Famous Celebrities Who Have Dark Circle: Complete With Pictures

Dark circles!

We’ve all faced them at some point. 

Be it from a nasty hangover after a party night, 

pulling one too many all-nighters, 

or simply genetic predisposition, 

we’ve all faced the horror of looking at the mirror and coming face-to-face with that.

No wonder under-eye concealer is a staple on the dressing table for many of us. But what is the deal with dark circles? And do we need to go to such lengths to hide them when even the Hollywooof glitz and glam embrace it at times?

Famous Celebrities With Dark Circles

Dark Circles — What’s The Fuss?

Societal beauty standards have always been fickle and ever-changing. For the most part, however, dark circles have primarily been seen in a negative light.

Be that as it may—and as surprising as it might seem—even the glamorous, picture-perfect world of Hollywood isn’t immune to dark circles. 

Is it necessary to slather on concealer every morning only for it to flake out by lunchtime? Not!

If you need proof, look at these beautiful celebrity faces who not only have dark circles but absolutely rock them.

Famous Celebrities With Dark Circles

Cameron Diaz

The absolutely stunning actress has taken to social media more than once to share makeup-free photos of herself, advocating for acceptance and positivity regarding issues like aging and natural flaws. 

Even bare-faced, Diaz doesn’t fail to stun.

cameron diaz dark circles
dark circles cameron diaz

Source: Cameron Diaz

Gal Gadot

She might be the face of beauty brands like Revlon, but Gal Gadot is all for natural looks as well. The Wonder Woman actress has also shared photographs of herself proudly sporting a very ordinary look, complete with dark circles.

gal gadot dark circles

Source: Gal Gadot

Drew Barrymore

She owns makeup products and is as fond of dolling up as the next person. But Barrymore is nevertheless also a staunch advocate of natural beauty and isn’t afraid to show hers to the world, dark circles or not.

drew barrymore dark circles
eyes of drew barrymore

Source: Drew Barrymore

Olivia Wilde

olivia wilde eyes
olivia wilde dark circles

Source: Olivia Wilde

The House M.D. actress is drop-dead gorgeous and has such a fascinating gaze that we sometimes forget that she’s a 37-year-old mother of two with a hectic lifestyle—and she isn’t afraid to let it show on her face.

Wilde is often seen sporting dark circles in public and is no less enchanting for it.

Clémence Poésy

Clémence Poésy under eye dark circles
Clémence Poésy dark circles

Source: Clémence Poésy

French actress and model Clémence Poésy has a very beguiling face and is all about those natural looks.

In an interview with Vogue, she said, “I try not to wear makeup; I’m not interested in a world where everyone looks glamorous all the time; I find that quite boring.”

“My mum always said she didn’t understand concealer,” she added. “She used to say that dark circles under the eyes can be one of the most moving things on a human face.”

That is undoubtedly true for Poesy, as her dark circles give her face an alluring charm.

Kristen Stewart

Dark circles are part of the package of Kristen Stewart’s whole aesthetic, pairing wonderfully with her stern expressions and severe, platinum blonde hair.

The Twilight Saga actress is known for sporting unconventionally rugged looks, both in makeup and in wardrobe.

Jennifer Lopez

eyes of jennifer lopez
dark circles of jennifer lopez

Source: Jennifer Lopez

As glamorous as she is, even the ever-perfect Jennifer Lopez has to face dark circles sometimes. She has taken to Instagram several times to share photos and videos of herself going makeup-free. 

This singer-songwriter and actress isn’t afraid to put her so-called flaws—including dark circles—on display for the world to see and is all the more beautiful.

Lady Gaga

dark circles lady gaga
lady gaga eyes

Source: Lady Gaga

As successful as she is, it’s no wonder Lady Gaga has a crazy schedule and lifestyle—and its visual evidence.

The singer has shared makeup-free photographs of herself on Instagram, rocking an au natural look that gives her a very soft, up-all-night look.

Katie Holmes

dark circles of katie holmes
katie holmes eyes

Source: Katie Holmes

The Dawson’s Creek actress has revealed that she is naturally prone to having dark circles. 

In January 2017, Holmes posted a photograph on Instagram of herself on the beach with messy, tousled hair and wearing no makeup, with dark circles on display.

The photograph inspired many of her fans, who wrote fervently in her support, lauding her for her courage to reveal her bare face, and flaws and crooning over her natural beauty.

Genevieve Angelson

Genevieve Angelson dark circles
Genevieve Angelson under eye circles

Source: Genevieve Angelson

The actress of Good Girls Revolt fame is known for choosing natural looks for her public and red-carpet appearances.

Her raw, fiery red hair and piercing grey almond eyes, underscored by dark circles, certainly make for her distinctive, charming look.

Final Words

Dark circles are a natural part of almost everyone’s features at some point or other.

They even add a peculiar sort of edge to a person’s overall attractiveness. 

As is proved in ample amount by all these gorgeous celebrities, you don’t need to hide your dark circles if you don’t want to.

If you are not confident with your dark circles, you may try using glasses to hide them, just like celebrities wearing glasses.

You can also wear sunglasses like Brad Pitt & Ryan Gosling to amp up your style!

I hope this article gives a boost to your morale!

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