Why Does My Mascara Smudge?

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Smudging mascara is a problem faced by many. This happens either to people who work in heavy labor jobs and thus sweat a lot as a result of which their Mascara is always running down. Or it happens to people who engage in comparatively lower physical labor but with too-hydrated or oily eyelids and thus is seen Mascara smudge under-eye.

So, for all those unfortunate people out there, this article is just for you where we have listed out some reasons why your mascara smudges and some ways to prevent it.

Mascara Smudge

Why Does My Mascara Always Smudge?

In most cases, it’s not your mascara fault. Rather it is the way you use the mascara that is the problem and that is the reason you find black smudges just minutes into your mascara application. Some reasons you’d find Mascara smudging under the eye are:

Heavy Eye Cream

This is one of the most common reasons you’ll find mascara running. Heavy eye creams, although may be used as a way to smoothen out the rough skin around the eye, may often be more oily than required. This oiliness though great for the time being tends to ruin the look once mascara-coated eyelashes touch it.

So to keep mascara from running I’d suggest using gel-based lighter creams or applying very light coats.

Skipped The Primer

After talking to many beauty experts and experiencing it myself I have come to the enlightening conclusion that any eye makeup without primer lacks a solid durable foundation and is not meant to last long. Thus if you skip the primer whose primary job is to smoothen out the skin and make it makeup ready, indeed it will be skewed up.

reasons why mascara smudges

Excess Oil Under The Eye

Now, this is not something you can control. Skin hydration happens from within and it is really a boon to have such hydrated skin. The only issue is that you tend to not hold it, especially in the case of mascara. 

But this excess oil under the eye can also be taken care of with appropriate pre make up products.

Forgot To Bake

Now, this is what I am talking about when I say you can take care of the excess oil under the eye. You have the option to bake and if you forget that, again you’ll find rivers of mascara running down your cheeks. Baking is nothing but applying powder on too oily skin and letting it sit for 10-15 minutes before you apply makeup products on your skin.

It ensures the natural hydration of your skin does interfere with your smooth makeup appearance!

How To Prevent Smudging Of Mascara?

Now isn’t this like the question of the century? No, it isn’t really. Because there are many ways to stop mascara from smudging.

make Mascara Smudge proof

Invest In Smudge Proof Mascara

Now, this is the most obvious remedy you could go for. So if you are sure that you don’t have oily skin and you aren’t forgetting priming and baking, then it is probably your mascara that is at fault. In any case, always buy mascara that is waterproof and sweatproof.

Check the labels and description areas as to what exactly you are purchasing. Ensure the product you use has the least probability of smudging. And even after this if your mascara is still ruined then you may look at other remedial options.

Prime Your Eyes

This point just cannot be reiterated enough. If you don’t prime the area around your eyes, your makeup cannot be expected to last longer than a few hours. The Primer does the job of smoothing out the skin and the creases under your eyes. Without it, you may find products getting caked in spaces on your skin that ruin your look.

In the case of mascara, once it comes in contact with uneven skin, it tends to Smudge and run off eventually.

Remove Excess Oil Around the Eyes

If you have oily skin invest in a gel-based moisturizer that can keep your skin even without adding more oil to it. Also before applying any creams try and rub a wet cloth in severely oily areas to get rid of the excess oil.

You can also use a toner to add further evenness to your skin tone and apply Your favorite moisturizer. Though be careful while using such products so close to your eyes.

Curl Your Lashes

This is one of the most useful trucks that can be used to keep mascara from running and smudging. Mascara tends to Smudge when it comes in contact with oily or overly hydrated skin. To prevent this from happening you can curl up your mascara-coated eyelashes. 

This ensures that the lashes, especially the lower ones don’t come in direct contact with the skin below the eye and thus the mascara on them also stays only on the lashes and not on the skin.

Bake Your Undereyes

The process of baking as I’ve explained before is nothing but pondering up your too-oily skin and letting that powdered skin sit for 10-15 minutes. Once the powder has been allowed to thoroughly seep into and sit on the surface of the skin then you can start applying your makeup products.

A powdered or baked skin will be smoother and will have less tendency to Smudge mascara.

Final Words

Mascara is an important make-up element in many of our daily lives. So it is important that we know how to keep that effective. But our facial skin is too sensitive and keeping that in mind we should use products to prevent the mascara from smudging.

That said, we hope this article was helpful enough in answering your questions regarding the smudging of mascara!

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