Oakley Sylas Review and Comparing it with Holbrook 

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Ahhh… the latest Sylas sunglasses it seems as if there’s so very little to know about it and there’s nothing much to it. 

“Is it just like all the other Oakley sunglasses, are they even any different than them?”

Sooo many questions but so less answers, Well don’t worry! I am here to make you understand some of the key features of the Sylas Sunglasses. 

I’m gonna give you a clearer understanding and an interesting review of the Sylas Sunglasses and just for you to get a better understanding we’ll compare them with Oakley’s famous Holbrook sunglasses. 

My Review of Oakley Sylas Sunglasses

oakley sylus review

So the Sylas is basically just a baby of many of Oakley’s famous sunglasses. Oakley Sliver and even the Oakley Holbrook, but that’s just mostly in terms of frames. These have a sort of square-ish lens shape inspired by the two formerly mentioned types of Oakleys. They have this full-rim lens and what’s more to it, is that they have some sharp accent corners that add some finesse to it. 

And just like any other Oakley sunglasses these are made from lightweight O-Matter, which is the signature material for most sunglasses made by Oakley. Making these extremely lightweight yet sturdy. So do make sure you take these on your next bike ride because these tend to stay on your face, because of the extreme sturdiness. 

Let’s talk about the hinges, the hinges are made from plastic, they kind of have like a snap-click method of closing. These just make it much better since you won’t get those loose hinges, which make your sunglasses out of shape after a short time of use. 

Another really fun yet interesting feature about the Sylas Sunglasses is that they are “Hat Compatible”. Now although it may not seem as important. But picture this scenario. 

It’s a sunny day outside and you really need to protect yourself from the heat this time. You wear your sunglasses and you are gonna pair it with your favorite hat. Huh? But it feels a little painful and tensed at the back of your ears. Does it feel like the hat just doesn’t seem to go down? 

It feels like Oakley reads our minds and tried to overcome this by making the Sylas sleeker and thinner at the end of the temples. Now, that sounds much more comfortable for your next fishing trip on a sunny day, right?  

Oh and of course, Oakley did include all of its lens options like the polarised iridium lenses and the high-definition optic lenses to choose from so you can definitely get clarity and even protection from any sort of glare. So, the Oakley Sylas is worth the catch if you wanna go with something a bit more modernized. 

Comparing Oakley Sylas with Holbrooks

Oakley Sylas vs Holbrook

Here we dive into the deep of these two Oakley brands. Oakley’s Sylas was made quite recently, recently as in just a few years back in 2019, the sunglasses drew inspiration from some of the classics to give it a more modernized look without losing any of the classical touches either. 

Holbrook was introduced back in 2010, and they had 4 types to it, this depended on what type of look you want or also depended on how or under what circumstances you decided to wear them. Holbrook has a lot of styles to it, since being created back in the 2010s, it has a much more range of styles and colors added to it since then. I have a detailed Oakley Holbrooks review and how they are as a pair of sunglasses. Sylas does have several styles too, but their range of styles is mostly limited since these were quite recently added to the market.

Another very key difference between Holbrook and Sylas is their material, and no it’s not anything majorly different, but Holbrook sunglasses have the unobtainium material present that helps sort of stick to your face when you perspire, minimizing the risk of the sunglasses falling from your face. But, Sylas sunglasses don’t have this material present in their sunglasses. 

Since Holbrook has a lot of styles and also has a lot of ranges to choose from its become quite popular. However the same doesn’t apply to Sylas since they have recently been added to Oakley and they have well few options. 

Moreover, since being in the market for a long time the Holbrooks are being continuously upgraded and most people know the reason behind their popularity for quite some time. 

My Final Verdict 

So here’s my final analysis…The Holbrooks is a classic so you might be very comfortable choosing something that’s always been a classic since the very beginning. Moreover, Holbrooks just feels right with their immense variety and different types depending on your mood and occasion. Personally, if you wanna go for something really stylish but also too dressy I suggest the Oakley Holbrook Square Sunglasses.

While on the other hand, Sylas is just new in the market and if you’re looking to experiment with something then that’s definitely the pick for you.  If you’re not looking for the same, monotonous, and classical look every time and want to go for something bolder, newer, and better than the Oakley Sylas is just your type.

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