How to Remove Scratches from Sunglasses

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Sunglasses are not just a stylish accessory, but also an essential tool for protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. However, with frequent use, they can often become scratched and scuffed, which not only looks unsightly but can also impair your vision.

The good news is that there are some simple and effective ways to remove scratches from your sunglasses and restore them to their former glory.

In this article, we’ll share with you some tried and tested methods for Remove Scratches from Sunglasses, so you can enjoy clear vision and a pristine appearance.

How to Remove Scratches from Sunglasses

There are several methods that you can do to remove scratches from your sunglasses, let’s focus on the two main ways which are using abrasive materials and waxing.

If you have navigated the internet in an attempt to find do-it-yourself solutions to fix your scratched sunglasses, then I’m sure you have come across the toothpaste method. This method is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to remove minor scratches.

To do this, there are several precautions that you must follow and remember before proceeding.

First, keep in mind that this only works for minor and shallow scratches on the lenses. This method will not work on deep scratches and can even cause further damage if not done right.

Second, stay away from toothpaste that has an abrasive texture, gel formula, and whitening agents. This is crucial to note as using toothpaste that has these properties will add damage and scratches to your sunglasses instead. Make sure to use white-colored plain toothpaste, baking soda-based, or even children’s toothpaste to do this.

If you don’t have toothpaste, you can also use one part water to two parts baking soda to create a paste.  

Now that we know these important precautions, you can now move on to doing the process.

Apply a small amount of toothpaste or baking soda paste to a cotton ball and rub the cotton to the scratch in small circular motions for approximately 10 seconds. Next, rinse the sunglasses with cool water and dry them with a lint-free cloth. Repeat the process until you reach your desired results.

This method works by gently removing a thin layer of plastic on the lens. The slight abrasion found on the toothpaste and baking soda works as a gentle exfoliator to remove visible scratches hence smoothening out the surface of the lens. This is why it is advisable to only use it for minor and shallow scratches. Another important thing to note is that, since it removes a thin layer on the lens, the takeaway is that it can also scrape a layer of special coatings and UV filters from your sunglasses.

If you don’t like the idea of removing an entire layer to fix scratches, then why not fill in the scratches instead of using wax? This second method involves the usage of furniture spray or car wax to fill in the gaps in the scratches. It is less destructive compared to the first method, however, the catch is that this is only a short-term solution and needs to be done repeatedly.

Again, this method is a simple and straightforward process. If you choose to use vehicle wax, begin by applying a small amount on a soft cloth and rub it on the scratch in circular motions. It’s basically the same process as you would do for your car. After that, you can wipe away the excess wax using a lint-free cloth and you’re good to go. Repeat this process until all the scratches have been filled in.

Alternatively, you can use a furniture spray to fill in the scratches. Lightly spray it onto the scratches and use a lint-free cloth to rub it in circular motions until the spray disperses. Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the result.

As mentioned earlier, this is only a short-term solution. Basically, you are just temporarily filling out the scratches with wax that is present on the vehicle wax and furniture spray. Over time, the wax will wear out and the scratches will appear visible again so you will need to do this process every couple of days. The good thing about this process is that it won’t disrupt the appearance of your sunglasses and preserve the coatings as well.

However, as much as you want to do everything in your power to ensure your sunglasses stay in tip-top shape, there are certain instances where using do-it-yourself methods won’t work. 

For instance, if you have a pair of sunglasses that has major scratches and seems impossible to restore, sure you can try out the methods mentioned above and see if it works as you technically have nothing to lose at this point. But ultimately, you might need to opt for professional methods that have been proven effective under certain conditions to remove scratches or eventually replace the lenses or even completely toss it out and purchase a new one.

Final Thoughts

To wrap everything up, sure there are several ways that you can do for you to save your precious pair of sunglasses. However, these do-it-yourself methods are not a long-term solution to solve the problem. Be cautious when trying these remedies out because the main objective is to fix the problem, not add to the problem. If not done correctly, doing these will only make your sunglasses look worse and not get rid of the original scratches.

In any case, these methods have been around the internet for a while now because many people have had success and proven the efficiency of these methods based on their experiences.

As we have discussed, there is always a catch when doing these home remedies. It’s just up to you if the benefit outweighs the cost for you. Just remember to put functionality over practicality and aesthetics at all times. It’s always too costly to sacrifice protection over a couple of bucks when it comes to eye protection.

We hope this guide helps you remove scratches from your sunglasses and feel good about them for longer. Follow these instructions to prevent your valuable sunglasses from losing their shine.

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