5 Best Swimming Goggles With Proper Nose Cover: With Pros & Cons

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Whether in a poor or the ocean, swimming is one of the most enjoyable activities out there! 

The moment we lose all our stress after a fun day of swimming in the waters, we tend to relax and have a good day ahead quickly. 

However, we should go swimming safely, and you are probably here because you are looking for the best swimming goggles with a nose cover. Well, I got you, fam!

This article will tackle the best swimming goggles with nose covers that are currently available in the market. 

So sit back, relax and read this article because I promise you won’t regret narrowing down your options with us and choosing the best choice for your swimming needs.

Best Swimming Goggles with Nose Cover for 2022

Swimming Goggles With Nose Cover

Rongbenyuan Swimming Goggles with Nose Cover

The Rongbenyuan swimming goggles are perfect for casual swimming, scuba diving, and snorkeling. 

Kids, youth, and adults are fit to wear these goggles, as they provide maximum comfort and enjoyment for users when swimming in the water.

The tempered glass lens of these goggles is scratch-resistant, and it has an anti-fog coating with UV protection, providing users optimum clarity while using them. 

These goggles protect both your eyes and nose when underwater, ad have a 180-degree panoramic view, enabling you to see water grounds.

Despite the pandemic, people find ways to swim, even when their pool is inside the house. 

You might also want to flex your goggles because its frame is spray-painted, making the snorkel mask look more beautiful and textured when worn.

It also has an adjustable strap, making sure that you have a comfortable fit that does not suffocate half your face in the long run. 

The soft double silicon design makes the goggle a better fit for your face and prevents it from leaking when you are underwater.

However, these swim goggles that cover your nose may or may not last you long; this solely depends on how you take care of it.

Water may leak as time goes by, and rubber may deteriorate if not taken care of.

Speedo Adventure Swim Mask

Speedo is a very trusted brand for swimming, and their Adventure Swim Mask can be any junior swimmers’ best friend. 

These goggles have a 100% silicone skirt for ultimate comfort when worn, and it does not slip off the face before or after diving into the water.

The silicone skirt provides a snug fit that keeps the water out of the user’s eyes for a more comfortable swim. 

It is also a full-coverage mask (covering half face) because these goggles for swimming come with a nose cover that protects one’s nose from inhaling water, which is especially important for beginners. 

These goggles have the Speedo exclusive anti-fog max coating for lenses, making it easy for juniors to look out for treasures while having fun in the water! 

No matter how long they dive in, moisture does not appear on the lens,55 providing optimum clarity for children’s use. Lenses are also polycarbonate that promotes greater clarity underwater.

The Speed Fit Clips are also durable and easy to use for easy strap adjustment. 

This feature contributes to junior kids’ comfort, helping them focus on their underwater adventures.

Speedo made this model suitable for narrower faces, so avoid wearing these if you have a broader frame. 

MountDog Snorkel Mask

Another addition to our list is the MountDog snorkel mask, perfect for snorkeling, scuba diving, or regular swimming. 

You don’t need a nose piece or plug to wear these goggles because they come with a nose cover and cover half your face during your underwater sessions.

These goggles have soft silicone rubber with an adjustable strap, skirt, and nose cover that conforms to all the contours of your face, and they are engineered to ensure a secured fit for all its users. 

It also has a watertight and leakproof seal which lessens your hassles the whole day. 

The silicone is high-end and hypoallergenic, making you feel so much at ease that you’ll forget it’s even there.

MountDog chose the tempered glass lens for their snorkel mask to provide swimmers an ultra-clear view of the water.

Furthermore, this snorkel mask is scratchproof and shatter-resistant, enabling it to withstand deep water pressure for all types of swimming and diving sessions.

They also provide a 90-day money-back guarantee in case of any defects; however, there is a near-zero possibility of that happening.

EXP Vision Snorkel Diving Mask

The EXP Vision provides the most economical outdoor equipment, helping everyone explore the world and expand their vision enthusiastically and safely.

Their diving mask offers a broad panoramic view for snorkeling, scuba diving, and other swimming sessions that you want to undertake with these goggles.

It’s a comfortable mask for professionals, semi-professionals, and even beginners who wish to protect their eyes and nose from the rough waters they encounter.

