Blenders Sunglasses Review: My Personal Experience

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So, you’re looking for a review of Blenders Eyewear sunglasses, and without wasting your time, let me tell you, I have used Shady Rays, Knockaround, Ray-Ban, and a few other brands, but Blenders Eyewear is my favorite sunglasses brand.

They’re stylish, durable, polarized, and affordable at the same time.

If you have not purchased Blenders sunglasses before, just give it a try, you’ll not regret it, I promise.

Even, I guarantee that in the future, you’ll buy more sunglasses from them. For example, I recently ordered Gemstone Gal sunglasses for my sister, and I’m sure, now my sister will definitely purchase from Blenders Eyewear.

If you look at the review of Blenders sunglasses by the customers, you’ll rarely see any 3-star or 4-star reviews, almost all of their customers give them 5-star reviews because they’re extremely happy with their sunglasses.

Take a look at Rose Theater Sunglasses, this is very popular among women. And, look at Black Tundra, popular among men. If you look at the reviews, you’ll see the actual photos of people who bought these sunglasses, and they’re so happy with the purchase that they shared their photos.

These are normal people, like you and me, who all look good with their sunglasses.

If you need sunglasses for a gentleman, check these sunglasses, however, if you need sunglasses for women, take a look at these sunglasses.

You can also buy active lifestyle & sports sunglasses that are good for surfing, beach volleyball, baseball, running, and more.

That was a quick summary, if you’re ready to read a long article, let’s go.

About Blenders Eyewear 

Blenders Eyewear Store Experience

Starting at just $2000, today Blenders Eyewear sits at the cusp of a 90 million dollar business. It all began with the founder selling sunglasses out of his backpack on the beaches of California.

With a single and straightforward style, eventually, the brand made a name for itself in almost all types of Eyewear: polarized and non-polarised, prescription and non-prescription, and all other contradictory styles.

The popularity of Blenders rests upon their vow to provide a Middle ground that sports amazing quality and is quite affordable, midway between the 5 dollars shades from stalls and 150 dollars Eyewear from renowned brands. The past decade has seen nothing but an advancement of the brand that has made it more popular and reachable. 

Blenders Eyewear Customer Service, Warranty, and Returns

The connection of the company to its customers is quite easygoing. Firstly, the shipping of orders usually takes 2 working business days. And once the shipment is done, you are also allowed easy and free returns if you want.

Though the free-of-cost return policy is valid for 45 days from purchase only in case of a US address. Internationally though, the return shipping comes with a separate cost. Also, apparel without tags may not be eligible for returns.

Usually, it takes 2 working days to be processed and you can expect the amount to be refunded to your account in the next 7 days or so. And in the case of international shipping, your refund will only include the price paid for the glasses sans the shipping charges!

Ideally, the Blenders eyewear sunglasses provide you with a warranty of lifetime which translates into the lifetime of the goggles which is 3 seasons.

Most of the customer service for the Blenders sunglasses may be found in the frequently asked questions section. If that doesn’t answer your query you can clear out by asking or mailing them, preferably with your order number. Otherwise, they can be reached on the phone numbers displayed on the website.

Sunglasses In All Shapes, Colors, And Lens

My personal blenders review

Talking about the shape of sunglasses is quite a significant feature that you should be concerned about. The reason is in many cases it is the shape of the sunglasses that accentuates those beautiful sleek angles of your face. Whatever your face shape and size, blenders are there to deliver the appropriate goggles.

For instance, if you have round faces then you might want to go for goggles that have rectangular and shield frames ( probably models of Street Liner, Lion Heart, Tiger Beach, etc). If you have a square face with a strong jawline then you might want to opt for goggles with rounded frames (like Diamond Mint, Moonshine Lily, Atlantis Rose, etc). 

Oval faces are the most convenient where you can practically rock most shapes of goggles from cat eyes to small eye types (like models of Blueberry Shine, Kona Kai, Yankee Rose, etc). Aviators are your best bet if you have a heart-shaped face (which includes models like Iron Lily, Magic Roy, Sparkling Gem, etc).

While the shape of the goggles is more or less dependent on what kind of face you have, the color and lens types are usually dependent on what type of goggles you require. Because the color of the goggles varies with the type of required VLT percentage. Blenders have a variety of these VLTs that give you a rather colorful and convenient platter you choose from.

The lens of the Blender’s eyewear can be polarized as well as non-polarised. They also have the Blenders prescription that is specially curated to meet your eyes’ needs. It corrects vision and thus helps in both ways if you have near or far-sightedness.

