Oakley Holbrook vs Ray-Ban Justin & Wayfarer

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Seeing you here I am pretty sure you can’t seem to set your mind on one between Oakley Holbrook and Ray-Ban Justin, two good-looking and fine sunglasses, am I right? But, what about Ray-Ban Wayfarers and Oakley Holbrooks?

I know you find it hard to choose between because the companies they hail from are both excellent eyewear giants.

Look no more, come aboard! This article is surely going to take you to the right destination. 

Oakley Holbrook Family

Oakley Holbrook Family vs Ray-Ban Justin

Oakley Eyewear was established in 1975 by James Jannard. Being one of the best eyewear brands within American soil and the world, Oakley has established an immaculate reputation in the market of the general public as well as sportspeople. But catching up with the general public hasn’t been easy for Oakley. 

When it initially started selling glasses, it became a revolution in the world of sports who found the glasses crafted especially according to their need. But, Oakley still couldn’t attract the larger public who weren’t affiliated with sports but wanted to own high-quality sunglasses like Oakley’s. That’s when Oakley came up with the Holbrooks.  

The Holbrooks is a bridge between the users and Oakley. It became immediately popular among the audience and the response to Holbrook was overwhelming. Even though Oakley has released many models that are meant for the general public in the years after, Holbrook still is one of its best-selling products. 

After Holbrook’s release, the market flooded with designs similar to Holbrook. Big eyewear companies started making their own models of eyewear whose designs were inspired by Holbrook. One of the best examples of sunglasses similar to Oakley Holbrook is Maui Jim’s Red Sands. Its looks are strikingly identical to that of  Oakley Holbrook! Another similar pair of sunglasses to Oakley Holbrook would be VonZipper’s Lomax. Already liking the sound of Oakley Holbrook? Well, you are in luck my friends because I reviewed Oakley Holbrook sunglasses. You can check them out to see if it’s built to your liking and style. If you do wanna go for the ‘Holbrook” type of style, but not from Oakley, then there are a lot of Oakley Holbrook alternatives out there, which are just as good as Holbrook itself.

Oh, and if you did like the Oakley Holbrook but are considering buying the Sylas as well, then here is a comparison of Oakley Sylas vs Holbrook. You can check out what’s more suitable and something more preferrable to your style.

Ray-Ban Justin

Talking about another iconic style from an extremely popular brand, Ray-Ban’s very own Justin. Ray-Ban’ take on contemporary styles was solidified with Justin. A larger version of the original Wayfarer sunglasses caught the audience’s eye who couldn’t buy the Wayfarer because of its small design. 

But the thing that caught more attention and made it popular among teenagers was its name, Justin. It was released in 2010, the same year when Justin Bieber released his first song Baby and became a pop sensation. The Justin sunglasses started selling out just as quickly as Bieber’s album My World did!

The Ray-Ban Justin can also be added to the list of sunglasses similar to Oakley’s Holbrook. But, coincidentally, both of these sunglasses with similar designs come from companies who are each other’s biggest competitors in the market, released in the same year! unbelievable, isn’t it?

Let’s further compare these twin styles by the features they offer, for you to see which one would you prefer the most. 

Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Ray-Ban Wayfarer was launched in 1952 and soon became the most recognizable model in history. The classic design features a thick plastic frame and trapezoidal lenses. The Wayfarer was originally marketed toward men, but it has evolved into a unisex form that is worn by both men and women.

Comparing Holbrook, Justin, and Wayfarers

Their design

The Wayfarers can be considered the original inspiration for both Ray-Ban Justin and Oakley Holbrook. The Wayfarer became popular because of its unique-shaped lenses and solid sturdy frame. The Justin and the Holbrook have the same lenses but are a bit larger in size. 

Both the Justin and the Holbrook have a wide collection with different varieties of styles and colors. Whereas Oakley’s collection is very exquisite and very vast. Ray-Ban offers a good amount of styles but not as many as Oakley does. I scrolled through all of the products of the Holbrook collection and was surprised to see how a single design can be presented in so many ways!


The Holbrooks are expensive, needless to say. Most of the Holbrooks made available to you by Oakley will cost you more than $150 minimum. Yes, that’s the minimum. It can go on to cost $300 + or so, depending on the pair you choose to buy. 