These goggles are 100% leak-free because of their water-tight snorkeling mask feature, and the lenses are tempered for safety purposes. 

It also has shatterproof dual lenses that contribute to the goggles’ durability and safety even when deep diving. 

These goggles claim to have an anti-fogging coating, but somehow, they cannot withstand long-term duration underwater as many users have noticed moisture appear on the goggles after some time.

The manufacturers engineered comprehensive soft silicone and double-feathered edge skirt designs, ensuring a perfect seal and sticking onto the face without skin damage. 

Its frame is made from polycarbonate, and it is a one size fits all mask. 

Users can adjust the quick-fit buckles and wide strap according to face size, and the goggles will contour your face’s shape.

OMGear Diving Mask Snorkeling Gear

The OMGear Diving Mask is perfect for kids and adults use, and it has a 180-degree comprehensive view with its safe tempered glass lens. 

Since this mask is another goggle with a nose cover, it is perfect for users who have difficulty breathing underwater. 

The nose cover will do the thing for you, and you can enjoy your underwater adventure afterward.

However, you should never jump into the water while wearing the mask. 

To be safe with these goggles, it would be best not to create a sudden and massive impact by jumping into the pool or sea because we need to keep the tempered glass in place.

If you jump right into the pool with these goggles, you will be at risk of injuring your eyes with shattered tempered glass.

These goggles have a silicone mask strap and skirt that provide anti-leak protection and sealed attachment onto the face, and it has a neoprene mask cover to avoid hair tangling from putting it on and off. 

It comes with easily adjustable side buckles for easy goggle adjustment, perfectly engineered to fit any face shape and head size.

The best thing with these goggles is the quality control; they are passed under strict quality control before releasing and shipment to guarantee users’ satisfaction with the product.

Things to Consider When Buying Swimming Goggles with Nose Cover

Things to Consider When Buying Swimming Goggles with Nose Cover

Your swim day will be a lot more fun if you incorporate safety throughout the time. 

Some people can open their eyes underwater without goggles; however, others depend on their goggles as if they cannot see without them. 

Before purchasing your goggles, there are certain things you need to look for, and here are some tips just for you.

Comfortable Fit

Just because your goggles fit your face tightly does not mean it is recommended to wear them. Goggles should fit your look just right, despite it having a nose cover or not. 

Yes, tight-fitting goggles do not leak water inside, but do you think you will feel comfortable in the long run? No, you won’t. 

Tight-fitting goggles will produce more friction on your face, and it can cause skin problems. 

It can also hurt your head because of the tight silicone skirt wrapping around it. 

Purchase goggles that are appropriate for your age. Not all goggles fit kids to adults: some are only made for the younger swimmers. 

Choose according to your face size, and do not push through a highly tight-fitting pair of goggles.

Anti-Fog Feature

You wear goggles because you can’t bear opening your eyes underwater. 

What would be the purpose of your goggles if the lenses fog when you go up the surface? It would be useless.

You want to avoid removing and wearing your goggles all the time because water can build up around your face, and it can enter the lens eventually. 

This situation can cause fog build-up, and it does not sit right for swimmers. 

You can lessen this if goggles have an anti-fog feature; it provides 100% visual clarity from underwater to the surface, and you won’t need to bother removing your goggles after prolonged use.


Buying a pair of goggles made with cheap materials can be suitable for a couple of uses only.

Sometimes, they only last for one use; if you want your goggles to be your main go-to item for swimming, ensure that you invest in goggles worth their price.

Durability is a priority for whatever product you purchase, and your goggles must have the best quality materials so that you won’t be disappointed in the long run. 

The silicone skirt must not rip off, the lenses should keep away debris as much as possible, and your goggles should not easily loosen up after a couple of uses.

Final Words

Now that you finally know about the best 2022 swimming goggles with nose covers in the market, have you decided which one to purchase yet? 

It might be hard to pick just one, but eventually, please select the goggles which meet your requirements.

Remember that your choice of goggles doesn’t have to fit everyone around you. 

People might attempt to borrow your goggles, but keep in mind that what suits you might not work for everyone else and tight glasses may leave marks on your nose

So make sure that you get a pair of goggles that are sturdy, dependable, and have all the necessary features suitable for you and, eventually, your days underwater.

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