Brad Pitt With Sunglasses

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Some people are just born with natural charm and an uncanny ability to pull off almost any look, no matter how quirky or unconventional it might be. And Hollywood’s beloved golden boy, Brad Pitt, is certainly one of such people!

If you at all keep up with the happenings of the big screen and red carpet events, you’d be aware of the fact that Pitt has built up quite a reputation for his iconic style choices, including but not limited to clothes, hats, and more specifically, eyewear.

Let’s take a look at what is arguably some of his best, most bold choices of shades also Check out celebrities wearing glasses and get the taste of the fashion of your favorite celebrities.

Brad Pitt’s Most Iconic Sunglasses

  1. Diesel Cobretti

In the 2004 hit Ocean’s Twelve, Pitt, as his character Rusty Ryan, is seen in a pair of Diesel Cobrettis. Those frames, in particular, have a metallic, light gold frame and are fitted with gradient brown lenses.

This specific variant from Diesel is currently very hard to find, owing to high demand. It’s safe to say that Pitt and his smoldering performance in Ocean’s Twelve are at least partly to blame!

  1. Ray-Ban 3291

While shooting on the set of 2008’s Ocean’s Thirteen, Pitt was seen stepping out in a pair of silver Ray-Bans, specifically the 3291 with grey gradient lenses. 

Since these specific frames do not make an appearance in the movie itself, it’s reasonable to conjecture that the shades belong to Brad’s personal selection—how exciting! Ray-Bans are always a good choice.

Unfortunately, this specific make and model of frames has been discontinued by Ray-Ban and is no longer available in the market. Nevertheless, thanks to Pitt, its iconicity remains.

Brad Pitt With Sunglasses
  1. Oliver Peoples Nitro and Victory

Even somebody who’s not very familiar with the scene on the big screen is to some degree aware of the icon that was Pitt’s 2005 blockbuster Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Starring alongside then-wife Angelina Jolie, the movie remains a cultural reset to this day.

Within the movie, Pitt is seen wearing two separate models of Oliver Peoples sunglasses. The model Nitro sunglasses, as shown in the movie, were custom made with yellow-tinted lenses and were two of a kind.

The other model, Victory, worn by Pitt only, is a double-bridged square aviator with a silver metal frame and black lenses.

The Nitro model has since been discontinued by Oliver Peoples but Victory is still available at select places.

  1. Versace 4153

Pitt sported a pair of statement Vesace 4153 shades at the premiere of his movie The Time Traveller’s Wife in 2009 at the Ziegfeld Theatre, New York.

The Versace 4153 is one of the brand’s luxury sunglasses, boasting a wide, yellow tortoiseshell frame and brown-tinted lenses.

Unconventional as the look might have been, Pitt managed to rock it effortlessly, as expected of him.

  1. Tom Ford FT0132 Pablo Havana 

Pitt arrived with Angelina to the 2009 premiere of his film Inglorious Bastards wearing a pair of Tom Ford’s Pablo sunglasses.

The interesting thing about this particular model is that it comes with an additional set of lenses that can go with even a completely different style. One set of lenses—the one Brad wore to the premiere—is simple and thin with a dark brown gradient, while the other one is thicker and more eye-catching.

  1. Ray-Ban Vintage Aviators

Rather recently, on the cover of the October 2019 issue of the GQ Magazine, Pitt is pictured with a smoldering expression and a pair of vintage Ray-Ban aviators

The specific frames pictured have a double-rimmed, fiber frame and blue-green reflective lenses. The exact make and model of the shades is not known, unfortunately, but they look remarkably similar to the 1970s B&L Ray-Ban Vagabond.

  1. Oliver Peoples 523

These frames were made popular by Pitt wearing them in his 1999 blockbuster, Fight Club. The frames in question feature a dark rim with reddish-orange tinted lenses.

In the movie, Pitt wore three different makes of sunglasses, all from Oliver Peoples, but the 523 is by far the most popular. Unfortunately, the model has been out of production since 2000 and is currently only very rarely available through individual sellers on eBay.

Oliver Peoples did do a limited re-release of the frames in 2009 on the occasion of Fight Club’s tenth anniversary. With the extremely limited amount in circulation, these glasses are amongst the rarest, most valuable collector’s editions.

Brad Pitt’s Most Iconic Sunglasses
  1. Ray-Ban 3030 Outdoorsman

These emblematic shades were worn by Pitt in his 2008 film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Characterized by a wrap-around metal frame and a thick bridge over the nose, this model is a more powerful and solid take on the classic aviators. 

With its cable temples and extra-thick bridge, both of which make sure the frames stay in place, it is perfect for occasions that call for rapid and intense movement—such as the bike ride seen in the film during which Pitt wears them!


Say what you will about Pitt’s choices of fashion, it’s beyond debate that in addition to his histrionic excellence, he’s also got a very keen eye for stylish eyewear!

Some of these looks are so bold and unconventional that it is hard to say whether anyone but Pitt would be able to pull them off, but he does it with elegant, practiced ease.

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