Best Swimming Goggles for Triathlon: Tried & Tested for 2022

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The goal of triathletes is to finish the triathlon in exchange for their hard work in training to complete the multisport marathon. 

The triathlon includes cycling, swimming, and running over long and arduous distances. 

But, of course, their eyes need superior protection, especially in the water, so what could be the best goggles they can use in a triathlon?

This article will showcase the best triathlon swim goggles that athletes can use to acquire protection and comfort while doing the race. 

So now it’s your time to win the game because you will be protected with the most remarkable swim goggles that 2021 has to offer!

Best Swimming Goggles for Triathlon: Tried & Tested

Swimming Goggles for Triathlon

Aegend Swim Goggles

Considering the features they offer triathletes; the Aegend Swim Goggles are among the best swimming goggles for a triathlon this 2022.

This pair of swimming goggles are made of a flexible silicone frame and gasket that provides maximum comfort, together with the polycarbonate lenses that stay intact even in the most challenging conditions while swimming in the ocean.

The lenses provide UV protection, keeping you away from eye strain due to the sun’s rays, and it is also shatter-resistant, which overcomes the sudden impact you can encounter while swimming. 

Since triathletes move quickly in the water, there are high chances of sudden contact with force, so the goggles need to be shatterproof.

If an athlete wears a pair of goggles without rechecking its fit and comfort, there are high chances that the nose bridge may hurt them in the long run. 

But this won’t be a concern with these goggles because they have a modified comfortable nose piece that conforms to the nose bridge of everyone. 

It also comes with a convenient clip at the back of the eyewear.

These goggles ensure a snug fit on different face forms, and they never allow water to leak in. 

In a nutshell, triathletes can surely rely on these goggles to finish the triathlon’s swimming portion.

ZIONOR Swim Goggles

The ZIONOR swim goggles are featured with a unique polarized lens that provides better eye protection against sun glare, UV rays, and other lights. 

It also restores the actual color of the picture despite the elimination of reflected and scattered light from the lens. 

These polarized swimming goggles are made for outdoor swimming, kayaking, sailing, and other water-related sports, making them suitable for your triathlon race.

These goggles come with a flexible and soft silicone gasket, TPR ergonomic nose bridge for better nose comfort, adjustable split head strap, and excellent suction to prevent water leakage. 

It also has a non-slip coverage designed to fit a broader range of face shapes, both men and women.

There are tendencies that other swimming goggles become foggy after extended use, especially if you spend a long time under the water; however, this eyewear doesn’t do so.

It comes with the anti-fog and leakproof technology that makes your visual picture clearer in the long run, and it has a 3D double seal frame that ensures proper fit and water resistance. 

These goggles might be ideal for outdoor swimming, but you can also wear them indoors.

You can definitely rely on the solidity and durability these goggles provide, but they need to be taken care of religiously.

Focevi Swimming Goggles

Another one of the best swimming goggles for a triathlon is the Focevi swimming goggles. 

These goggles have high-quality plating, polycarbonate lens, good UV protection that comes with the lens polarization, and thermoplastic rubber that makes users feel comfortable while conquering the water.

Many people have already tried to use these goggles, and they don’t disappoint when it comes to excellent quality and durability.

These goggles also come with anti-fog and leakproof technology that ensures eye protection while in the water, plus it protects your eyes away from harmful UV rays. 

You can also get away from the dangerous and bothering sun glare while in a triathlon, making you feel secure and comfortable throughout the day.

You only have to press the button near the lens frame to adjust the strap to your desired length, and the straps are made with high-quality and nonslip material. 

So if you plan to wear these goggles throughout the triathlon, your sweat won’t compromise the grip of this eyewear.

With this eyewear’s design, you can also pull a sporty and classy look, making you feel confident about finishing the triathlon.

Speedo Hydrosity Swim Goggles

Speedo is a very well-known brand for swimming products, and these Hydrosity swimming goggles might be your choice for triathlon.

While some goggle gaskets are a bit harsh on some eyewear, these goggles provide a comfortable gasket where it rests within the eye orbital without feeling constricting. 

This allows you to avoid overstretching your eyes while using the goggles. 

It also has Speed-fit clips that will tighten the goggles, holding them in place; a quick pinch on the clips will loosen them to your desired fit; moreover, you can remove them altogether.

The mirror finish of the lenses helps reduce the brightness and glare of the environment, making it ideal for outdoor swimming use. 

These glasses also provide excellent UV protection and are PVC and latex-free for allergic to latex material.

