Iconic Looks of Ryan Gosling with Glasses

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Glasses, and sunglasses, in particular, are some of those things that can make anyone look good in a matter of moments. What’s less common, however, are people blessed with such good looks that they make sunglasses look good.

After Barbie made a skyrocketing hit, Ryan Gosling has become a favorite to many! We’ve all seen the chiseled face, the arresting gaze, and the heart-stopping smile—it’s enough to make anyone believe that God absolutely does play favorites.

Let’s take a look at some of Ryan Gosling with glasses best look over the years!

Ryan Gosling’s Most Iconic Glasses Looks

On The Screen

Having starred in blockbusters like The Notebook (2004), Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011), and La La Land (2014), Gosling has been almost everyone’s crush at some point in the past decade. 

Quite a number of his roles have been characterized by their sharp fashion choices, be it charming casuals, sleek suits, or—you guessed it, glasses. So, let’s have at it.

La La Land (2016) — Persol PO3105S 51

Ryan Gosling With Glasses

Few of us can forget just how breathtaking Gosling’s Sebastian Wilder looked in 2016’s Academy Award-winning La La Land. One of his most emblematic looks consisted of a pair of Persol PO3105S 51.

Lightweight and classy, the frames are crafted from acetate obtained from a blend of cotton and powdery pigments. The lenses are made from high-quality crystalline optical materials that are UV-protectant. 

Persol glasses are hand-crafted in Italy, and this particular model is a classic in their line, despite having debuted in the 50s, remains classy and authentic.

Crazy Stupid Love (2011) — Selima Optique Chad

Ryan Gosling with sunglasses

Resident heartthrob Jacob Palmer from 2011’s Crazy Stupid Love sports a pair of auburn sunglasses strangely reminiscent of Wayfarers. The glasses in question are from Selima Optique with the model name “Chad”.

Handmade in France, these sunglasses are, in a manner of speaking, a more refined version of the Wayfarer, and go amazingly well with formal or dressier outfits—say, for instance, the sleek suit that Gosling wears in Crazy Stupid Love.

The frames have risen in popularity greatly since Gosling first wore them on-screen.

First Man (2018) — AO Optic Gold

Ryan Gosling in First Man (2018)

The 2018 biopic of Neil Armstrong featured Ryan Gosling as the titular first man, a role for which he sported a pair of smart AO pilot’s sunglasses.

The gold-rimmed frames come with several variants of lens colors and have been a staple of the American military for more than half a century now. 

Around the time the movie was in production and promotional period, Gosling was spotted wearing these classy aviators in real life as well.

Drive (2011) — Selima Optique Money 2

Ryan Gosling’s Most Iconic Glasses Looks

Gosling proved himself to be a fan of Selima Optique when he wore yet another of the brand’s frames in his 2011 film, Drive. 

The glasses are an iconic accessory of the unnamed protagonist of the film and have since risen to fame on the basis of that. The specific Tortoise Auburn variant that he wore is always in high demand.

Clocking in at over $400, these frames are not exactly cheap, but they certainly are a look.

Off The Screen

Ryan Gosling is a fashion icon, in my opinion of course, and yes, his style and iconic way of dressing up isn’t only limited to the screens.

Keeping it Casual –  Persol Steve McQueen Sunglasses

Ryan Gosling sunglasses include the Persol Steve McQueen when shading himself away from the flashes of the paps. You couldn’t blame him either, these glasses are absolutely perfect and can be paired with any style. The Persol Steve McQueen is the most amazing, unique, and stylish. It can tie up any look together in an instant! It gives you the feeling of that old money aesthetic or even that old 90’s Hollywood feel. Kinda feels like you’re in the era of smokes and cigars, but still, that’s beside the point the Persol Steve McQueen sunglasses are absolutely amazing to tie up with any outfit, you can take it from Ryan’s look if not my words!

The Classic and Perennial – American Optical Aviators 

No one can, even by mistake, go wrong with aviators. They are versatile and go along with any type of outfit. Just like any celebrity, Ryan Gosling has a fondness for aviators as well. I mean who wouldn’t these are remarkably adaptable to any type of outfit you wear, throw on a pair of loose shorts, and a polo t-shirt, and you’re good to go. And for the girls, you could go with any type of shorts and an oversized sweater. It ties up the look perfectly. In this particular image, Gosling is wearing a classic American Aviator by American Opticals, pairing it with a sleek maroon blazer, while the gold accent of the aviator is just adding so much flair to the entire outfit altogether. Ryan with these glasses, look absolutely dashing and super stylish, making him the ultimate icon of fashion.

Ryan’s eyeglasses 

Another, type of eyeglasses that Ryan tends to wear more often, is the stylish Barton Perreira’s Gellert series of eyeglasses. These glasses are absolutely beautiful and are super sleek with a hint of perfection. I mean that’s what you’d expect from a pair of eyeglasses that have been created by Japanese craftsmen, with exceptional craftsmanship, each of these glasses is created with exceptional precision to detail.  Each of these are made to give their customer the ultimate satisfaction and value for money. So, if you are looking for something handcrafted beautifully, whilst giving you comfort and pairing well with any type of outfit. These eyeglasses are made just for you!

To Sum Up

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that Ryan Gosling is absolutely one of the best-looking faces the screen has ever seen. Most of his charm is in his personality, smile, and face apparently sculpted by God personally.

But a big part of the charm also lies in his immaculate fashion choices, and more specifically, his glasses. Gosling is famous for his piercing blue-eyed stare, after all, and the selection of frames discussed above only works to emphasize it.

Check out your favorite celebrities with glasses.

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