Blenders Eyewear-Sunglasses Review 2022: Tried and Tested for You

Being under the sun is a sure-fire way to soak in all of the energy for a day of fun!

Without a doubt, you’ll get sunburn if you stay there for too long, though, and a pair of stinging eyeballs.

If you’re looking to take off one problem out of that equation (while you’re on a strict budget), then this review will surely enlighten you about the wonders of Blenders Sunglasses as they’re both affordable AND stylish!

Different Styles in Blenders Sunglasses

Blenders Sunglasses Review

Blenders strive for variety, as you can see from its many collections that range from lifestyle to sportswear.

Let’s go with sportswear first.

The features for this category are very distinct. You’ll notice at an instant that every style’s design here is a wraparound, which is perfect for people like you who have endless wanderlust and a thirst for adventure!

Prime examples for this are the collections Canyon, M Class X2, both the Eclipse and Eclipse X2, Mesa, and Full Speed.

To delve more into its wraparound design, this makes these collections built for much more brutal conditions when it goes for complete protection due to its more comprehensive coverage, along with a greater level of “grip-ability” to keep it from going anywhere.

Besides that, you don’t even know about the materials put into making these collections!

To enhance its durability, the Canyon’s frame construction is TR9O thermoplastic. So, while it’s durable, it’s also flexible when it contours the shape of your face and is lightweight!

Actually, with both the Eclipse Collections, their styles include adjustable, rubberized nose pads and temples to keep that level of “grip-ability” going.

As for the M Class X2, this is a different kind of beast when it throws in re-engineered spring-loaded hinges into the fray for a sturdier make in each of its styles.

To keep it simple, the eyewear for this category lives up to Blenders’ philosophy “Living in Forward Motion” without a shadow of a doubt.

Meanwhile, the category lifestyle puts a huge (and I mean HUGE) emphasis on “style.”

If you’re the kind of person that wants to leave a lasting impression on your fashion statement, then Blenders sunglasses are a match made in heaven for you!

Revolutionary is the word best fits Blenders as it keeps on creating and creating new styles and aesthetics that expand to everyone’s tastes. 

You can see on its website a couple of collections coming soon (Coastal and Mixtape) how Blenders insists on making eyewear that tops the older ones.

What’s more, is you really can’t call the older ones “, the older ones” with how Blenders has a talent for sticking to the trends while creating its very own trends the whole way through!

Look at the SciFi Collection. It probably gives you some vibes from the “Back to the Future” movie or any vintage medium that sees “futuristic” and thinks of neon, neon, and more neon.

But the SciFi Collection gives this idea to life from its single-lens style, neon colorways, and other color options from mystifying black to soft pastels.

Skyway, Empire, Meister, Millenia X2, Sydney, Halo, and so many more collections are available in Blenders that have a single goal in mind: to uplift whoever wears its sunglasses.

Eye-catching confidence, a striking boldness with the allure of being chic on top, is something everyone should enjoy once in a while.

You deserve to have (and give off) good vibes! 

Price vs. Quality

Irrespective of whatever brand you pick, no one can deny that sunglasses are usually expensive.

But if you’re an old customer from Blenders, then you should know about its mission by now. If you’re just hearing about it now, then welcome!

In Blenders, every piece of eyewear there, especially the sunglasses, doesn’t go beyond $70!

Pair this price with 100% UV protection, default polarization in every lens, and an option to add a prescription to it rolled into one, and it’s practically a steal at this point!

Shipping, Warranty, Returns

If you live in the US, then pat your lucky stars on the back because Blenders allow free shipping there for purchases over $50. Give your stars another pat as many of the Blenders sunglasses are above $50.

Returns are free as long as it’s within 45 days of purchasing it!

Here’s an important reminder, though: for items marked as final sale and free gifts or promotional items (with retail value), these are considered as non-refundable. 

And don’t you forget!

Features of Blenders Sunglasses

Blenders glasses

Polarized lenses and full UV protection

Are you a beachgoer or a tourist treating yourself to a vacay in the tropics while having sensitive eyes? 

Well, look no further as Blenders sunglasses are equipped with polarized lenses and 100% UV protection at default!

This way, you can enjoy the sun without risking your eyesight, which means double the fun!

Can be Prescription Lens

Okay, so picture this: you’re wearing a pair of these excellent Blenders sunnies and strutting your stuff—the usual.

Then, you trip on the pavement because you didn’t see that there’s a thing right by your foot that you completely missed.

Don’t worry, though. Besides offering you style, Blenders also gives you an option to add a prescription to your lenses!

That way, you’ll be able to see where you’re going AND look at your haters in the eye while you slay!

Many styles to Choose From

If you thought those collections mentioned earlier are a lot already, well, boy, do I have a surprise for you!

With how Blenders is keen on pursuing modernity and futurism in its designs, a plethora of styles await you in its selection.

Whether you are looking for perfect snow goggles or glasses for a fun day out, Blenders has you covered!

So, in a way, as Blenders brainstorms and experiments on many designs, you can experiment on your own as you take the time to visualize yourself wearing whatever pair of sunnies catches your eye!

Final Thoughts

Affordability and fashion go hand in hand with Blenders sunglasses.

Whether you’re on a budget or you have the money to splurge on, Blenders is one of the best choices out there for eyewear because, instead of spending over a hundred bucks on a single pair of sunglasses, you can get a couple more from Blenders!

And you can’t even tell the difference between a hundred-dollar fabulous Oakley and a fifty-dollar Blenders with how the latter promises exemplary quality that goes beyond its price!

This quality for eyewear is already so rare nowadays, so consider yourself lucky that you’re able to learn about it!

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