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Holbrook Family of Sunglasses 

Oakley Holbrook Family

Oakley Eyewear is a renowned brand in the industry known for its sporty eyewear and athletic collection. It rose to prominence after launching the Holbrook sunglasses which immediately went viral for its new and defining style. The Holbrook sunglasses have a squared-shaped lens and a single-lens shield that gives them a distinctive look.

The classic Holbrook with a modern style captured the hearts of the American audience. The original Holbrook had just a few features like the single lens shield, lightweight because of Oakley’s proprietary O-Matter frames, and metal rivets that provided strength. 

At the present day, Oakley Holbrook has many varieties of models that come with different features. Its wide collection of models includes Oakley Holbrook Metal, the Holbrook Mix, Holbrook R, and the Holbrook XL. Its various features include high-quality and efficient lenses, Prizm lens technology, three-point fit, High Definitions Optics feature, more durability, and longevity, and they meet the demands of an active lifestyle. 

Holbrook Metal is a metal member of the Holbrook family. The frame here is made of metal and not O-Matter. It elevates the design and gives it a more sophisticated look. It is for individuals who have a larger face and want oversized sunglasses. It gives a bold and trendy design. The Oakley Mix is a variant whose frames are made up of O-Matter mixed with steel for providing a creative design. Finally, the Holbrook R is a model that has slightly larger and rounder lenses. 

My Review of the Oakley Holbrook Series

The Holbrook is one of the most iconic products of Oakley. Acclaimed for its design, the features are apt for an outdoor enthusiast, and in terms of comfortability. It is like an all-rounder. 

The Holbrook has such a design that looks good on every type of face. And if it doesn’t, then it has made variants from which you can choose a type that fits on the face. Its single lens shield is actually a shield that ensures minimum exposure to the eyes from the eyes. The build of the sunglasses is very light and will help outgoing people a lot.

If you ask me, Holbrooks is one of my very favorite eyewear styles. It is more comfortable than most of the expensive ones that you can find in the market. The Holbrooks have a wonderful reputation in the market for being perfect for athletes as well as the general public. The Holbrooks was an attempt by Oakley to reach out to the general public along with their target audience, the athletic and sporty people. 

Among the wide Holbrook collection, this is what I found the best model for me. Holbrook Sunglass Matte Black, with a matte black finish, this model is perfect for a sunny day at the beach as well as for a perfect evening at a club. 

If I am going to talk about the price then considering it’s coming from Oakley, it is on the expensive side for some people. A pair of Holbrooks cost you around $120 minimum. Maximum, they can cost you a little more than $200. 

Don’t cry because it’s expensive, laugh because you’ll be the owners of Oakley Holbrooks!

My Final Verdict

The Holbrooks are one of the most famous styles available in the market ‘cause the Holbrooks never seem to go out of style. Even though it’s a little expensive but it’s definitely worth the price. 

So, if you have a good budget you should definitely consider purchasing a pair of Holbrooks. Trust me, you won’t regret it. Never.

Here are some of my recommendations you can take a look at Holbrook XL Sunglasses, Holbrook Square Sunglasses, and Holbrook Mix Sunglasses.

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I hope this review helped you become sure of your choices, Happy shopping folks!

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