Eye Makeup With Red Lipstick

Have you ever thought about what eye makeup would go on with your red lipstick? 

Or you wanted to try red lipstick but don’t know what kind of eye makeup you should use right?

Red lips are a classic beauty look, but you don’t know what exactly you have to do with your eyes.

If you also face a problem with this, then don’t worry because I have a solution to your problem. Just take a look at the given article below.

Does Red Lipstick Make You Look Older?

What Does Wearing Red Lipstick Mean?

The red lipstick shows the burning desires and goals and ambitions.

But from connotations of sexuality, women’s defiance and strength, witchcraft, and prostitution, the history of lipstick symbolism have in its coffer. 

Red lipstick was seen as a sign of communication with the devils in the dark ages. Red lips had a second act of defiance during II world war. 

In the 20th century, red lipstick symbolized power and strength. 

Does Red Lipstick Make You Look Older?

The reason is not so difficult, it’s quite simple matte lipsticks dry out your lips easily and enhance the unwanted lines which include the line you never knew would exist this may make you look older and this is something you never thought to achieve.

So you should use lipstick that creates fullness and not the unwanted lines you never thought of.

But scientists have also found out that red lipstick increases your facial contrast and your skin around that, making you look younger. 

Blush With Red Lipstick?

What Blush Goes With Red Lipstick?

To match your red lipstick you can go with lighter-hued blush such as pink blush.

Just keep in mind to use the blush in a natural tone instead of a more darker or dramatic look. Until and unless your red lipstick is perfectly worn, don’t try to use a red lip liner as it will end up with a weird and strange two-tone look.

So, try to use the complementary shade with red lipstick so that it won’t look like competing for your attention.

What Eye Makeup Goes With Red Lipstick?

When it comes to wearing eye makeup for red lipstick, gold is one of the best eyeshadow colors ever. 

Bronze is also your best choice for classy glam. It is another stunning eye shadow look if you don’t want to go with gold eyeshadow.

Smokey eyes and red lipstick can work out well together with nicely done winged eyeliner with no extra effort.

You can also wear red lipstick with any neutral color such as blue, brown, white, black, tan, and many more similar ones, but DON’T get surprised guys because it works out well.

Red Lipstick With Red Dress

Can You Wear Red Lipstick With A Red Dress?

It would look cheap and even vulgar if you wear red lipstick with a red dress or with a shade that is a little darker than your dress shade, as the red lips will provide enough contrast and it won’t match your dress completely. 

So, try to go with pink and peach lip shades which suit well with your red dress.

So try to go light with your overall makeup including your blush and eyeshadow. So, let your dress and lips do all the talkative things. 

Type Of Eye Makeup For Red Lipstick

  1. The natural look

If you don’t know exactly what kind of eye makeup you are looking for to go well with your red lipstick then finding the right eye makeup is quite difficult. One of the most flattering looks is the natural look or no-makeup look. 

A Natural look means your makeup is seamlessly blending into your skin with the right texture for your skin type.

Therefore, if you want to draw all the attention to your lips, then going with a natural look is not bad and it’s super easy and fun to make. 

To make this look completely natural, try your mascara and curl your eyelashes, put some light eyeshadow makeup with a light blush, and there you go.

  1. The bombshell look 

If you want a sexy look that draws out all your attention to your lips, then this is the look for you to wear.

Wearing the items that highlight your chest, legs and waist are what we call a classic curvy bombshell look. If you are not naturally curly then that’s okay because you can pick the items that are not overly tight and are form-fitting.

You can go with Smokey eyes too as long as they are done perfectly and not overdone. Go with something dark brown, or gray, and pair it with a smudged liner.

You may think this is dramatic but yet not over the top.

  1. The classic look

If you want to create this beautiful classic look with your red lipstick just be sure that your eyes are neutral. You can use a little bit of a shimmery look but don’t go too much with glitter girls. 

You can play with the dark shade of mascara to make your eyes look more beautiful and pop out. 

This kind of classic look mainly focuses on eyeliner, lips, brows, and lashes.

Try to blend the shades of your eyeshadow nicely to both your inner and outer eyelids, so that it may look smooth with no harsh line.

Type Of Eye Makeup For Red Lipstick
  1. The sexy look

There is nothing sexier than your eye contact and this magic works out well if you are wearing a red dress.

So to create this sexy eye makeup look, you should go with thick eyeliner lines.

Go and create some magic with your black mascara, soft shimmery look, and black eyeliner which will not draw attention to your lips only but to your eyes also.

Adding shine to your red lips, really makes them stand out and attractive.

  1. The beachy look

Now you must be wondering why to wear red lipstick to the beach, but trust me guys some girls among us do that, and it’s quite good and looks perfect with the outfit.

Go with some lengthening waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Keep the foundation light if you don’t want to look overdone.

Go with creamy bronzer and blush but with the touch of no go to the beach.

Keep the eyeshadow neutral and ditch the lipstick.

  1. The day look

A thought might be coming to your mind, who wears red lipstick for daytime work right?

But girls let me tell you all, red lips can go anywhere. Just make sure that you are doing the look right. 

With some mascaras, eyeliner, and light shimmery eyeshadow look and there you go.

The reason behind the daytime makeup look is to highlight your natural features, hide flaws, glow your skin and go with a fresh and awake appearance. It is more subtle as compared to the nighttime or evening look because the sun makes heavy makeup jobs more apparent.

  1. The subtle look

You can add a bit of gloss to your red lips if you want to try out the subtle look. Doing so will tone down the red lip shade a little bit but you will still have that shine.

If you want to keep everything natural and don’t want to go overdone then keep your eyes a little toned down too. 

Stick with your brown eyeliner pencil and also stick your little shimmery look onto your upper lid.

Style Of Eye Makeup For Red Lipstick

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can red lipstick go with Smokey eyes?

Yes, you can go with that look.

  1. Should we wear eyeliner and red lipstick?

Can you go with black mascara and black eyeliner with a little bit of a shimmery look that will work as an attention gainer for you?

  1. Do guys like red lipstick?

Men get attracted to red lipstick.

  1. What color goes with red lipstick?

Any neutral color can work out with red lipstick.


Light, bright, and warm colors make your skin look more healthy and more vibrant. This makes you look younger. You should wear and go with colors that can enhance your skin tone and also contrast your skin.

It is not inappropriate to wear red lipstick with your makeup, wearing red lipstick symbolizes the power and strength you have. 

Red lipstick is a classic beauty look. This kind of makeup is suitable for every woman out there. Red lipstick is usually the star of the show.