Best Sunglasses for Golf: Updated List for 2022

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At this point, it must be a universal conclusion that a sunny day is a perfect day out to play golf.

Why wouldn’t it when the green seems much lusher, and you could see as far as the eye can go?

However, despite all of its radiance, the sun does hinder you from “seeing as far as the eye can go,” which you’ll need to have given how open the golf course is.

And that’s why you’re here to know which pair of sunglasses is best for you as a golfer!

Best Sunglasses for Golf in 2022

Best Sunglasses for Golf

SUNGAIT Ultra Lightweight Rectangular Polarized Sunglasses

Just like many brands out there, polarized sunglasses are the star of SUNGAIT when it emphasizes that to every series they have.

It’s a common theme among most shades in the selection to use TAC polarized lenses, but what makes this different from the usual polarized lens?

Well, other than restoring what they call the “true color” and eliminating any reflected or scattered light bouncing against the surface, the TAC polarized lenses provide 100% UV protection at 400 nanometers (nm), blocking off the harmful UVA and the UVB rays.

Besides superior visuals, they are also highly impacted and scratch-resistant.

SUNGAIT’s high-quality metal frame is paired with these durable lenses that make you barely remember you’re wearing a pair of sunglasses with how lightweight it is!

Featured in this frame is the upgraded hinge design SUNGAIT is pushing.

Technically screw-less, the hinge is already flexible while riveted in the temple, preventing these temples from falling off as it’s made for comfort in mind. A small, custom screwdriver is included in the package.

Speaking of comfort, the nose pads used are adjustable to sit on the ridge of your nose nicely, along with those spring hinges and flexible arms that came with the upgraded hinge design.

However, a downside to SUNGAIT is, despite its comfort, the arms don’t have any grip inside, so it’s best not to wear this for too long under the sun unless you want it to fly off the next swing you do.

SIPLION Men’s Sunglasses Polarized Sport Glasses

Given how it’s called “sports glasses,” SIPLION lets you know that this particular pair of sunglasses can be used for purposes other than golf, such as fishing and driving.

This comes with the package, seeing as how SIPLION uses the polarized lenses; also TAC but with a photochromic feature added at this time.

Photochromic lenses are meant to adapt to the brightness of your surroundings. So, if you’re indoors, then the lens will be primarily clear compared to when you’re under the sun.

In this case, overcast conditions will make these lenses go clear, while cloudy or sunny weather will darken the lens enough to protect you from the sunlight filtering through!

However, as this is merely a coating, you might find it lacking if your golf course has a particularly harsh sun in the summer.

What’s more, the coating might fade when you get pelted by the rain, so it’s not what you’d call “waterproof.”

Anyway, you don’t have to worry about its temples or arms because, like the SUNGAIT, these parts are entirely flexible to fit your head snugly!

There are even adjustable nose pads to have the sunglasses sit on your nose nicely.

But be careful. Despite adjusting, they might bend out of proportion if you’re not gentle in customizing them.

Don’t worry, though. You can keep this safe and sound inside the hard case it comes with, unlike the pouch used for the SUNGAIT.

If that’s not enough, this advertises a thirty-day refund and a lifetime warranty if you damaged it by accident.

Maivnz High Definition Golf Ball Finder Sport Glasses

Although not as well-known as Oakley or Ray-Bans, Maivnz is one of the many brands out there that’s just budding into its inevitable popularity, as you can see from here.

The label “golf ball finder” might sound weird, especially if you’re still a beginner. But it’s not that complicated.

Despite its green coating, the inside is dark for your eyes to be protected from the UV; this feature is called a mirror lens. Now, the golf ball finder concept is somewhat reminiscent of a polarized lens.

Maivnz’s lenses block out 95% of the blue light (which makes up most of the sunlight), making it easier to contrast the blue of the sky and the green grass from the stark white golf ball.

However, the same might not apply if your ball has different colors from the usual light, especially if they’re darker ones like red.

Now, you should know that Maivnz doesn’t use polarized lenses, and you’ll probably think you’re at a disadvantage if it’s not polarized when, in actuality, you’re not.

It all depends on your preference whether or not you want polarized lenses on your sunglasses, of course, but non-polarized lenses are known to work better on the golf course.

As the course is mainly made out of the grass, there are no reflective surfaces for the sun’s glare to bounce from.

Looking through the polarized lens might get blurry or unfocused without these reflective surfaces, for your eyes are trying to adjust to this change.

So, with that in mind, this would be one of the best sunglasses for this selection!

And that’s not talking about how lightweight its TR90 frame is, doubling the durability from the lenses. 

Or how the frame has hydrophilic, non-slip temples, so your sunglasses stay on even when you’re sweaty!

To top it all off, Maivnz has a lifetime warranty and a guaranteed thirty-day refund!

Oakley Men’s Flak 2.0 XL Rectangular Sunglasses

Oakley’s one of the more popular eyewear brands for its style and functionality.

Just like the Maivnz, Oakley Flak 2.0 features non-polarized lenses coated with UV protection that filters UVA, UVB, and UVC altogether while blocking harmful blue light up to 400 nm.

Going alongside this is a 30% light transmission from Oakley’s PRIZM Lens Technology which works better despite the low to medium amount of light in your surroundings.

Through this, it’s much easier for you to spot the transitions between the greens as you gauge their distance from where you are.

What’s more, you can attach and detach these lenses to replace them with something else that fits the weather, so that’s new!

Moving onto its frame, this is made out of thermoplastic meant to be both stress-resistant and lightweight to withstand any shifting from your side.

However, the lenses are different as they have poor scratch resistance. So you have to be careful where you hide it away!

