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Neven Eyewear

Neven Eyewear

Neven Eyewear, a Florida-based eyewear brand, was founded by Khoi and Jon with a vision that goes beyond just fashion and style. The name “Neven” holds a profound meaning, representing the phrase “never odd or even.” Inspired by this palindrome, the brand seeks to provide products that embody a perfect balance and symmetry, ensuring a seamless fusion of form and function.

Neven Eyewear has gained recognition for its wide-ranging collection of eyewear, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. Whether you’re looking for classic designs that exude timeless elegance or bold and contemporary styles that make a statement, Neven Eyewear has something for everyone. Their extensive product line encompasses sunglasses and prescription eyewear, each meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and style.

One of the standout aspects of Neven Eyewear is their commitment to offering remarkable value to their customers. Despite their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, their products are surprisingly affordable, making luxury eyewear accessible to a wider audience. Neven Eyewear believes that everyone deserves to experience the joy of owning eyewear that not only enhances their vision but also elevates their personal style.

But affordability doesn’t mean compromising on features or performance. Neven Eyewear goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional products that surpass expectations. From advanced lens technologies that provide unparalleled clarity and UV protection to lightweight frames that ensure all-day comfort, their eyewear is designed to exceed the demands of modern life. With a passion for innovation and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Neven Eyewear has quickly garnered a reputation for excellence within the eyewear industry. 

The Ample Design Varieties Offered By Neven 

Neven Glasses

Neven Eyewear provides a wide range of designs to cater to all types of customers, prioritizing customer satisfaction as a paramount concern. They offer various styles in their sunglasses that are going to blow your mind thinking about the final choice to make. And honestly, when you can’t decide on which design  to get for yourself because you like all of them, we all know that the brand has done its job perfectly! 

Neven Eyewear offers many designs like the Aviator, Wrap-around, Cat Eyes, Round, etc… But don’t start assuming things because you’ll be blown away when you see the collection. The wrap-arounds are not your usual wrap-arounds. The Neven touch to these designs makes them an altogether new style on its own! 

Speaking about ample designs, have you even checked what Blenders offers. Well, snow goggles from Blenders are literally worth paying for everything, no seriously! Don’t believe me? Then check it out yourself!

Some of my favorites from the Neven are the IHB which can be called as Neven’s own Rectangular glasses, the Hudson which is a prototype of the Aviator glasses, the Doc Robbins, and the Penny

The Price Is Going To Shock You

Neven Sunglasses

Neven Eyewear is quite a new brand so it’s natural that the price will be low. But, there’s a twist in this case! All the products, all the styles, and all the models under Neven are priced in the same range. All pairs cost you around $75. $75 is all you need to have quality sunglasses in your hands! It is amazing, you’ll have to agree.

Brand Outlets

Neven Eyewear doesn’t have any walk-in stores yet, till now they only market through the retailers and their official website. You can find their sunglasses in any store nearby your place, but their reliability is questionable. Thus, it is much recommended that you use the website to order their products. 

Warranty and Return Policies

Here, you’re going to learn something new. The Neven’s new and creative Everlast Warranty policy that gives wings to your product. According to this policy, if you happen to have lost your glasses somehow or broke them, you can pay a nominal fee to get your glasses replaced. Same model, in the same color. Never in my life have I heard a warranty as distinct as this one! 

You can also generate a return or exchange your product, but trust me, you are not going to need it. 

Their Social Media Presence

Neven Eyewear on Instagram

Neven Eyewear has 8K + followers on Facebook, 45K + on Instagram, and less than 50 followers on Twitter. Looking at this we can guess that the main bunch of Neven’s customers come from Instagram. Their product marketing in instagram is also very unique and thus eye catchy. 

My Review Of Neven Eyewear 

The Neven sunglasses are admirable on multiple levels. From their captivating designs to their extensive range of models in their flavor, this brand has successfully catered to my preference for stylish sunglasses. The unique and diverse selection of frames offered by Neven truly sets them apart. It’s rare to see a brand showcasing their commitment to innovation and individuality.

Neven’s marketing strategy is remarkable and strikes a chord with the present generation who can be mostly seen in Instagram, they are the primary target audience. The brand understands the pulse of this generation, effectively connecting with them through their marketing campaigns. 

One of the most remarkable aspects of Neven is its extensive collection of models and styles. It is nearly impossible not to find at least one design that appeals to your taste. The brand’s ability to cater to a wide range of preferences showcases its versatility and inclusivity.

Moreover, Neven’s sunglasses not only excel in style but also deliver exceptional performance. Their eyewear provides 100% functionality, ensuring optimal protection against the sun’s rays, wind, and debris. They are salt-water resistant, and have an oleophobic coating making them smudge-proof. The fact that Neven manages to achieve this while offering its sunglasses at an affordable price point is truly remarkable. I know Neven right now owns the stage in your eyes, but if you were to consider Blender’s eyewear, would you choose the Blenders Pure blend or Polarized version? I mean it’s a sort of something that you’d at least think about right? Well, then this review is made for you, so go ahead and check it out!

Adding to its impressive offerings, Neven also provides an everlast warranty card. We already know how creative and unique this move of Neven is. This commitment to taking full responsibility for its production speaks volumes about its integrity as a brand. It instills a sense of trust and reliability, knowing that Neven stands behind its products and is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction in the long run. Such a level of commitment and accountability has earned my utmost respect.

In conclusion, Neven sunglasses have won me over completely. With an affordable price tag and unbeatable performance, Neven ensures that every wearer gets the best of both worlds. 

Neven Eyewear

Coming to my favourite part, there are quite a number of models that I’d like to recommend to y’all shopaholics. Starting with this Magic Hudson, a very distinct model from Neven’s Aviator collection. This was definitely my favorite. Even if not a Pink fan, this pink is really standing out giving the chic feeling I long for! If you’re an aviator enthusiast like I am, then these models are definitely for you; Mavs Hudson, and H2O Hudson

If you’re an aspiring athlete, who needs sunglasses and is saving up to buy them, Neven has the perfect collection for you as well! CJ Legend. This model stood out the most for me and not just in appearance, this also provides an A-level performance. Try it out if you don’t believe me!

For the party people who are made for the dance floors in clubs, this is for you! Quinn Zoe, Fifth Ave Highland, and the Boardwalk Venice. There’s no way you won’t steal glances from strangers after wearing this. 

Oh, perhaps you must have read my other articles and saw that even blenders are a worthy choice as well, but you are confused about whether to invest in it or not. Well, you can always check some of the customer reviews of Blenders sunglasses and see if they meet your standards.

I hope you are satisfied with this review and it managed to fulfill your satisfaction. And if not, then Neven is sure to satisfy you my friends! Happy shopping. 

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