7 Great Oakley Holbrook Alternatives You Shouldn’t Miss

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Are you looking for good sunglasses that are similar to Oakley Holbrooks?

Still unsure if there are any other sunglasses out there which can replace Oakley?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered here. The 7 sunglasses listed down here might be the answer to your questions. Enjoy, bestie!


So if you don’t wanna scroll through the entire article and want some alternatives really quick then well, let’s take a look! 

Here are some of the Oakley Holbrook Alternatives, which look unapologetically similar to Holbrook: 

  • Hugo Boss Full-Rim Rectangular Sunglasses
  • Carrera square Sunglasses 
  • Goodr OG Sunglasses 
  • The Ray Ban Justin 
  • Blender Black Tundra 

All of these options are great and are quite well within the budget. Except maybe for Ray-Ban, they can be a bit higher in terms of price range, but they don’t sacrifice in terms of quality.  What’s more to it, is that they look extremely similar to Oakley Holbrook, so you wouldn’t have to scout your local sunglasses shop to find an Oakley because these will do just the trick.

7 Sunglasses Similar to Oakley Holbrook

The Oakley Holbrook is widely regarded as one of the finest sunglasses a person can own. It boasts good craftsmanship, excellent finish, and fabulous optical performance. Additionally, it has remarkable durability. Many individuals have owned a pair of Oakley Holbrook for decades and it still functions like new. If you wanna check out a detailed review of Oakley Holbrook, I have one here just perfect for you.

However, there’s one major perk of the Holbrook-its high cost. Another reason why one would not wanna buy an Oakley Holbrook could be the fact that it does have a very modern design but it’s not very modern and classy enough for the present generation who want a more sophisticated look.

So for you, we have listed 7 sunglasses models offered by various brands that can work as an alternative for Oakley. 

Sunglasses similar to Oakley Holbrook

  1) Blenders Canyon Black Tundra

The Blenders Eyewear is also a very respectable brand and is going to offer you the utmost performance in the form of Canyon’s Black Tundra. The Blenders, just like Oakley, are known for their stylish eyewear that attracts outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, and sportspeople. The Canyon Series under Blenders Eyewear offers stylish and trendy sunglasses that are apt for those who lead an adventurous and active lifestyle. It has durable frames and high-quality lenses which provide UV protection. 

The glasses mentioned here, Black Tundra Canyon Series, have a close resemblance to the Holbrook Matte Black sunglasses. They are so similar that if the Holbrook did not have the square-shaped O sign in its temple, then it would’ve been difficult to identify which one is from Oakley.

Alternatives of Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses

So, this is a perfect alternative for you if you couldn’t buy the Holbrook because of your budget issues. These sunglasses start from somewhere around $50, which is quite cheap when we compare them to the Holbrook!

2) Ray-Ban Justin

Ray-Ban has a very remarkable name in the eyewear industry, and so does its sunglasses model Justin. Justin was, in fact, released in the same year as Holbrook. They are called identical twins in the market because of their uncanny similarity. 

Its design is inspired by Ray-Ban’s very own, another icon in the world of sunglasses, the Wayfarer. The Justin has slightly larger frames and provides a contemporary-edgy look to the wearers. 

We cannot doubt the quality and the build when it comes to a name like Ray-Ban’s. The Ray-Ban Justin, like all the other Ray-Ban sunglasses, has been crafted with excellency. It has acetate frames, while some models also have metal frames, and high-grade lenses that offer both style and functionality. 

The Holbrook and the Justin are even very different when it comes to price. Ray-Ban Justin cost you around $140 or more than that, depending on the model that you’re buying. Identical twins indeed!

3) Ray-Ban New Wayfarer

We have another name from Ray-Ban which can be considered as a twin of the Holbrook, the new version of the classic Wayfarer. The New Wayfarer has smaller lenses than the classic Wayfarers and the design is more sifted. But it still has the trapezoidal lens shape which is sleek and offers contemporary looks. 