Going back to the frame, it fits the bill of a “one size fits all” deal as its flexible arms are shaped to fit your head, with the extra help of its earsocks.

Another addition to its comfort level is its nose pads. The more you give off the sweat from the heat, the more the pads get stickier, making it easy for it to stay put on your nose ridge!

DUCO Men’s Sports Polarized Sunglasses

Talking about the best sunglasses for golf, we’re now back to your usual TAC polarized lenses as DUCO presents you with its version of sports sunglasses.

It does the typical job of restoring true colors while providing you with 100% UV protection that blocks any harmful UVA and UVB rays reaching up to 400 nm, eliminating any reflected or scattered light.

But what DUCO specializes in is durability.

And, no, we’re not just talking about its lightweight metal frame.

DUCO’s lenses are practically unbreakable when they kept most of their pristine state, even after hammering them a few times. You can watch a video of it on Youtube if you want to see it to believe it!

Its downside, though, as stated in its description, is it can be scratched if you use anything but a microfiber cloth.

Besides that, you wouldn’t want to leave this in your cart while the sun’s beating down on it, or else the lens will be degraded under its extreme temperature.

Fortunately for you, DUCO includes both a glasses case with a carabiner so you can clip it to your bag and a microfiber pouch if you want a smaller case.

Going back to its frame, this has soft, removable nose pads for easy cleaning.

But it lacks any grip inside the arms, so you might be in trouble when your temples get all hot and sweaty.

If you find any defects with it, though, DUCO gives you a lifetime breakage warranty along with a thirty-day refund, so no need to worry!

Tips on Buying Sunglasses for Playing Golf

Mr. Sun is Not So Fun

Despite its misgivings, being out under the sun each day can do you good!

You’ll get that good old Vitamin B, maybe help clear your head a bit after a hectic day at work, or as a way to get yourself out of your funk if you’ve been having down days a lot.

But, of course, there’s always too much, and too much is bad for everyone.

Other than your skin, your eyes can be affected by too much sunlight, leading to long-lasting permanent damage in your sight.

Lack of sight can put a stop to your entire golfing journey unless there’s a piece of advanced tech out there that can help the blind navigate through the golf course using their golf club or something.

If the wait is something you’re not looking forward to on the way to that hypothetical future, then UV protection should be your best friend from now on!

Choosing a pair of sunglasses completely UV-protected does the work of making it easier for yourself to see without needing to squint or holding up a hand over your eyes as a makeshift shade.

The best sunglasses for a summer game in golf would be the Maivnz.

Closely related to UV protection should be the tint.

As most selected brands offer you different colors, you should know how important it is to consider this instead of simply choosing your favorite one.

Depending on these colors, you can choose which one you want to be filtered out or enhanced.

Some of these colors are brown (blocks out blue light), grey and green (cuts the sunlight without changing anything from the actual colors), yellow (reduces glare and heightens contrast), and rose and red (enhances contrast but affects the colors).

Mirror-coated lenses are also something to consider, but it’s not much different from the UV protection except for getting that cool, sophisticated factor when it has a different color on the outer layer and a darker tint on the inside.

Meanwhile, other golfers might not be particularly fond of non-polarized sunglasses, which is totally up to your preferences!

For those new to buying sunglasses for golfs, polarization is known to lessen the painful glare from the sun bouncing off reflective surfaces while enhancing everything to be much more defined than what you usually see.

As nice as that sounds, it wouldn’t be much help if you’re playing on the grassy plains.

Still, this decision depends more on your preference or the kind of golf course you frequent.

Both SUNGAIT and Oakley would be ideal for this category.

How’s It Holding Up?

Of course, sweat is one thing to look forward to on a sunny day, especially after all that swinging and walking around that you’ll have to do each round.

And as you most certainly know by now, sweat tends to make one’s skin all slippery.

Fortunately, technology is advanced enough to keep this from hindering your golfing experience.

You’ll see from SUNGAIT and DUCO that they both have silicon nose pads to grip your nose like the other sunglasses in the selection. 

While, yes, this does keep your shades from sliding down, the same couldn’t be said if they both don’t have any amount of grip inside the sunglasses’ arms or temples.

Not having a grip inside the arms will make your sunglasses prone to being thrown off your face wildly once you’re swinging.

The SIPLION, Maivnz, and Oakley get the idea!

Tough as Nails!

As mentioned earlier, your shades might come flying off your head if you swing too hard.

This is why durability is a must-have in choosing your sunglasses!

The DUCO compensates with this as its lenses are nearly unbreakable despite its lacking grip.

But what about the mundane scenario of forgetting you left your pair of sunglasses on the driver’s seat of your golf cart? What if you sit on it by accident? What then?

The SIPLION and the Oakley are the perfect examples for this issue.

As they both have flexible arms that can bend somewhat, it’ll lessen the possibility of snapping it clean off in one sitting.

However, scratch resistance should come hand-in-hand with this, which Oakley lacks.

Therefore, the SIPLION comes out on top regarding that.

 Golf Sunglasses

Final Words

Wearing sunglasses is a great way to fend off the harsh summer sunlight while playing golf.

But choosing the best pair of sunglasses, this 2021 will make sure you’re well-equipped to face off the sunlight properly!

As you’ve read the selection of sunglasses here, maybe you’ll find the best sunglasses for golf, or who knows? Perhaps you’d much instead look for something else?

Hopefully, those tips on how to choose the best one out there will help you narrow down your tastes; then, you’ll be able to go frolicking on the greens in the middle of a sunny day.

Just enjoying life as you swing.

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