Oliver Peoples vs. Persol: A No BS Comparison

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Oliver Peoples or Persol? I mean which one is better? Like seriously, both look so good, how could you possibly choose?

Aiyaaa! Too much confusion, well skip all those worries and let me get straight into it, here is a complete and detailed review of Oliver People and Persol and which is possibly the best for you.

So, what are you waiting for, let’s get into it!


If you just want a plain raw answer as to what’s the best then well you could read this short and sweet summary. So well here it is, drumroll pleaseeee, It’s…..none of them! Yup, you heard it right it is actually none of them, no like honestly! Both of these sunglasses are perfect in their own way. They each have a set unique set of characteristics that makes them different from most. 

Oliver Peoples in my opinion has a more clean and sleeker look, with a beautiful finish that makes it give off a simple yet beautifully elegant look. You would pair them with a long-sleeved jacket and maybe a turtleneck and accessorize how you like, and you are good to go off the door, in a simple yet sophisticated look. My favorite pair would be Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck, simple, clean, and sleek, can’t go wrong with that! 

While, Persol has more of a retro, classic feel. Now, don’t get me wrong, but these types of glasses are awesome in themselves as well. They are absolutely amazing and can be paired with literally quite anything you could wear to the beach or even on just a casual day out. From Persol, my favorite pair would no doubt be the Steve Mcqueen, they are the classics and one of their best sellers! Whatever, you may like, will be the clear winner that takes your heart.

About Oliver Peoples

Oliver Peoples

A Rising Star

Out of the many popular eyewear brands, Oliver Peoples was founded in 1987 in the heart of West Hollywood, California, on Sunset Boulevard as a boutique that sells eyewear inspired by American-made vintage with cool, muted colors in contrast to the retro 80s.

In that same year, Oliver Peoples captured the attention of the limelight as Larry Leight (founder of Oliver Peoples) was given the privilege of designing a unique frame for Andy Warhol to wear at a Vogue cover shoot.

And the attention kept coming and coming as more top magazines saw Oliver Peoples’ craftsmanship and had their models wear its craft!

Because of how well the public received it, another event boosted Oliver Peoples’s popularity: the movie American Psycho in 2000.

Actor Patrick Bateman holds a fondness for Oliver Peoples specs, enough for him to wear them on film and be a signature look for his character as a “clean and intellectual” look.

From then on, Oliver Peoples continued to be promoted by Hollywood name after Hollywood name with phenomenal producer Robert Evans and starlet Zooey Deschanel.

Oliver Peoples and Persol comparision

About Persol


When in Italy

Being the oldest eyewear brand gives Persol a bit of the upper hand over Oliver Peoples.

In 1917, Persol was founded by Giuseppe Ratti with the fullest intention of specializing in a sunglass brand for athletes and aviators alone.

Despite being meant for the otherwise “small” target, many eyes went to Persol as its high-quality design was recognized.

And that’s not even including the Maflecto System yet!

The Maflecto System is Persol technology through and through. 

As Persol strives for its customers to experience beyond satisfaction, this system provides comfort, essentially a flexible metal alloy inside the sunglass’s temples.

Its flexibility renders the temples capable of adjusting to the shape of your head to avoid pressure points.

And all of that was introduced in 1930! Just imagine how much eyewear technology leaped because of it!

With high quality and style combined, Persol became the Oliver Peoples when Hollywood stars would wear it, too.

The most popular one was Steve McQueen, who wore the foldable Persol Model 649 in his movie The Thomas Crown Affair.

Of course, too much attention can mean both good and bad, and the same could be said for Persol when Luxottica bought it in 1995.

Still, unlike some eyewear brands out there, Persol made sure to remain authentic in being made in Italy instead of anywhere else (like China), where there’s a high risk of its quality deteriorating.

If you want to know more about Persol, check out this article for a detailed comparison between the well-known Ray-Ban & Persol!

Comparison of Oliver Peoples and Persol

Functional and Stylish

Hands down, both Oliver Peoples and Persol win this one.

On the one hand, you have an American-style vintage that never gets old and never makes you FEEL old as Oliver Peoples leans more on providing the older generation with cool, seasoned air about them.

What’s more, the “washed” glass lenses used in almost all of its sunglasses are tinted subtle enough for them to be worn indoors while they can still protect you from bright lights.

“Allowing the eyes of the stars to be seen,” as Oliver Peoples puts it.

As for Persol, the same timeless look can be applied, too! 

The iconic Steve McQueen played a significant role in Persol’s speedy popularity, so why not be as iconic as him once you try out the 714 Series?

Besides that, you can enjoy Persol’s signature foldable sunglasses that steps up the game from the rest of the eyewear brands out there!

Be protected from any glare by Persol’s crystal Barberini mineral lenses for that maximum clarity and color enhancement that can heighten your eyesight and have you enjoy the view at your leisure.

However, it’s worth mentioning how neither of the two possesses any amount of UV protection, so be sure only to use them under indoor lighting.

Equivalent Exchange

Although it would take years for Oliver Peoples or Persol to break (especially if it’s authentic and you’ve been taking special care of it!), having backup plans can’t hurt anybody.

Fortunately for you, both eyewear brands have these backup plans in the form of returns and warranties!

Two-year warranties from the receiving the product are what they can give to you as their customer for damages against artistry and/or material defects.

As for returns, Persol gives you up to 45 days from receiving them, and it will do it for free. Oliver Peoples can only give you 30 days.

Free shipping is another perk they offer. All you have to do is decide which frame you’ll get, and you bet your order will be entirely ensured against any theft or damage!   

Worth the Price

Sunglasses are usually expensive and as luxury brands, it should be no surprise how pricy both of them are.

If you compare Persol to Oliver Peoples, the latter is much more expensive.

Still, a heads-up might be helpful if you want to save up on a pair.

Persol eyewear ranges from $300 to $600, while Oliver Peoples starts at $400 and can climb up to an astonishing $700!

Be sure that the money you’ll spend on either of these two is extra, okay?

Oliver Peoples vs. Persol

Which Brand is Better?

If you did get a chance to read the summary, then you already know the answer. The clear winner is the one that captured your heart in an instant, when you gazed upon it. Both of these glasses are amazing in their own way and each of them have simple yet beautiful styles that should be appreciated.

If I were to put some personal favorites out there, then Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck, AERO L.A. OV and Clifton, have sleeker designs and lens styles. When talking about, Persol then it would be the classic Steve McQueen, their aviators and rectangular sunglasses. Either way it all depends on your taste, your fashion style, and of course, you!

Final Words

Luxury is a pearl in a sea of clams. Too difficult to find, especially one that can catch the general public’s eye.

Here, though, you’ll learn that both Oliver Peoples and Persol got it down to a science!

And, here, you can have the option of choosing one (or both!) that can amplify your overall aesthetic that screams “luxury,” that’s for sure.

So, which one are you going to choose? Let us know in the comments below!

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