Neven Eyewear vs Blenders Eyewear (A Simple Comparison)

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Neven Eyewear

Neven eyewear

Neven Eyewear is a Florida-based eyewear brand founded by Khoi and Jon. With a dedication to customer satisfaction and a mission to provide exceptional eyewear, Neven has quickly gained recognition in the industry. Their extensive range of designs caters to customers of diverse preferences and tastes.

From classic and timeless frames to bold and contemporary styles, Neven Eyewear offers something for everyone. Their commitment to quality is evident in their use of premium materials such as acetate, stainless steel, and titanium. Each frame is meticulously crafted to ensure both style and durability.

Neven Eyewear stands out with its emphasis on innovation and functionality. Their designs incorporate advanced features like polarized lenses for reduced glare, UV400 protection for optimal eye safety, and oleophobic coatings to repel fingerprints and smudges. Additionally, their eyewear is designed to withstand saltwater environments, making them ideal for beachgoers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Beyond its diverse design offerings, Neven Eyewear takes pride in its commitment to customer customization. They provide options for personalization, including frame colors, lens tints, and even engraving, allowing customers to create a unique and personalized eyewear experience.

With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, Neven Eyewear exceeds expectations. Their dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and style has garnered a loyal following of individuals seeking eyewear that combines fashion, functionality, and affordability. Now if you are looking for a great, single-handed Neven glasses review, then well check this out!

Blenders Eyewear

Blenders or Neven eyewear?

Blenders Eyewear is a popular eyewear brand known for its vibrant and adventurous approach to fashion. Founded in San Diego, California, by Chase Fisher in 2012, Blenders Eyewear has rapidly gained a strong following and has become a recognized name in the industry.

Blenders Eyewear stands out with its unique and bold designs. They offer a wide range of eyewear styles that embrace vibrant colors, trendy patterns, and eye-catching aesthetics. From classic aviators to sporty wraparound frames and stylish cat-eye designs, Blenders Eyewear caters to a diverse range of fashion preferences.

One of the defining characteristics of Blenders Eyewear is its focus on creating an active and adventurous lifestyle brand. Their sunglasses are designed to withstand the demands of an active lifestyle, whether it’s hitting the beach, exploring the outdoors, or enjoying urban adventures. Blenders Eyewear emphasizes durability and functionality without compromising on style.

In addition to their striking designs, Blenders Eyewear places an emphasis on quality and affordability. They use high-quality materials to ensure that their eyewear is built to last, while still offering accessible price points for customers.

Blenders Eyewear has also made a name for itself through collaborations with influencers, athletes, and artists, creating limited-edition collections that combine their distinctive designs with the creative vision of these collaborators.

With its vibrant and adventurous approach, Blenders Eyewear has gained a loyal customer base that appreciates its unique style, durability, and affordable pricing. Whether you’re looking to make a fashion statement or seeking eyewear that can keep up with your active lifestyle, Blenders Eyewear offers a wide selection of sunglasses that fuse style and functionality in an exciting way. Blender’s eyewear in general is just remarkable and I know I’ve spoken a lot about them already. But, if you want a detailed review, something that I have tested well then, I have a perfect review of the Blenders eyewear.

Comparison of Neven Eyewear and Blenders Eyewear

Both Blenders Eyewear and Neven Eyewear are exceptional brands with a strong market presence. Comparing them can be challenging due to their individuality and unique offerings. However, since they’re competitors let’s see who is playing the game better. 

Blenders Caters To Athletes, Neven Caters To All

Blenders Eyewear and Neven Eyewear cater to different segments within the eyewear market, each with a distinct product range. Blenders Eyewear focuses on meeting the needs of athletes and individuals with an active lifestyle, offering sunglasses designed for outdoor activities, sports, and adventurous pursuits. Their product range may include specialized features and technologies to enhance performance and durability. It is needless to say that the target audience of the Blenders is the athlete community. 

In contrast, Neven Eyewear targets a broader audience seeking sunglasses for everyday use, vacations, parties, and fashion-forward occasions. Their product range may encompass a wider variety of styles and designs, emphasizing style, versatility, and personal expression. Both brands excel in their respective areas, providing unique offerings to meet the diverse needs and preferences of their target audiences.

Speaking about athletics have you ever considered getting a snow google from blenders, they are absolutely stunning and somehow, I got my hands on them and got a chance to give you a review of the Blenders snow googles and how great they are! Check them out, I’m sure you wouldn’t be disappointed with its features.

