Blenders Eyewear Snow Goggles Review

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Wondering whether or not Blenders Snow googles is worth all the hype or not? Is it even worth all the money? Would it be great for your next snowboarding trip?

Well, here is a review meant just for you, that is absolutely perfect and is completely raw, with all of my honest opinion!

So, without further ado, let’s get into the review of blender’s snow googles.

Common features

Compatible with Snow Helmets

Easy Swap Magnetic Lens

100% UV Protection

Scratch Resistant

Bonus Lens for Low Light Conditions

45-Day Free Returns Policy


As a passionate snowboarder, I was looking for reliable and affordable goggles, then I came across Blenders Eyewear via Instagram. After using them for the past few days, I can confidently say that these goggles are awesome – they offer great performance, comfort, and features at an unbeatable price point. Thanks to the easy swap magnetic lens, I can change the lens in just a few seconds. The 45 days free return policy will give you a piece of mind that in case you don’t like them, you can return them for free. However, I’m sure, you won’t return them.

Blenders Snowboard Goggles Review

As a snowboarder, I was excited to try out the Blenders Eyewear Snow Goggles and put them to the test.

A few months ago, I came across Blender’s Eyewear on Instagram. I was on a tight budget, so I was hesitant to try this new brand. But, by looking at their huge Instagram following, I was convinced easily.

So, I thought, “They have a 45-day free return policy, then, why not try these snow goggles?”

I ordered Gemini II Nebula.

In the box, there were snow goggles, a case, and a bonus lens.

blenders goggles review

But more on the bonus lenses properties a bit later!

Overall, I am very happy with the purchase, so I am not thinking about returning them. In fact, I’m thinking about buying and testing their top-selling sunglasses ($49 to $79, but I guess, they’re worth more than the price). Oh, their top-selling sunglasses include some of the Pure blend and even Polarized lenses. If you are confused about what to choose exactly, either Pure Blend or Polarized Lenses, both of them are great options, but of course only one can arise a clear winner in your eyes! So, check that out!

Important Features of Blenders Snow Goggles

Easy Swap Magnetic Lens 

This feature is very important, and you should look for it when buying snow goggles. It has many hidden features which makes it a must-have. These lenses can be used for all weather conditions as a lens suitable for bright weather can be easily swapped with another one suitable for low-light conditions as per the change in environment. 

Changing your lens becomes a rather easy task and there is no faster way of changing your lens than a magnetic gripped lens. It is also a great way to own and change multiple color lenses. So, you can have a variety of shades at a rather cheap cost.

Anti-Fog + Scratch Resistant 

Anti-fog lenses are very susceptible to scratches and this coating can get off easily if you rub your lenses hard. This is why I prefer Blenders ski goggles and snowboard goggles so much. 

Blenders Eyewear has a unique double feature of anti-fog as well as scratch-resistant lenses, this not only prevents fogging up of the goggles and easy peel off of the chemical coating but also resists your goggles getting damaged by scratches.

100% UV Protection 

UV rays are of three types: UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. It is important to remember that not all eyewear protects your eyes against all three UV rays. However, Blender’s snow goggles provide 100% UV protection and protect your eyes from snow glare.

Elastic Strap w/ Adjustable Buckle

A strap accompanies all snow goggles. Straps mainly help to keep the goggles in place and prevent them from falling off your face when you are riding fast on the slopes. I love this feature because it low-key makes the goggles even more comfy and utilitarian.

The straps are made to be adjustable, so the buckles help in adjusting the length of the straps to help the goggles fit very snugly around your head without loosening up after a while. 

Full Helmet Compatibility

Your goggles should fit smoothly on your face with the strap around the helmet. If they don’t fit tightly to your face, deform when the strap is tight, or leave gaps, then I’d advise you to try another model.

Blenders produce snow goggles with full helmet compatibility. All of Blenders’ goggles fit in perfectly with the helmet without leaving any gap between the helmet and the goggles; neither do they appear to deform when the strap is tight.

Bonus Lens Included

Despite being low-priced, the Blenders also provide a bonus lens in the package. Giving off a bonus/free lens with every magnetic lens is not a small feat for any brand.

The bonus lens is a low-light lens that is perfect for use under overcast skies. They go perfectly well with easy swap magnetic lenses. You can wear the snow goggles you bought under a particular light condition and inter-change them with the bonus lens when those conditions change.

Are They Expensive?

The basis of starting Blenders Eyewear was to create a brand of first-rate quality eyewear at affordable prices. You can find suitable eyewear below $150 and generally between the $30-$130 range which I believe is the best you could ask for.

Well, here comes another question that arises in your head “Are Blenders sunglasses good“? and of course, you’ll have this spinning your head since you are paying a reasonable sum for them. But with, the utmost assurance I can say that these sunglasses have fantastic qualities that are just amazing.


When you are up on the slopes, Blenders ski goggles are the perfect candidate to take along with you to the mountains. These goggles give you a classy yet funky look but even the quality and features of the Blenders eyewear make them decently compared to other expensive eyewear brands.

Neven is also a great pair of sunglasses, that is if you don’t wanna go for blenders, just in general, and the debate of Neven Vs. Blenders never end and rightfully so, because these two are both perfect in their own ways. So, yes, you can always check out Neven to see if it’ll steal your heart as well.

But back to topic, Blender’s eyewear is absolutely perfect for anyone looking for something affordable and stylish as well!

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