Oakley Fuel Cell vs Gascan: A Head-to-Head Comparison

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Hey Folks! Want to buy Gascan, yet you are also attracted to Fuel Cell, right?

Confused between the two majestic Oakley products, right?

Don’t worry, I’m here to save you. Let’s revise it to you how Oakley Gascan and Fuel Cell are from the same mother but two different species. Read on to find out!


Oakley Gascan and Fuel Cell both sunglasses look quite similar, but they’re different. However, Gascan is more popular than Fuel Cell. If we talk about the differences, Fuel Cell has a slightly wider frame size. Along with that, the Fuel Cell has flat lenses as compared to the Gascan’s curved lenses. There is also a difference in the bridge, the Gascan has a thinner bridge as compared to the Fuel Cell’s bridge. There are also a few more minor differences, but you can say that Oakley Gascan is good for small to medium-sized faces, while Fuel Cell is good for large faces.
If you take a look at Oakley Gascan and Oakley Fel Cell, you may not see them any different, but they’re different.
So, according to me, Oakley Gascan is better for women and small to medium-sized men, generally for most people, while Fuel Cell is better for men with large faces.
You can take a look at my personal favorite Oakley Gascan with Prizm Deep Water lenses, and see if they’re good for you. In Fuel Cell, I really liked their Fuel Cell sunglasses with Prizm Ruby lenses.

Oakley Gascan

If you’re an eyewear enthusiast, it’s impossible to think that you won’t know about Oakley. Oakley is an eyewear giant based in America since the 1970s. 

The Oakley Gascan is one of the most iconic styles from the huge array of Oakley’s collections. It is very popular among athletes and outdoor enthusiasts and is known for its distinctive design and high-performance features. 

Oakley Fuel Cell

Fuel Cell is another absolutely popular model from Oakley known for its bold and distinctive design. 

This model is favored by those seeking a stylish and robust pair of sunglasses for both active pursuits and everyday wear. The sunglasses feature Oakley’s High Definition Optics technology, ensuring excellent optical clarity and visual performance. 

Oakley Gascan vs Fuel Cell 

The Oakley Gascan and Fuel Cell sunglasses have both gained considerable popularity among users. Despite sharing the same parent brand and maintaining similar quality standards, the Gascan and Fuel Cell sunglasses have distinct differences that distinguish them from one another. 

Their Design

The Gascan has the classic Wrap-Around design while the Fuel Cell looks similar to Gascan but has a wider frame size and is not a wrap-around model. 

The Gascan has a slightly smaller frame size compared to the Fuel Cell, making it a better fit for individuals with smaller or medium-sized faces. The Fuel Cell, with its larger frame, may suit those with larger faces or those who prefer an oversized sunglass style. 

Since Wrap-Arounds are a big yes for the sportspeople and the athletes, Gascans provide a sportier look and performance. Fuel Cell gives an edgy and bold look. 

Not an athlete on this side, but I definitely find Gascan cooler than Fuel Cells!

Lens Shape

The Gascan lenses are curved and wrap around the face, providing a wider field of view and enhanced peripheral vision. The Fuel Cell has flat lenses with squared edges, offering a different visual appearance. 

A curved lens offers a wraparound effect that enhances peripheral vision and reduces distortion. In contrast, a flat lens provides a more traditional look and maintains optical clarity. The Gascan, which has a wide lens, covers your eyes properly and protects them from dust and other harmful materials whereas Fuel Cell has an average lens which might not do so.

Materials Used In The Making

Most sunglasses frames of Oakley are either made from acetate or its proprietary material, O Matter. The lenses too are mostly made from Plutonite. And that goes the same for Gascan and Fuel Cells as well.

The frames of Oakley Gascans are typically made from O Matter, a lightweight and durable synthetic material. O Matter is known for its resistance to stress, impact, and temperature fluctuations, making it ideal for active lifestyles. Its lenses are equipped with Oakley’s High Definition Optics (HDO) technology, which ensures optical clarity, sharpness, and accurate vision. The lenses are made from Plutonite, a material that offers exceptional protection against harmful UV rays and impact resistance.

The frames of the Fuel Cell are also constructed from Oakley’s proprietary material called O Matter. It provides a comfortable fit and helps the sunglasses withstand various outdoor activities. The lenses of the Fuel Cell are also made from Oakley’s patented lens material called Plutonite. 

Fit and Comfort

As I already mentioned, Gascans are more apt for small or medium-sized faces, and the Fuel Cells are meant for people who have larger faces. But they offer frames in different sizes according to the user’s needs.

Both Gascan and Fuel Cell follow the three-point fit system, which helps distribute pressure evenly and provides a comfortable fit. 


Both the Gascan and the Fuel Cell might have just a few $10-$20 differences. That’s all. They are priced at the same level and will cost you more than $100 depending on the model you choose. 

The exact price is different, and it’s because of the frame & lenses. For example, if you take a look at Gascan’s American Heritage and Gascan’s USA Icon, there is a big difference in price, but overall both are the same. The same thing happens with Fuel Cell Deep Water and Fuel Cell USA Flag Icon.

Final Thoughts

Both the Oakley Gascan and Fuel Cell sunglasses are excellent choices, and the decision ultimately depends on personal preferences and specific needs.

If you are sporty and engage in outdoor activities frequently, the Gascan would be a suitable option. Its wraparound design, lightweight frame, and enhanced peripheral vision make it well-suited for active individuals seeking optimal performance.

On the other hand, if you are seeking sunglasses primarily for style elevation, spending a day at the beach, or for driving purposes, both the Gascan and Fuel Cell can be considered. The Fuel Cell’s bolder frame and larger size can make a fashion-forward statement while providing necessary eye protection. It offers a blend of style and functionality for those seeking versatility in various settings.

I prefer the Oakley Gascan more, being a non-sporty type, because the classic wrap-around design molded into a smaller frame just looks very cool to me! But, Oakley Fuell Cell can also great choice for you.

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So I hope I cleared it for you, now you can decide what’s more your type. Is it Gascan? Or is it a Fuel Cell?

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