Eye Makeup Tips For Girls Who Wear Glasses

Greetings to all the spectacled beauties! We all know how difficult it is to go with an everyday makeup look wearing a pair of glasses.

It’s time for us to squash the thought that makeup and glasses don’t go well together right?

But we all know how difficult it is to maintain your eye makeup look with glasses as it can be quite frustrating sometimes when glasses don’t allow eye makeup to shine.

Well, that’s the issue of course, but you guys just take a chill pill!!! We have solutions to all your problems. Follow a few tips and tricks and become an expert.

Do Glasses Make Your Eyes Look Smaller?

The Reason for your eyes looking small may depend on the thickness of your frame. Large and thick frames of your glasses make your eyes look small as the distance to the eyes increases.

So, to get rid of this, go for thinner glasses, as they will help you to minimize this effect.

It is an illusion behind the appearance of your small and big eyes but how much that will affect your eyes, depends on the size and thickness of the frame. 

The higher your prescription, the smaller your eyes will look because lenses in the glasses work to correct your vision from eye disorders like myopia and lead to a decrease in the size of your retina to maintain your long-distance vision better.

How Do Girls With Glasses Do Makeup?

Your makeup should always focus on your eyes while wearing a pair of glasses. 

Keep in mind if you are short-sighted or far-sighted because this helps you to adapt to the eye-make type. 

If you wear far-sighted lenses then this will make your eyes look bigger. On other hand, if you wear short-sighted lenses then this will make your eyes look smaller. 

This helps you to adjust and know how your eyes look.

Eye Makeup Tips For Girls with Glasses

How To Apply Eye Makeup While Wearing Glasses?

To prevent any type of foundation and concealer from sticking from your nose, it is important to know the basic rules and strategies about applicable things. 

Use a setting spray to keep your makeup in place and focused. Rather than false eyelashes, opt for a lengthening mascara. You can go with bold lips to balance the look properly.

Use skin cleanser and makeup remover so that your eyes won’t face any difficulties and will not harm your skin. 

Try to keep your eyes closed for a few minutes while going on with the next step.

Can Girls Wear Eyeliner With Glasses?

The best way to define your eyes while wearing a pair of glasses will be the deeper shade of the eyeliner rather than the rim of your glasses.

Eyeliner helps your eyes to look stand out as your makeup above the eyelashes won’t be visible properly but your lash line will look much deeper which is enough to attract someone’s attention. 

Apply slightly thicker liner if you prefer to wear thick frames or else go with thinner liner if you wear glasses with thin frames. 

Remember to use nude shade liner on the waterline to open up your eyes properly and go with liner only on the upper lids.

Can Girls Wearing Glasses Wear Mascara?

Rather than sticking your mascara stick straight, go curled upward so that mascara can rub off the lens of your glasses. This can be done with the help of an eyelash curler. 

A trick that is very easy and quick to apply is wearing mascara as it helps you to open up the eyes smoothly. 

You can avoid smudging by using waterproof mascara which prevents leaving marks on the glasses. 

eye makeup with glasses

What Makeup Goes With Glasses?

You should go with eyeliner-focused looks and should use subtle eyeshadow.

Choose lighter eye makeup shades, as glasses try to create shadows in the eye area and point it out. 

But this doesn’t mean you should always go and try to match your skin tones. You can also go with navy blue or pale blue with proper use and strategic application. 

You can still look gorgeous and great in Smokey eyes while wearing a pair of glasses. Just conceal your under area nicely and smoothly, and go for shimmery and kind of warm shades of different shades so that your eyes can shine out from behind your lenses.

How Do You Adapt Makeup To Glasses?

Here are some tips you must follow to make your eyes look prettier- 

  1. Try to properly curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler so that they will look beautiful and enhance your eye look.
  1. Use a good tone of under-eye concealer so that harshness and black spots will look.
  1. Use setting powder on your nose pads to make them look smoother and also to keep your glasses stay away from slipping. 
  1. Go with dark and deep eyeliner rather than eyeshadows.
  1. Try to use the proper way to apply mascara.
  1. Try to use light shades rather than darker ones.
  1. Keep an old pair of glasses if you can in case you need some time.
eye Makeup with Glasses for girls

Eye Makeup Tips For Girls Who Wear Glasses?

A lot of girls who wear glasses can’t go with their favorite eye makeup as it doesn’t work well with glasses. But you know why? Maybe because you missed out on some important tips which are mandatory.

  1. Prime the bridge of the nose before you wear your glasses and set it with translucent powder as it helps to prevent the glasses from slipping down.
  1. Spot conceal areas of concern that you would go ahead and cover it. 
  1. Use a brightening concealer if you don’t want your dark circle to notice out and uplift the face and let it shine out. 
  1. Shape, fill and groom the brows as people sometimes neglect the idea of brushing their eyebrows and giving them the shape that it requires. 
  1. Opt for neutral eyeshadows. It’s always best to stick to neutral. Don’t go OTT, it won’t look good.
  1. Shimmery shades are universally flattering. Don’t worry they look naturally gorgeous and won’t look too heavy behind the frame. 
  1. Using your fingers to apply eyeshadow it’s absolutely easy.
  1. Adjust the eyeliner according to the glass frame. 
  1. Use nude or white kohl pencils on the waterline to make it a little more pop and bold.
  1. Use a volumizing mascara for a fuller lash effect. 
  1. Use cream blush on the apples of the cheeks.
  1. Contour on the sides of the cheeks. 
  1. Play with your bold colors for lips such as poppy pink, red, purple, burgundy, browns, maroons, and many more. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What shades to use while wearing glasses?

Go with nude shades.

  1. Do glasses make your eyes look bigger?

Yes, it depends on the lens type you use.

  1. Does eyeliner work out well with glasses?

Yes, a deeper layer of eyeliner looks gorgeous and attractive.

  1. Do glasses make your eyes look tired?

Some people experience headaches and tired eyes for a few first days.

Eye Makeup Tips For Girls who wear Glasses


You know girls not taking your glasses into account while applying makeup just changes the whole idea of it.

Makeup is a form of visual art and your glasses act as a prop which means that it changes the whole dimension and application process of the makeup.

And what’s most important is that you can make your eye makeup look super glam, extremely big and your eye more noticeable even behind the tiny frame just by tweaking a few makeups looks here and there.