorgeous blue dress.

Eye Makeup Tips

  1. Always wear your eye makeup with an eye shadow base or an eye primer
  1. After applying the eye base, wait for 10-15 seconds.
  1. Use a flat brush to apply eyelid color and pack the color by patting.
  1. Use the cream color with a fluffy brush and blend it properly without any harsh edges.
  1. You can go with regular or thick-winged eyeliner.
  1. Apply mascara properly.
  1. Use a highlighter by using a tiny clean brush and use colors like vanilla, champagne, and so on. Also, apply a highlighter on the brow bone to create a beautiful look.
Eye Makeup For A Blue Dress

Does Blue Eyeshadow Go With A Blue Dress?

Blue eyeshadow is a flattering and bold look style. 

Some women may feel awkward or may feel hesitant to try this blue eyeshadow look because it’s kind of a bold style and might clash.

You can try a Smokey black eye makeup look if your dress is navy blue or dark blue.

Try to keep your shadow lighter and natural if your dress is turquoise blue or light blue.

What Makeup Is Best For Blue Eyes?

To make your blue eyes look great and stand out more, go with peach and pink shades of an eyebrow. 

Peach is a beautiful shade and will look great on your eyes and within that, it can be worn in any season.

Make a monochromatic peach shadow look when you want to enhance your eyes and want them to look more attractive. 

The best eyeliner for your blue eyes is the primary hue red and if you tint it with brown it becomes complementary to blue eyes, as this look will make your eyes look more natural, and super icy, and will boost your eye color.

Eyeshadow And Royal Blue Dress

The eyeshadow shades which will work like magic for your royal blue dress are Smokey eyes with a cat eye or wing lined.

You can also go with metallic eyes and components shades for your eyes could be champagne or gold. 

Eyeshadow And Navy Blue Dress

The deep red tone can be worked out with your navy blue dress.

Choose a Smokey metallic gold eyeshadow for adding more elegance and adding a natural look to it.

Use bronzing powder to lightly contour the features of your face for a naturally hydrated and sun-kissed look. 

Type Of Eye Makeup For Blue Dress

Type Of Eye Makeup For Blue Dress
  1. Silver smokey eye makeup

To create this beautiful look, all you have to do is: – 

  1. Apply foundation and concealer as a base properly. 
  1. Apply some eye shadow guards which will help you to create a sharp edge and will pick up a shadow fallout. 
  1. Pick the bite-sized eyeshadow and blend it properly.
  1. Pick another dark brown color shade with the help of a tiny blending brush and blend properly at the inner corner of the eye and also in the outer corner including the crease area too.
  1. Apply some liquid eyeshadow of silver shade and use your finger to apply your silver shade.
  1. You can also use a brush or some spray to set your liquid eyeshadow silver shade.
  1. Take your gel eyeliner and create a winged liner with the help of your brush.
  1. Apply matte liquid liner on top of gel eyeliner to make it a little bit darker, and also to get a nice matte finish look. 
  1. Use a bold waterproof pencil which is an intense black pencil and apply it to your lower eyelid.
  1. Use black eyeshadow color using a flat definer brush and apply it properly underneath the lower lash line also use it over the waterline to make it super black and smokey.
  1. Take a light shadow of brown on a tiny blending brush and sweep it back and forth and blend out the lower lash line.
  1. Draw a bit of a pointy inner corner with the help of a gel liner.
  1. Use fake eyelashes and curl your lashes and apply mascara on them.
Tips For Eye Makeup in Blue Dress
  1.  Blue smokey eye makeup

If you want to go on with this beautiful eye makeup look, follow the given steps: – 

  1. Do your eyebrow makeup properly.
  1. Apply some foundation and concealer as a base.
  1. Use some face powder to set it in place to prevent you from creasing.
  1. Use the shade bake sale which is a transition color and apply it on your crease and blend it nicely, try not to go up to the brow bone.
  1. Take the blue shade eyeshadow and place it low in the crease and drag it down on the eyelid area which will make the blending of the next blue shades easier in the crease. 
  1. Use cream eyeshadow and apply it all over your eyelid area, which is going to be a great base for the pigment that you will apply in a while, to make it more vibrant and intense.
  1. Make sure there are no harsh lines.
  1. On top of that, use a blue pigment shade and apply it nicely.
  1. Take the blue shadow again and blend it properly to diffuse the edges of the blue pigment you just use. 
  1. Apply loose pigment blue shade in the Center of your eyelid and blend out the edges because it’s a little bit lighter than the previous pigment.
  1. Take some cream eyeshadow as a base and place it along your lower lashes in the outer half. 
  1. Carefully apply the loose pigment over there.
  1. Take a blue eyeshadow shade and apply it nicely and seamlessly and use that cream eyeshadow in your waterline as well.
  1. If you want, you can apply gel eyeliner and false eyelashes with some mascara.
Type for blue Eye Makeup

3. Metallic and blue eye makeup 

To get this gorgeous eye makeup look, all you have to do is: – 

  1. Do your eyebrow makeup properly.
  1. Use foundation and concealer as a base.
  1. Take eyeshadow and use it as a transition color and blend it back and forth in your crease.
  1. Take matte cranberry color and blend it back and forth in your crease and blend it up with that transition color.
  1. Use cherry cola in the socket and blend it with that cranberry color. 
  1. Apply some glitter primer with the help of a flat concealer brush, which will be a sticky base for the pigment.
  1. Use blue pigment on your eyelid and blend out the edges.
  1. Use a navy blue eyeshadow and apply it to the inner and outer corners of your eyes. 
  1. Take a fluffy angled eyeshadow brush and blend out the edges in your crease. 
  1. Apply a matte liquid liner and some mascara on it.
  1. Use your false eyelashes.
  1. Use your blue eyeshadow pigment and smudge it all across under your lower lashes.
  1. Smudge the cranberry color underneath that blue eyeshadow and with the help of a blending brush, blend the two shadows.
  1. Later apply some mascara on your lower lashes and there you go.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What eye makeup goes with a blue dress?

You can paint your lids in a bar of shimmering silver and your lips a pretty pink color.

  1. Does red lipstick work out with a blue dress?
    Royal red lipstick is complementary to the blue dress.
  1. What color mascara is best for blue eyes?

Purple color mascara suits best blue eyes.

  1. Which nail paint color goes well with a blue dress?

You can choose coral, peach, pink, lime green, and so on.

what Eye Makeup For Blue Dress


Try to blend the soft shades of matte beige and brown eyeshadows for a natural and attractive appearance. 

Try to use shades of brown or any other similar shades that reflect your natural skin tone to match your makeup with your complexion and enhance the beauty of your inner-outer look. 

If your dress is light blue, try to use shades of pink, peach, white, or sky blue. 

DON’T mix-match your eyeshadow shades to your dress shade will look like a costume later.