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Hi there! Welcome to EyewearSpace, the ultimate online destination for all things related to eyewear, sunglasses, and eye makeup. We’re thrilled to have you here and can’t wait to share our love for eyewear with you.

We are a one-stop shop for the latest trends, tips, and tricks to enhance your eye fashion game. 

Our website is dedicated to providing high-quality content that educates, inspires, and informs our readers on all aspects of eye fashion.

Now let’s introduce you to the face behind EyewearSpace.

I’m Tessa Reynolds, a 34-year-old fashion devotee based in Denver, Colorado. My passion for eyewear started at a young age when I would spend hours experimenting with different frames and styles. Over the years, I started my career as a fashion blogger, and over time, my passion for eyewear and eye makeup grew.

EyewearSpace was born out of my desire to share my love for eyewear and eye makeup with the world. I believe that the right pair of sunglasses or the perfect eye makeup look can transform your entire outfit and give you the confidence to take on the world. Whether you’re a fashion lover or just someone looking for tips and tricks to elevate your eyewear game, EyewearSpace has got you covered.

My mission is to create a community where people can come together to share their love for eyewear and eye makeup. From the latest trends and styles to expert advice and product recommendations, we have everything you need to take your eyewear game to the next level.

So join us here at EyewearSpace and let’s explore the world of eyewear together!