It has high-quality, nonetheless to say, and offers top-notch craftsmanship. It is a timeless fashion accessory that is a spinoff of the iconic Wayfarer. It is comfortable to wear and provides durability. 

The price of the New Wayfarer will vary as per the model you choose to buy. But normally it starts at around $80. It’s definitely a lot cheaper than the Oakley Holbrook!

4) Goodr OG Sunglasses

Goodr is a brand that makes sunglasses for athletes. The Goodr sunglasses are suitable for runners. They have the OG series of sunglasses whose structure is very similar to those of the Holbrooks. But the designs of the Goodr OG model also have a very funky and fashionable touch to them. The OG collection of the Goodr is the most different and fashionable collection I have come across. 

They have a comfortable fit to stay in place during outdoor activities. It has good-quality lenses that reduce UV rays, provide UV protection, and enhance visibility in bright conditions.

The most significant feature of the Goodr sunglasses is that they’re very affordable starting from $25 +. Can you believe it? I don’t even want to provide any other reason for buying a pair of Goodr OGs.

5) Knockaround Classic Sunglasses

Knockaround is a sunglasses brand that focuses on providing high-quality sunglasses to its customers at an affordable price. The Classics of the Knockaround are similar to the Holbrooks in both looks as well as quality. 

It has a versatile frame shape that supports various face shapes and sizes. The frames are made out of polycarbonate which ensures a lightweight and comfortable-for-outdoors product. The lenses provide UV protection and filter out UVA and UVB rays. 

They offer various sunglasses with designs that are very standout and colorful. They also provide the ability to the customers to customize the products according to their personal preferences. 

Apart from this, you can get a pair of the Knockaround Classic at around $25+. The Knockaround simple and subtle collection was my favorite one.

6) Oakley Chainlink

One of the most famous sunglasses of the Oakley, it has a rectangular frame and provides a sporty look. Every product of Oakley is made from an athlete’s point of view, and the Chainlink is also the same. Made from lightweight and durable material it is perfect for outdoor activities. The lenses consist of High Definition Optics to enhance visual clarity, reduce distortion, and provide protection from UV rays. 

If you were avoiding the Holbrooks because of its bigger frames then the Chainlink would be the best option in terms of an alternative because even if its design is similar to Holbrook’s, its lenses are very small in size. The price range of the Chainlink models starts around $100 +. 

If you want a style similar to the Oakley Holbrook, which costs you less without having to compromise with the quality statement provided by the Oakley, Chainlink is the destination!

7) Tifosi Swank Sunglasses 

Tifosi Sunglasses is an eyewear brand known for offering high-quality sunglasses at an affordable price. The Swank collection has a stylish design and functional features, and one more thing, it’s a lookalike of Oakley Holbrook.

It has UV protection that allows clear vision even in bright conditions. The sunglasses are comfortable to wear for a longer period. 

It has a price range of more than $20 only! The cheapest I came across. And not just cheap, the Swank collection has some of the most unique and trendy designs. So if you are looking for some stylish frames in Holbrook’s design, Tifosi is where you come to. Check this out, Swank Sports Sunglasses, and it’s current price.

My Final Thoughts

All these brands and models were phenomenal and definitely worth the hype. Even if they weren’t Holbrook’s lookalikes, they would still be on the wanted list. 

If you ask me my favorite out of the suggested alternatives, then I will name the Tifosi Swanks. It has an amazing collection and is extremely cheap compared to its Oakley counterpart. The Swank models had a different flavor to them. They didn’t just feel like the Holbrook twins. They looked like Tifosi Swanks to me.

Finally, the Holbrooks are indeed a very good model and are definitely worth it. These are sunglasses that might not have the same authentic functions as the Holbrook and the branding of Oakley, but they might still be able to fulfill your expectations. You can check out some other Oakley products as well. I have reviews that are made, to make your life easier to choose what’s best for you, I have a review of Oakley Sylas, and yes, my review of Oakley Frogskin as well! Check these out to see, if they meet your standards of style.

So, did you find your desired characteristic in any of these alternatives that Holbrook was missing out on?

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