Blenders Has A Design Variety, While Neven Has Diverse Models

Blenders eyewear review

Both Blenders Eyewear and Neven Eyewear offer products with similar styles and designs, showcasing their commitment to fashion-forward eyewear. However, where they differ is in the variety of models available. 

Blenders Eyewear is known for its extensive range of designs, encompassing a wide selection of styles and trends to suit different preferences. On the other hand, Neven Eyewear takes the lead in terms of variety, offering a diverse array of models that cater to various fashion sensibilities. Neven’s extensive selection allows customers to find the perfect eyewear that aligns with their personal style and individuality.

Thus whenever we talk about the variety of models available, I will always point toward the Neven Eyewear. 

Blenders Takes The Lead In Price Quotient

Both Blenders Eyewear and Neven Eyewear aim to cater to the average middle-class audience, striving to make their products accessible to a wide range of people. However, when it comes to affordability, Blenders Eyewear takes the lead. With its product price range starting from a lower price point of a mere less than $50, Blenders offers options that are budget-friendly. 

Neven Sunglasses Price

On the other hand, Neven Eyewear maintains a consistent pricing strategy, with all their sunglasses priced around $75. This uniform pricing allows customers to choose any design, style, or model without worrying about price variations. Regardless of the design, Neven Eyewear offers a constant price point for its sunglasses.

Both Brands Excel In Quality Quotient

Both Blenders Eyewear and Neven Eyewear are renowned for their commitment to product quality. Both brands prioritize the use of advanced lens technologies to ensure the safety and protection of the eyes. Blenders Eyewear, being a brand with a sports-oriented focus, particularly emphasizes performance-driven features in its sunglasses. 

On the other hand, Neven Eyewear excels in providing functional sunglasses for everyday use, highlighting style, comfort, and versatility. While Blenders Eyewear may have a specific emphasis on athletic pursuits, Neven Eyewear still delivers exceptional quality in eyewear suitable for a wide range of daily activities, ensuring the eyes are both stylishly and effectively protected.


Blenders Eyewear offers a warranty period of 2 years, subject to specific terms and conditions. On the other hand, Neven Eyewear provides a unique warranty approach. In the event of misplacing or breaking their glasses, customers have the opportunity to purchase the same or a different model from Neven at a significantly reduced price, ranging from $10 to $25. 

Neven eyewear Warranty

This distinctive warranty offering from Neven is designed to attract buyers by providing an affordable solution in case of accidental loss or damage, ensuring customers can continue enjoying their eyewear without a significant financial burden.

Blenders Is More Popular

Blenders eyewear on Instagram

Blenders have a following of 1M + on Facebook, 612K + followers on Instagram, and 11K + on Twitter. Neven has a following of 8K + on Facebook, 46K + on Instagram, and 50 on Twitter.

It is very evident that Blenders is more popular. 

Which One Is Better?

Both Blenders and Neven Eyewear excel in their respective areas, but if I had to choose one, I would lean towards Blenders. I am not an athletic person, let me clear that for you, but what attracts me to Blenders is their versatility and excellence in both performance-based and non-performance-based sunglasses. Blenders offers sunglasses that are suitable for various occasions, whether it’s a casual gathering, driving, clubbing, or a date night. Their wide range of styles is flawlessly designed, catering to different tastes and preferences.

Blenders Eyewear provides the perfect solution for my lifestyle, allowing me to effortlessly transition from one setting to another while looking stylish. Their sunglasses are not limited to any specific activity or purpose, making them ideal for everyday wear. With their impeccable designs, Blenders ensures that I can confidently wear their sunglasses to any event or outing, knowing that they will complement my attire and make a fashionable statement.

Blenders Eyewear truly seems to have it all, offering a comprehensive selection that caters to various occasions and personal styles. And also, Blenders is a bit cheaper than Neven and still offers style and performance together, I don’t really have anything against it!

Blenders Sundance Hit Mixtape


I have my conclusion in my hands. But you are free to choose your conclusion. Both Neven Eyewear and Blenders Eyewear are suitable for certain occasions as a common thread, but for guaranteed performance always go to Blenders. 

Here are some of my recommendations from both eyewear brands, feel free to check them out. Having a look at the designs yourselves is a much better choice while shopping for a product, isn’t it?

From the Neven, I have my eyes on Spirit The Cape, Rip Tide IHB, and Slay After Hours. These three seemed the most unique ones in the collection for me. 

And from Blenders we have Zero Gravity Shadow, Sundance Hit Mixtape, and the all-time favorite piece of mine, Sage Master A Series

So, my friends, we are at the end of this article. Choose your conclusion wisely and take references from this piece of information I have provided. Happy Shopping!

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