These ocean swimming goggles have an anti-fog lens feature that prevents water condensation inside the lenses while you are swimming. 

As a result, even the smallest possible droplets that may form inside the lenses cannot penetrate, providing you a crystal-clear vision of the ocean to finish the triathlon.

These goggles are suitable for ocean swimming; however, the gasket size may run small for some people.

Speedo Speed Socket 2.0 Swim Goggles

Another promising swimming goggles model of Speedo is the Speed Socket 2.0. 

These are made with a low-profile gasket design with an outstanding peripheral vision and a precise inner-eye fitting to provide a tighter fit.

The hydrodynamic lenses are Speedo’s widest curved goggle lenses that increase panoramic viewing underwater and at the surface while reducing the dragging of the picture. 

Also, the lenses are mirrored, reducing glare from the water in bright conditions while protecting eyes from direct sunlight. 

The anti-glare is an essential feature a swimming goggle should have, especially if you plan to join a triathlon.

Not everyone can wear anything around their face because some people might have specific skin problems or get allergic reactions to certain materials. 

Luckily, this goggle has comfortable hypoallergenic seals, and it can accommodate swimmers with skin sensitivities, even those who have allergies to latex. 

In addition, this goggle is a latex-free model, and you can conquer the waters freely while wearing this protective eyewear.

We won’t count this as one of the best if this does not have UV protection. 

However, these goggles secure superb protection from the harmful UVA and UVB rays, plus it also has an anti-fog technology.

Three nose pieces are provided with the purchase for a custom fit, and it has a high nose bridge.

You can swim at your fastest pace and look sleek and robust with the design.

What to Look for Before Buying Swimming Goggles for Triathlon

How to choose glasses for triathlon

Triathlon is a highly challenging multisport race that does not welcome everyone to join. 

It is an endurance-based event that lets triathletes compete to finish all the different sports quickly, and they need to bring the most reliable sportswear and gear with them. 

The pace is different for swimming because they need to move through the water. 

Triathletes need a good pair of goggles, and before you purchase the one you will use in the competition, you need to know what to look for while buying them.

Below listed are a couple of things you need to consider while purchasing swimming goggles for triathlons: 

Snug Fit

First and foremost, the swimming goggles should properly fit on the face because a triathlete does not deserve to be hindered by water entering his eyewear. 

Furthermore, once the water starts to leak inside the goggles, the triathlete could lose his movement because he lost focus from his swimming due to his irritated eyes. 

Now, snug-fit goggles do not mean an extremely tight-fitting one. 

When the goggles are incredibly tight-fitting, your vision can be affected because the goggles can stretch the skin around your eyes, making your vision blurry. 

Ensure that the fit is just enough where the water does not leak and does not suffocate your vision.

You don’t want to lose your focus while finishing the triathlon, so you better have the most comfortable clothing and the best goggles to ensure a proper fit that conforms to your face.

Lens Tint

As much as possible, purchase goggles you can use from the start of the triathlon up to the end.

You don’t want to spend your time looking for your goggles if you have already reached the swimming portion of the triathlon. 

Most triathletes prefer to wear their swim clothes from the start of the triathlon until they finish because it is much easier to move around, and it is not hectic to swim. 

This includes wearing goggles, where tinted goggles can be the best choice to conquer the triathlon without any obstacles. 

Lens tint matters so much in triathlons because the course happens on a very sunny day, and you don’t want to hurt your eyes while trying to finish the race. 

So as long as your goggles are tinted, you can put in your maximum effort and swim at your best pace.


Aside from the goggles being snug with their tinted lenses, they must also be made with durable, high-quality materials. 

Just because they fit your face right and protect your eyes from the bright surroundings does not automatically mean that it is sturdy and durable. 

Sometimes, materials are durable initially, but they deteriorate as time passes. 

You may not be aware of the durability of the goggles you are planning to purchase, so consider reading about its features and specifications to understand better and match your expectations. 

If online reviews are also available, take some time to check them for your benefit also.

If a pair of triathlon swimming goggles are not made of durable materials, it is highly likely to compromise your drive to move forward in the multisport race.

Final Words

There is plenty of fish in the sea, but only selected good ones are to be eaten; similarly, many swimming goggles are available in the market, but only some can prove they are worthy of being used during the triathlon event. 

It may not be easy to invest in swimming goggles, but you have to do it to keep yourself safe during the entire race.

Think about what type of goggles you like, and then follow the tips we have mentioned above to find your perfect pair of swimming goggles. 

So what are you waiting for? Get Set, Ready, Go!

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