How To Do A Smokey Eye Makeup?

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Smokey eye makeup is a timeless and classic look that adds drama and glamour to any occasion. The key to achieving this look is to blend dark eyeshadows together seamlessly, creating a gradient effect that fades from dark to light.

While it may seem daunting at first, with a bit of practice and the right tools, anyone can master the art of smokey eye makeup.

Look no more. Because in this article we have tried to answer and discuss all probable issues and matters related to Smokey Eye makeup and how to create it!

What Is A Smokey Eye?

Smokey Eye

Simply put, smokey Eye makeup refers to an expert blending of Eyeshadow pigments on both the upper and lower lids. These eyeshadows are usually of darker shades. This effect also involves the application of dark eyeliner.

Along With the Eyeshadow blends the eyeliner is smudged along the eyelids to give the required Smokey appearance. This is one of the classiest Eye Makeup that goes with almost anything and everything. 

Things You’ll Require To Ace Your Smokey Eyes

Some of the important things required for your Smokey Eye looks are:

  • Concealer: To smoothen the skin around the eyes for better hold of makeup
  • Primer: You can use this instead of concealer. 
  • Eyeshadow Brush: A packed Eyeshadow brush that will pick and deposit enough Eyeshadow pigments.
  • Eyeshadow Palette: A good color combination of all kinds of shades.
  • Eyeliner: Preferably dark and gel-based for smoother application. 
  • Blending Brush: To blend in the Eyeshadow shades and smudge it up.
  • Mascara: Preferably black and waterproof to enhance and maintain the Smokey Eye look.

How To Do A Smokey Eye Makeup: A Step-by-Step Tutorial 

Step 1: Prime Your Eyes

Alright, so this is one of the most important steps that you absolutely need to get a hang of. Many people miss this out and it may lead to caked or cracked Makeup instead of the smooth finish you aim for. So to prime the area around your eyes you can either use concealer or Eye primer.

Apply it evenly and generously on the eyelids and the area under your eyes so that you have a perfect base for the next steps of your makeup.

Step 2: Select The Look You Want

You must understand that Smokey Eye look is just a genre. Under it, there are various sub-categories. So before proceeding with any further steps, you need to decide what kind of Smokey Eye you want for the occasion.

For instance, you can opt for dark Smokey Eye looks that would give a bold undertone to your face, if you have smaller eyes you could use lighter shades, or your color coordinates it with the outfit you are wearing or to match the occasion for a shimmery finish so on and so forth.

Step 3: Apply Your Eyeshadow Shade

Another essential step you should adhere to is that for the best kind of finish you’ll require a 3-pronged approach to your eyeshadow Palette. Select three shades and use the mid-tone shade within the three to apply evenly on your eyelids. Open and close your eyes to ensure you haven’t missed out on any part of the skin.

Step 4: Apply Your Crease Color Shade

Your cease color shades should be the darkest tone of the three shades you chose initially depending on the look you are going for. The best way to keep this application effective and not overdo is by keeping your eye open and depositing the color carefully on the crease. And then slowly bring it downwards towards the lashes with light brush strokes.

This ensures the crease lines are adequately tended to and they do not collect color in the gaps.

Step 5: Apply A Good Highlighting Shade

The darker shade you choose is usually used for Highlighting the area around your eyes for enhancing your bold look. For Highlighting you don’t really require a brush and you can easily use the dipper. The best and most common area to highlight is at the inner corner of your eyes with an extended stroke on the lower lid.

Other areas you can highlight are the middle of your top eyelid and the outer corner of the area below your eyebrows.

Step 6: Blend Blend Blend

Well, this is the most important step. Any product you apply, be it eyeshadow or highlighter, or multiple shades, you need to blend it all together. For this, you’ll need a proper blending brush and you need to keep doing it till all the shades fade in and out together and there is no trace of where one ends and one begins.

All in all, it should give a natural look.

Step 7: Apply Your False Lashes

Smokey Eyes are bold and, if done properly, give a vibe of subtlety. But in most cases to add a loud vibe to your makeup you’ll require some add-ons. Know of these add-ons is fake lashes. Now, personally, I am a believer of keep it natural.

But for people who are experienced with fake eyelashes, you can use Smokey Eyes to enhance your look giving a gorgeous finish to your eyes.

Step 8: Use A Good Eyeliner

A good eyeliner is one that is waterproof and will stay for a long. The best eyeliner you could use is a gel-based liner. In most cases, if you want dark-shaded eyes eyeliners are applied in thick strokes.

And after lining it with a winged edge at the end, it is smudged at the insides of the upper and lower eyelids.

Step 9: Finish It Up With A Good Mascara 

Okay, so this step is for people who are not comfortable with fake eyelashes. To sustain and enhance the bold look of Smokey Eyes you can use a good waterproof Mascara. A good Mascara can not only add to the boldness but also add volume to your lashes making them look thicker and longer.

Types Of Smokey Eyes

Smokey Eye Makeup

Classic Smokey Eyes

This is really the classic look that is featured dark shades and dark strokes. Even the shimmers added to such looks are done with dark shades. All in all this look is meant to be bold and loud, enhancing the beauty of your eyes.

Although if you have small eyes, this may not be the best option for you and you may want to keep it more on the simple scale.

Minimal Smokey Eyes

Now, this is the look that goes with small eyes. So if you do have small eyes it doesn’t mean you can’t opt for the Smokey Eye look. But you must keep it minimal.

Use all the things used to create a smokey eye look but keep it to a minimum so that the makeup does override your eye.

Black Smokey Eyes

Now, this is the classic of all classics. Why? Because it not only refers to the dark Smokey eyed look but it uses black as its darkest as well as lightest shades. This Eye makeup is intense and loud enough to single-handedly make your face party-ready. 

The eyeshadow, crease shade, and even the highlighting are done using a shade of black. This with a dab of lipgloss is one of the classiest looks out there.

Colorful Smokey Eyes

The truck with Smokey Eyes lies in the blending and appropriate smudging. Once you get a handle on these two tricks, in no time you’ll be a pro in Smokey Eyes makeup. Now to make your hair look more colorful and match it to your dress or occasion you can use multiple colors with near shades.

The trick is to blend them adequately and smudge them properly near the eyeliner. You can use and experiment with as many colors as you want, just don’t use too contrasting shades that it won’t even blend. Try and keep it natural.

Shimmery Smokey Eyes 

This is nothing but glitters over your eyes that are pretty to look at. They make you party-ready and also add to the boldness of the look.

Shimmery Smokey Eyes can be attempted on classic, dark-shaded, and colorful-shaded Smokey Eyes. It doesn’t look that great on light eye makeup merely due to the contrast of loud and soft vibes. 

Final Words

Your face is sensitive and more sensitive is the area around your eye. So what we suggest is don’t go over the top with eye makeup because it can have adverse effects. Keep them to a minimum because even that is stylish.

Smokey Eye is a simple enough makeup category. Hope we were able to provide you with adequate info on it!

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