Oakley Gibston Review and Comparing it with Holbrook

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The Gibstons is a unique pair of sunglasses with amazing features and a perfect fit to them. 

But then I wonder, “Are they any different, are these worth all the hype, or are they just like any ordinary sunglasses?” 

I’m pretty sure I put such questions in your head too, or maybe you came here to find the solutions to these questions just like me. 

So, to make your life easier, I’ve reviewed the Gibston sunglasses, and also compared them to, Oakley’s Joy and Pride: The Holbrooks

That’ll help you gain a clearer idea and get these sunglasses on your next purchase for sure. 

My Review Of Oakley Gibstons

review of oakley gibston

The Oakley Gibstons is an absolute one-of-a-kind type of sunglasses. They have all of Oakley’s signature features, that a true Oakley enjoyer like yourself, cannot miss. 

It has the “O-Matter” durable frames, which makes these glasses really lightweight and just comfortable throughout the day. If you’re a person who goes out a lot and has just a comparatively more active lifestyle than most, then these glasses are your choice for sure. 

The Gibston sunglasses make you feel like you’re wearing nothing, preventing all those annoying features you have in most sunglasses, like the irritability behind your ears or around your nose. With, the Gibstons, it’s almost like they are just non-existential on your face. 

These sunglasses are not over the top, they don’t have any extra features, instead, Oakley has kept it simple with this pair of sunglasses. 

Another, dynamic feature of the sunglasses is they fit on small heads perfectly, they also have a lot of styles and colors to choose from. They also have great peripheral coverage, from the sun and protect you from UV rays. 

Oakley also gives you a range of lenses to choose from, from their polarised prizm lenses to even prescription lenses. They tend to reduce glare, so if you ever plan to go boating or fishing these should be the sunglasses of your choice. You can also customize your next pair of Gibstons however you like.

On a real note though, I am completely obsessed with the Gibston sunglasses when you pair them with the  Prizm Sapphire Iridium Polarised lenses, I just love how they look so fashionable with these lenses but the frames sort of give it a minimalistic look at the same time. 

Comparing Oakley Gibston with Holbrook 

oakley gibston vs Holbrook

Now, to get a clearer idea of Oakley’s two models, and how the all-new Gibston is any different from Oakley’s timeless Holbrook. The best way to say it is that, Gibstons were introduced recently into the market, in the fall of 2019 they added the Gibstons to their collection. 

And we all know that Holbrooks has come a long way into the brand. So these two pieces are completely different, but also share some of the signature features of Oakley such as the “O-Matter” frames. 

So what’s the difference you’re wondering? Well, it’s fairly noticeable unobtainium matter is present in all of Holbrook sunglasses collection, which is not present in the Gibstons. Unobtainium tends to hold the sunglasses in place, even when you perspire, so you don’t have the risk of your sunglasses slipping from your face. 

Both pairs of sunglasses are worth investing in, but if you wanna check out the Holbrook then I’d definitely recommend the Holbrook XL Square glasses. Here, is my honest review of the Holbrook XL sunglasses, you can check them out to see, if you they suit your tastes and style. If you do like Holbrook, but just can’t afford them or you don’t want anything Oakley as such, then there are so many sunglasses similar to the Oakley Holbrook.

My Final Verdict 

Ahem… so here’s my final verdict.

Both sunglasses are good, and they are from the most trustworthy yet leading manufacturer in the sunglass industry. 

Gibstons sunglasses are quite the steal, according to me, as they don’t have any extra, glamorous features, Oakley has kept them quite simple, which are key factors in fashion and just daily wear. 

These sunglasses also give you that amazing peripheral coverage providing you clarity and also visibility.  

Although, these glasses may not be ideal for extreme sports but, they are still perfect for your casual daily wear. Perhaps, you worry that some sunglasses are too big for you, then Gibstons are worth your attention since they even have a snug fit system that is just perfect for small heads. 

So if you’re looking for a stylish pair of glasses while still keeping it Low-Key then the Gibstons are your pair to go with. And Well, Holbrooks is your pick if you choose the classics and timeless vibe. If you did like this comparison itself, then you should check out the Oakley Holbrook or Ray-Ban Justin sunglasses comparison as well.

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