Each of them has its color and coating that provides a lot of choices for the customers. Popular lens colors include amber, pink, blue, champagne, and silver. While the colors in most Cases are for style many times it is also what is required.

Hi-Index lenses, clear lenses, and colored lenses are some of the popular types of lenses.

Blenders Eyewear Review

There are thousands of great reviews from the customers in their website and, to be very honest, my Blenders sunglasses review is no different from theirs! The glasses are just extremely authentic and excellent in terms of its price range. Talking about my experience with these glasses, I have used Blenders Sunglasses on many occasions and have even gifted them to my friends. Overall, I am quite happy with these sunglasses.

They fit amazingly, and you also look amazing at the same time. Recently, I gifted ‘Gemstone Gal‘ Sunglasses to my sister.

If I have to pick one pair of sunglasses, then it can be a difficult task because they have so many good-looking sunglasses. However, I’ll go with Crystal Orb because their design looks unique to me.

Blenders Eyewear Review

Design Of Sunglasses 

As we have discussed earlier, Blenders pay particular attention to the shape of the sunglasses to make them appropriate to the shape of your face.

Some of the shapes include the ever-popular aviators with wider tops that are great options if you have a heart-shaped face, cat-eye goggles that are an aid to women with oval faces, oversized goggles that your face that extra funky style, round and square designs that tend to go with most all face shapes.

There are also the small, designed goggles that make up for different styles and also the wraparound goggles with usually neon colors that mold to the entirety of the face around the eyes! Speaking of wraparound goggles, if you are looking for a great snow googles, then check out the Blenders snow googles review and check out if they match your tastes!

Material Quality 

This is one thing that I have found out, where Blenders just plain refuse to compromise. Like other branded sunglasses, Blenders too use polycarbonate to manufacture their lenses and frames. Polycarbonate is a material that is known for its durable unbreakable plastic nature. And the polycarbonate material used by Blenders is not just a testing material of plastic that you see in toys. It is real durable plastic.

As you know that blenders intend to be that middle ground where you may find sunglasses that are rugged enough to be daily use but are affordable as well. Getting the right quality and with most of the glasses being UV resistant, Blenders sunglasses indeed are a great choice.

Value For Money 

At the risk of repeating myself, I would like to reiterate that the aim of the company at its initial phase was to bring forward sunglasses that are better than rapidly disposable gas station ones as well as cheaper than the 150 dollars or 200 dollars of goggles sold at branded stores. Blender’s cost lies somewhere in the middle.

And talking about the value for money, that is more or less taken care of by the service provided, the material used, durability, and the sheer number of varieties available.

Customer Service

I think that Blenders is one of those brands that take communication with customers very seriously. After all, it is only by meeting the wants and needs of the customers that a business has any chance of surviving, let alone thriving. And Blenders Sunglasses has hit the pulsing point of customer service with their policies.

Firstly the most generic questions are answered in the FAQs section and the ones which are not can be cleared with a personal email. They are also available on a couple of phone numbers displayed on the website. Plus the shipping and easy and free return policies also make Blenders an amazingly customer-friendly company to deal with.


This is another of those fields where you can hardly beat the blender’s sunglasses. With its sheer number of varieties beginning with multiple shapes with variable colors, they are available for different types of activities also (everyday use, active use cycling, surfing, as accessories, etc). They are also designed differently for men and women and even unisex goggles. 

Apart from that Blenders Sunglasses also are sold in polarized and non-polarised designs as well as prescription and non-prescription designs. Additionally, with the variable VLTs, you have quite several varieties of blender sunglasses on your hands.


I understand that it is important to know how Blenders Eyewear deals with complaints. First of all, they have a dedicated page for contacting them. If you have any complaints, you can just contact them via their contact page, and they’ll try their best to solve the issue.

Best Blenders Sunglasses

Rose Theatre Sunglasses 

Blenders Rose Theater Review

Okay, so I know gender norms dictate that pink is only reserved for girls and it is irrevocably a feminine color. But imagine this color being tinged with splashes of gold giving you a rare flash of pink gold. Now, this is not only soft and girly but cute and quirky as well.

Wearing this you’ll find the environment reflected on your glasses in a golden-ish pink hue. It not only shades your eyes from the bright sunlight but also protects them from UV rays. With the pinkish glasses, it sports a black matte frame that adds to the factor of light but flash. 

Like other Blenders Eyewear, it is made of polycarbonate and has a polarized Rose mirrored lens that adds to the further functioning of the sunglasses.

