Best Lashes For Hooded Eyes: A Simple Guide

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Everyone has a distinctively shaped face and eyes,

But trying to figure out the best ways to make up the various eye shapes is a difficult task, indeed!

Many of us are born with hooded eye shapes, but age and loss of skin elasticity can cause other eye shapes, such as almond eyes and deep-set eyes, to become more hooded over time.

Hooded eyes have a prominent brow bone and a crease. Because the skin of the brow bone conceals the crease of the eye, the entire eyelid is not visible when the eye is open. Eyelashes for different types of eyes are different in feature.

Below you will find some best lashes for hooded eyes.

Hooded Eyes With lashes

Hooded eyes give us a sultry vibe, so take advantage of them! 

The wrong lashes can really pull hooded eyes down, making them appear much smaller than they are. 

Some of the best lashes for hooded eyes curl directly above the pupil to really open the eye in the middle, but you can also go for fluffy-looking lashes that taper out slightly at the ends.

Choose styles that feature a wispy mix of longer and shorter lashes to create the illusion of depth.

Lashes for hooded eyes

Hooded Eyes Characteristics

They have an extra layer of skin that droops over the crease of their eyelids. This feature reduces the size of the eyelids.

Most people with hooded eyes have a deep crease and a prominent brow bone. Such people’s eyes appear droopy and down-turned.

When such people’s eyes are open, their eyelids become invisible. They recede into the eyelid crease, making them difficult to notice.

What Lash Shape Should You Use?

It is critical to find the right false lashes to complement a hooded eye. If your lashes are too long, they will overpower your eyelids and make your eyes appear smaller. 

When shopping for lashes to elevate, balance, and open up hooded eyes, look for the three best lash shapes.

For the perfect look, consider lash extensions that create the illusion of depth in your eyes. The best lash extensions for hooded eyes are those that can extend past the hood of the eyelid before curling. These lash extensions will have a noticeable impact on them.

Shape And Style:

The volume that tapers off at the end of a lash will balance out this eye shape if it shows signs of elasticity loss (eyelid drooping).

Smaller Strip Lashes: 

Make sure the false lash you choose isn’t longer than your natural eye length and that the hairs aren’t too long.

Gentle Curl:

Choose a lash style with a gentle curl to open up hooded eyes and make them appear larger than they are.

Curved Lash Styles Are Preferable:

Avoid J-curvature lashes because they will appear more straight and will do nothing to conceal the hooded skin flap. C-curvature falsies are the best lashes for hooded eyes, but you may need to use an eyelash curler on your natural lashes before applying false lashes.

Under Falsies, Use A Thinner Line Of Eyeliner:

Applying black eyeliner as a base coat to your new real mink lashes is a common lash application technique; however, try to keep it as narrow as possible. The thicker the black line on your upper eyelid, the more sunk-in the eye will appear beneath the hood of the lid. 

Black eyeliner is typically used to conceal any gaps between your natural lashes and your new best lashes for hooded eyes, as well as any accidental dried glue situations. 

If anything, use darker eyeshadows on the part of the eyelid just above the crease to visually pull the hood back.

Curl Lash Extension L+:

They are also referred to as LD curls. They have a flat and straight base, similar to L curls, but with an extreme curl at the tip, similar to D curls. Its straight base allows it to attach perfectly to people who have straight eyelashes. 

Guide to select lashes for hooded eyes

The straight base is also beneficial to people who have hooded eyes because it allows the lash extensions to protrude more from the hidden eyelids. This increases their visibility.

Keep away from lash extensions with extreme curls, such as the cc and d curls. The strong curls at the tips of these lash extensions may blend into the eyelids. As a result, an unnatural appearance will be created, as well as the client’s discomfort.

Final Words

There is no such thing as a difficult eye shape. All of the eye shapes are unique, and they must be made in a different way. 

If you are unsure of your eye shape, always consult a lash technician as improper lashes may make your eyes look smaller with glasses, and inquire about the eyelash extensions that will bring out the best in them.

You can buy the right lashes for your eye shape and high cheekbones without worrying about them being too heavy or making your eyes look smaller now that you know how to enhance hooded eyes and have all the expert makeup tips you need.

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