Ray-Ban Aviator: Complete Ray-Ban Review for 2022

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The Aviator sunglasses by Ray-Ban are initially designed for U.S. aviators in 1937.

But since then, these iconic and classic sunglasses have continued to gain popularity throughout the world up until now.

Many sunglasses brands have emerged throughout the years, but Ray-Ban has remained a cult favorite and a classic since the 1930s.

With over 80 years in the industry, Ray-Ban continues to prosper and stand out against the test of time.

But what makes it so unique?

Continue reading to know more and get a detailed Ray-Ban review for 2022!

Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

The Aviator sunglasses come in many styles, colors, and lens options to accommodate all the customers’ needs. Ray-Ban also produced this style model to be available for both men and women.

When it comes to the durability and longevity of the Aviator sunglasses, we can say that it is top-notch. The frame is made with thin metal construction featuring tear-shaped lenses. It has a pilot shape design with an extra-thin metal on top of the nose area, which gives the sunglasses the iconic aviator glasses look.

Also, the full-rim metal frame is hypoallergenic for people who have sensitive skin. Since the metal is very thin, it is also lightweight and provides a sleek look.

Ray-Ban Aviato

The lenses are available in prescription, non-polarized, polarized, and mirrored options.

First off, the classic Aviator lenses are treated with lens treatment to absorb about 85% of visible light. It is also designed to sharpen details and minimize haze and fog by blocking out blue light.

Initially designed for aviators who are constantly exposed to bright white and blue light in aerial travels, this dramatically reduces visibility and brightness without obscuring the pilot’s vision.

Even now, people benefit greatly from this design no matter what environment and purpose they are using these sunglasses with.

On the other hand, the polarized lenses result from Ray Ban’s more than 70 years of constant innovation and research. It is designed to block out 99% of reflected light.

It eliminates bright sun glares and increases visual clarity by enhancing the contrast. This also helps in reducing eye strain caused by being exposed to the sun for extensive hours.

This Ray-Ban review is especially important if you wear prescription glasses, because the Aviator sunglasses are also available in custom prescription lenses.

It uses Ray Ban’s innovative Digital Surface Technology engineered to give you crystal clear vision with an extra-wide field of vision.

If you want your prescription glasses to be polarized, you can also do that with Aviator sunglasses. Your options with these sunglasses are limitless.

Complete Ray-Ban Review

All the lenses available provide 100% protection from harmful UV rays, are built to last, and are scratch-resistant.

The Aviator sunglasses are available in more than 30 variations, ranging from classic solid colors to trendy gradient colors.

We hope this Ray-Ban review helps you choose the correct one for yourself!

Final Words

Usually, buying sunglasses is an expensive affair; however, in the case of Ray-Ban Aviators, all the hype is very well justified.

With all the features that Aviator has to offer, it is completely understandable why someone would fall in love with them.

And the fact that you can wear your Aviators now with prescription glasses only makes the whole deal only more lucrative.

I, for one, absolutely love my pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses! What about you? Do let us know in the comments below!

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