Black Tundra

Blenders Black Tundra Review

With an all-black interior, exteriors, and every available surface you’d think this is just a basic and complete bore. But that’s not all it is. These black shades could very well be labeled as aesthetics easily becoming the most popular Blenders sunglasses.

The best thing I like about this is the sleekness of the frames are enhanced by the polarized smoke lenses. If you are going for stealth or for that ultimate spy look, this is it. With an active vibe going on, it provides you with 100% UV protection!

It is best effective in all your outdoor jaunts when the sun is at its peak. A shadowed environment that gives you a mysterious feel of your surroundings. Meant generally for men, I think anyone can use it though!

Pacific Grace

Pacific Grace Review

This is again one of my personal favorites. The coloring of its sports makes it a package wrapped in style and regality. It is not something very flashy but the subtleness with which it accentuates your face and looks and strives to stand out among the crowd makes it a strong heir to the blend-out motto of Blenders eyewear.

With the slightly pink-tinged lenses, you’d think the world would look pink. Indeed, not. Rather it takes on a shaded vision that outwardly gives a dazzling reflection on your face, all thanks to the polarized pink mirrored lens color that gives it such a genius look.

Included in the category of lifestyle vibe it offers a fit of medium to large and for added comfort, it filters away the amount of light impact on your eyes! It is also 100% UV protected and has a spring-loaded hinge and a crystal blue-gray glossed frame.

Spider Jet

Review of Blenders Sunglasses

Well, this is a pair of unisex sunglasses that takes the appeal of aviators to another level. Albeit black is the most basic, conventional, and traditional shade for…shades. But when this same black is coupled and manufactured with a design so sleek, that completely gels with your all-black monochromatic look, then it’s something you just cannot afford to miss out on.

This jet-black gem is a little different from the others because it is so simple. The lens color is polarized smoke with the frames being either matte black stainless steel or High nickel silver. Personally saying, both these frames sport their versions of smokiness separately!

Vibing with the category of lifestyle it is 100% UV protected with a fit of medium to large.

Nocturnal Q X2 

Unisex sunglasses review of Blenders Eyewear

From being one of the flashiest shades out there, the Nocturnal Q X2 of the Blenders Eclipse series doesn’t compromise on the quality of the material nor is it too loud to be tolerated. It uses the same materials as the other Blenders eyewear and the hot pink sunglasses give you the required edge to match your expressive personality!

The lens color is a polarized hot pink mirrored and it sports a teal frame that provides the perfect contrast when put on the face. It too provides 100% UV protection, medium to large fits, and has a lifestyle vibe going on. Being designed to be unisex, it can be worn by all and not missed by any!

By the way, let me tell you that the subtle striped design you’re seeing at the temple of the sunglasses is not a design. It is the Blender’s Eyewear logo. You see how discrete they are with their advertising skills!? Woah!

Are Blenders Sunglasses Good?

While the answer to this seemingly simple question could be quite subjective, I feel that whatever it is, they are worth the value. I mean, just think about it, with all the big brands, it is not every day you find quality sunglasses at affordable prices.

Yes, when you use them sparsely, and you take great care then it’s fine, but what about if you use them daily? Those times neither compromise on quality nor can you be obsessively careful with it.

I think Blenders solves this issue. It has all the traditional qualities of good sunglasses from UV protection to polarization to prescription glasses and without ever going back on its fashion statements. 

Are Blenders Sunglasses Polarized?

Most of the Blenders sunglasses are polarized, however, a few sunglasses are available in non-polarized lenses, while for some sunglasses you also get the freedom to pick polarized or non-polarized lenses. I think that’s great because a lot of people want non-polarized sunglasses, and getting freedom of choice is a big thing.

Is Blenders Eyewear Legit?

The legitimacy is not questionable. There is no doubt in it that Blenders are definitely legit in their construction and material usage. Also, all of their trendy, funky designs are a product of its own even if the main design might be made by the most.

Now, come on tell me. Which brand have not released its own collection of Aviators or Wayfarers by changing the name!? Almost everyone did.


In my humble opinion, Blenders Sunglasses are hands down one of the best out there. It has all the qualities that make sunglasses a useful thing to carry in your daily life.

It doesn’t matter if you use it under harsh sunlight or just as a shade to the glares on the peaks. Also, you might prefer the Knockaround sunglasses for different reasons, of course, but there might always be a small confusion as to what’s best Blenders or Knockaround, whatever it may be, invest in the one that will best suit you and your style!

All can be solved by Blenders with their variety. It’s a family pack!

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