My Honest Review of Oakley Frogskin Sunglasses

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Ahhh…yes, the classic Frogskins, a timeless design and yet one of Oakley’s classical masterpieces. They are considered one of Oakley’s versatile pieces and so they are still loved by the public. 

You might prefer the Frogskins because of their simple yet unique designs. Which, come in various styles and frame colors. 

So, if contemplation is stopping you from getting a pair of these Frogskins, then well I’m here to give you a review so that you’re convinced to invest in this pair of ceaseless sunglasses.

Oakley Frogskin Sunglasses 

There’s a family of these Frogskin sunglasses, that come in: The Original Frogskins, these are the classic Frogskins having a durable frame, with lightweight properties and rounded lenses. These sunglasses have a unisex design, making them perfect for you to buy for anyone as a present. 

The next type of Frogskins that come under the Frogskin family is the Frogskins Lite. Now, these feature a rimless frame, giving a rimless look and ensuring you have more of a minimalistic vibe to your everyday wear. 

oakley frogskin original review

Now, we have a twist to the classic, Oakley removed the temples of the classic Frogskins and replaced them with metal temples, keeping the lenses as it is. By doing this, they gave a modern-day twist to these sunglasses, thus creating the Frogskins Mix.

And finally, we have, the Frogskins alternative fit, so these glasses were made to fit, especially on Asian Features more comfortably, they tend to have raised apple of the cheeks and a higher nose bridge. So, Oakley kept in mind to fit the requirement of their Asian customer base and therefore modified these Frogskin sunglasses to have a higher nose bridge in their sunglasses compared to their original designs. 

My Review of Oakley Frogskin Sunglasses

These sunglasses are still quite aesthetic, beside them being created back in the 1980s, these sunglasses give you more of a vintage vibe to your look. 

They provide you the comfort and are quite flexible when it comes to their material because of the lightweight O-matter present.

And of course, when it comes to Oakley, they do not miss when they make the best sunglasses, with the best type of polarised lenses, that prevent UVA and UVB rays ensuring that your eyes are well protected from the harmful sun rays. 

What attracts me the most is that they even have a colorless frame feature to the Frogskins, which really adds some spice to the sunglasses, rather than the monotonous opaque colors that we always notice. 

oakley frogskin colorless frame

Another unique feature of the Forgksin sunglasses is the way they can hold up under perspiration conditions, when you sweat, glasses tend to slip from your face. The unobtainium material present in the Frogskins helps you to keep those glasses on your face all day long without the chance of it slipping off. 

My Final Verdict 

So my final thoughts are, Oakley Frogskins are just a wonderful pair of sunglasses that you can own. They are amazingly catered to your satisfaction. 

And, Oakley makes sure to deliver that satisfaction to its entire worldwide customer base, by adjusting tiny details to fit everyone. 

The unobtainium, the O matter, all these details, leave you with sunglasses that are just perfect for any mood or occasion. Moreover, these glasses come in various colors and frames, plus you can always customize your lenses from the wide range of options that Oakley provides. 

And if you are the type, who is just enthusiastic about outdoor activities, or just has a much more active lifestyle compared to most. Pick the Oakley Frogskins for your next hiking, fishing, or boating trip, because you’d definitely not regret buying a pair of these sunglasses. 

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So, what are you waiting for, your next splurge should definitely be on the Oakley Frogskins or any of the other ones suggested above, because all of these, are for sure great pairs of sunglasses worth investing in.

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