Blenders Snow Goggles Review: Best for Skiing and Snowboarding

Winter may be the polar opposite of summer, but you have to admit that it’s just as fun as summer!

However, before you get into that good old Winter Funland, you have to gear up to keep the snow off, and what better way than to read on about this review about the famed Blenders’ Snow Goggles!

Blenders Snow Goggles Review for 2022

Blenders Snow Goggles review

Different Styles in Blenders Snow Goggles

First thing’s first, this is classified into two styles: the Aura and the Nebula.

Now, you might not notice it at first glance (and trust me, it’s like playing “Spot the Difference” between the two), but there are a couple of crucial differences between them.

The Aura Collection has a more “friendlier” shape with how cylindrical the top of the frame is, cushioned by the comfiest three-layer hypoallergenic face foam. 

Also, one of its signature features, the magnetic swap system, only has eight linings of the lens inside when you pop them off.

Some of the styles underneath this collection are the Strike Gold, the JJ Pacific, the Roaring Legend, the Bright Promise, and the Arctic Motion.

Next up is the Nebula Collection.

Now, instead of the old friendly Aura, you can tell the Nebula is sleek, cold, and business-like already from its straight-edged frame. 

What’s more is its true curve perspective exclusive only in this collection, which is advertised to result in the broader field of view on your surroundings. This feature should be beneficial for skiers or snowboarders alike!

Also, instead of just eight, the Nebula has ten magnets in its lens swap system!

There are a few more styles in this collection compared to the Aura, and they are the Wild North, the Roaring Legend, the Flash Malone, the Cold Smoke, the Cheetah Speed, the Bright Promise, the Arctic Motion, the Smooth Arrival, the Diva Drama, and the Gemini II.

You must be wondering, “Why are there a few styles that got repeated in both collections?”

See, these mentioned “repeating” styles have similarities, despite the difference in collections, and that is their straps.

Specifically, the designs of their straps; an example would be the Roaring Legend.

If you check both versions on the Aura and Nebula Collections, you can see the same teal and black animal print designing its strap, with the sole key difference being the frame’s shape.

Price vs. Quality

In a solid $95, you’ll find Blenders is an expert in crafting one of the best ski goggles out there!

Heck, you’ll find that this is at par with pricier snow goggles because, in barely a hundred dollars, you’ll get some of its features seen in, say, an Anon with its $300, and that’s just scratching the surface, for sure!

Shipping, Warranty, Returns

Blenders process orders on weekdays for shipping, and it guarantees free shipping within the US for purchases over $50, so you’re in luck!

But other than the US, Blenders are also allowed to be shipped worldwide, but with the usual fees, of course.

In regards to warranties (or what it’s called the Snow Warranty), every piece of eyewear under the Blenders Snow Goggles is guaranteed for life!

To clear things up, not the entire human lifetime, only the product’s lifetime, which is up to about three seasons.

In addition to that, the warranty process takes up to 2-3 weeks, so make sure to fill out the Snow Warranty Form swiftly and carefully!

An important reminder: before you decide to get the Snow Warranty, be aware that this does not cover normal wear and tear, any damages caused by misuse or neglect, and especially if you’re not the goggles’ actual owner.

Onto the returns, Blenders allows 45 days from purchasing to be returned or exchanged for free!

Features of Blenders Snow Goggles

Different styles in Blenders Snow Goggles

Magnetic Swap System

Is there stronger wind coming your way that obscures your sight? Do you need a quick swap between your lenses?

Well, with the magnetic swap system, you can pop your lens out and change it for something else in mere seconds!

Extra Lens with EVA Case

You might be curious about that “swapping lenses” bit back there, but for clarification: you get an extra low-light lens for you to change into!

This bonus lens is included with every Blenders’ snow goggles, so that’s quite a catch in this review, right?

And containing all of these is Blenders’ EVA case! Sure, it might be big or bulky, primarily if you use a small bag, but this case is padded to the teeth to make sure your goggles and lenses are both nice and snug inside while you move around.

Quality Comfort

Do you remember that brief mention of the triple-layer face foam for the Aura Collection?

Because that delivers most of the “quality comfort” in this aspect as the foam is both soft and breathable when it has a foam vent to keep your breath from fogging up the lens from the inside.

You won’t have to worry about your snow goggles not fitting whatever helmet you have, as Blenders Eyewear guarantees full helmet compatibility with its elastic (and highly stylish) strap that you can adjust with its buckle!

Anti-fog and Scratch Coating

For you to have an easy, carefree experience in the powder, Blenders features the anti-fog and scratch coating in its lenses to prevent you from experiencing any accidents due to accumulated moisture or damage.

However, of course, even the most expensive goggles are prone to fogging.

This naturally happens when there’s snow trapped inside after you fall headfirst into the powder or if you’re wearing a mask along with the goggles.

If that’s the case, then simply wipe it clean! Blenders include a microfiber cloth alongside the extra lens, so you’re good to go.

Final Thoughts

Blenders made it a point to keep striving for its goal to be both affordable and stylish for everyone to have access to, and these snow goggles prove that!

Why would you even purchase something much more expensive when Blenders has many features rolled into one inexpensive piece of eyewear?

Now that you finished reading this review, hopefully, you’ll broaden your horizons when you find yourself at a loss for a pair of snow goggles in the winter.

If this review of Blenders snow goggles has piqued your interest, then go check out their website.

There, you’ll see a bunch of colorful snow goggles and even eyewear sunglasses to choose from!

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