Shady Rays Snow Goggles Review

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I suppose that you are interested in buying the Shady Rays snow goggles for your snow expedition this year but want to read an honest review of these goggles before investing your money in them. Am I right?

Well, here I am with Shady Rays snow goggles review! And I’ll definitely be completely transparent while reviewing, so you don’t have to regret it later. Keep reading!  

Shady Rays Snow Goggles


my review on snow goggles of shady rays

The Shady Rays snow goggles are available in two exceptional models: the Frontier and the Denali. The Frontier boasts cylindrical lenses, while the Denali features spherical lenses, providing skiers and snowboarders with distinct visual experiences. 

Customising Feature 

What sets these goggles apart is their complete customizability. You have the freedom to choose from an array of options, including the frame, straps, lenses, and shields, allowing you to create a truly unique and personalized look.


The best part? All this customization comes at an incredibly affordable price, with both models priced at only $120. This exceptional value stands in stark contrast to other high-end brands in the market, making Shady Rays a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality or style.

Magnetic Frame

shady rays snow goggles

Shady Rays snow goggles come equipped with an innovative magnetic frame. This magnetic feature allows for effortless and secure lens swapping, making it a breeze to adapt to changing light conditions on the slopes. With the convenience of the magnetic frame, users can quickly switch between various lenses to optimize visibility without the hassle of traditional lens-changing systems. 

Large Frame Allows For Ventilation

The Shady Rays snow goggles boast a fairly large size, which not only enhances their stylish appearance but also offers excellent ventilation. The ample surface area allows for efficient airflow, reducing the risk of fogging and ensuring a clear view of the slopes. Despite their generous dimensions, these goggles are remarkably comfortable, providing a snug fit and a wide field of view. Skiers and snowboarders can enjoy extended wear without discomfort, making their winter adventures all the more enjoyable.

A-Class Lenses

best goggle lens for snow

Experience the ultimate visual clarity with Shady Rays snow goggles. These goggles boast high-quality lenses that offer unparalleled optical clarity, providing a crystal-clear view of the snowy terrain. Enjoy maximum protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, safeguarding your eyes on sunny days. With remarkable depth perception and effective glare reduction, these goggles enhance your performance and confidence, making your winter adventures safer and more enjoyable than ever. 


Shady Rays offer a customer-friendly warranty for their snow goggles. Within the first 24 months of purchase, users can conveniently submit a replacement request for any part of the goggles, with a minimal processing fee. This added benefit ensures peace of mind and reflects Shady Rays’ commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

My Review Of The Shady Rays Snow Goggles

My Review Of The Shady Rays Snow Goggles

Shady Rays snow goggles have certainly made a strong impression with their innovative features, particularly the magnetic strap system. However, there are some areas where these goggles may fall short for certain users, and it’s essential to consider these points before making a purchase decision.

Does Not Have a Variety Of Designs

One of the primary concerns with the Shady Rays snow goggles is the limited collection of styles and designs. While the features offered are impressive, the lack of variety might disappoint those who seek more striking and bold options to match their unique preferences and style. 

Isn’t Size-Inclusive

Another drawback lies in the sizing options available for the goggles. Shady Rays offer a “universal” size, which, unfortunately, isn’t truly universal. Users with smaller face sizes may find the goggles too large and ill-fitting, resulting in discomfort and compromised performance. Offering different size options could address this issue and make the product more inclusive and suitable for a wider range of users.

Weak Texture

Moreover, the texture of the frame and lenses has been a point of concern for some users. They have noted that the materials used can feel flimsy and less durable compared to other high-end brands. This aspect raises questions about the goggles’ long-term performance and resilience, especially when exposed to the harsh conditions of winter sports. The longevity of the tint on the lenses is also doubtful, fearing that it might wear off in a very less time.

Price Quotient

shady rays goggles

While Shady Rays offer their snow goggles at a relatively lower price compared to certain high-end brands, it may not be significantly lower when considered on an average scale. For budget-conscious individuals, the price point might still be a considerable factor, leading them to explore other more affordable options in the market. This could potentially limit the goggles’ reach among a broader audience, as some users might opt for cheaper alternatives or even knockoff products.

Unfortunately, these factors combined could lead some users to feel unsatisfied with their purchase of Shady Rays snow goggles. However, it’s essential to remember that no product is without its drawbacks, and individual preferences and needs play a significant role in determining satisfaction. For those who prioritize the innovative magnetic strap feature and are content with the available styles and sizing, the goggles can still offer a commendable performance on the slopes.

What Are The Necessary Things That You Require In A Snow Goggle? 

Snow goggles, also known as ski goggles or snowboard goggles, are a type of eyewear designed specifically for winter sports activities in snowy and cold conditions. 

Before going into reviewing the Shady Rays snow goggles, we need to know what are the must-have properties in a snow goggle that makes it a snow goggle. Well if you are a skier or ice-skater, you might already know it so you can directly go into the review. But I am sure there must be many first-timers who don’t know this. Well, it’s very important that you know the necessary properties, my friend. 

Protection from the elements

frontier snow goggles review

Snow goggles should provide a tight seal around the eyes to keep out snow, wind, and cold air. They help prevent frostbite and keep the eyes safe from debris and impacts while skiing or snowboarding.

Anti-fog technology

One of the most critical features of snow goggles is their ability to resist fogging. When you’re active in cold weather, your body heat can create condensation on the inside of the lens, obstructing your vision. High-quality snow goggles have anti-fog coatings or ventilation systems that prevent fog buildup.

Optical clarity

High-quality lenses are crucial for clear vision on the slopes. Look for goggles with distortion-free optics, minimal color distortion, and good contrast enhancement to help you navigate various terrains and snow conditions effectively.


Effective ventilation systems allow air to flow through the goggles, reducing the risk of fogging and keeping your face dry during strenuous activity.

Peripheral vision

The design of the goggles should allow for good peripheral vision, enabling you to see hazards and fellow skiers or snowboarders from the corner of your eyes.

Now that we know what properties are necessary, we should also know what type of design will contain all these properties. 

Cylindrical shape

Snow goggles should have a curved, spherical, or cylindrical shape. This shape is there to ensure maximum comfort to the person while they’re snowboarding or skiing. It minimizes distortion and enhances visual clarity, allows for airflow and reduces fogging, and helps reduce glare. 

Wraparound design

Denali snow goggles review

This design offers better peripheral vision, allowing the wearer to see more of their surroundings without turning their head significantly. This is crucial for detecting obstacles, other skiers/snowboarders, and potential hazards on the slopes.


In conclusion, while the Shady Rays snow goggles showcase commendable innovation and performance, they do fall short in certain aspects. 

However, it’s crucial to weigh these points against the goggles’ strengths, personal preferences, and budget constraints to determine whether they align with individual needs and expectations. Ultimately, while not without its drawbacks, the Shady Rays snow goggles can still be a solid choice for winter sports enthusiasts who prioritize specific features and find them suitable for their winter adventures. 

So I hope that you’ve reached the conclusion of your thoughts as well regarding the Shady Rays snow goggles. Good luck!

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