The Justins are no less than the Holbrooks. Of course, it could be expected considering it’s manufactured by Ray-Ban. A pair of Justins will also cost you more than $150. Even though it’s still expensive, the good part about it is that it doesn’t get any more expensive. 

The Ray-Ban Wayfarer on the other hand starts from somewhere around $70, in which you can purchase a pair from the kids’ collection of Ray-Ban Wayfarer. Whereas, the adult’s collection starts from $140 + to more than $500. Quite the price it is, but the quality and longevity of Wayfarer will justify even $500!

Styles Available 

The Oakley Holbrook has already been lauded for its abundance of styles it has made under one design. The Holbrook family mainly has four members; the Holbrook XL, the Holbrook Mix, the Holbrook Metal, and the Standard Holbrook. All of these are variants of the Oakley Holbrook collection and have their own flavor. 

The Holbrook XL has a larger frame size suitable for individuals with large faces; the Holbrook Mix offers a standard three-point fit to the individuals without laying stress on their pressure points; the Holbrook Metal is made of metal frames instead of the classic plastic frames. Finally, we have the Standard Holbrook which we all know, has a large single-shield lens that covers the upper side of the face perfectly to protect it from the sun and other dust particles. It is important to mention that even under these styles there are many different kinds of collections. Oakley seriously is a genius!

Among the four of these styles, I found the Holbrook XL the best. It comes with all the amazing features of Holbrook along with ultimate comfort. You can check out this Holbrook XL model which happens to be my favorite, the  Holbrook XL Square Sunglasses

The Ray-Ban Wayfarer also has a vast collection under its name, just like Oakley Holbrook. The various styles under the Wayfarer are; the Original Wayfarer, the New Wayfarer, the Wayfarer Folding, the Wayfarer Denim, the Wayfarer Ease, etc…. This Wayfarer Ease model was personally very appealing to me because of its big lenses and intricate frames; the Wayfarer Ease Square Sunglasses

Unlike the Ray-Ban Wayfarer and the Oakley Holbrook, the Ray-Ban Justin doesn’t have a wide collection or variety of styles under it. But needless to say, the models that are offered by it are quite the catch.

Materials Used

Most of the Oakley Holbrooks are made of O-Matter frames which is the reason why Holbrooks are so comfortable outdoors and are lightweight too. Some models of Holbrooks, like the Holbrook Metal, are made of metal. These metals are high-quality metals and sometimes they are expensive enough to make the final product cost $200-$300 +. The lenses are mainly made of Plutonite which are high optics lenses of polycarbonate. These materials account for highly durable Holbrook sunglasses. 

The Ray-Ban Wayfarers’ frames are made out of Acetate, the reason behind their durability. The lenses are made out of either glass or polycarbonate. The glass lenses are scratch free while the polycarbonate lenses are impact resistant. There are also metal components to add to its strength. 

The Ray-Ban Justin’s frame is of Nylon which makes it flexible and impact resistant. The lenses are made of polycarbonate material and additionally, the temples of the Justin sunglasses are made of rubber for keeping them secure during a long day.


All three sunglasses have immense popularity, and their uses are not very different from each other. The Holbrook is more popular among athletes and other sportspeople, whereas the Wayfarer and the Justin hail more popularity among the general public. If we compare the three of them together then the winner will obviously be the Wayfarer having a long legacy of its own for almost six decades. 

Now, if we compare the Ray-Ban Justin and the Oakley Holbrook then Justin’s popularity will be slightly more than the Holbrook even though Holbrook has a huge variety as compared to Justin. 

Final Thoughts

Justin and Holbrook are both very attractive and pretty and both have their own distinctive flavors even if they’re basically twins. It completely is up to you. You know what stood out for you, and you go ahead with it. The one that stood out for me was Oakley’s classic, the Holbrooks.

That is because the Holbrooks offers a vast and better collection. The Holbrook collection looks very exclusive and one of a kind to me. They have my heart! If I had to recommend some very stylish and classy Holbrooks to you then these would definitely be my top pics;  Holbrook Metal Sunglasses, Holbrook XL Square, and Holbrook XL Square with Prizm Gaming Lenses

I hope now you are clear with your choices, Happy shopping!

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