How To Do Korean Eye Makeup

Korean eye make-up is a magnificent look make-up and involves great skills and alluring style!

The allure of Korean eye makeup is its use of muted neutral or pastel colors. 

Korean cosmetics are well-known for their high quality and miraculous results in skincare, healthcare, and makeup. The most appealing aspect of Korean eye makeup is the natural appearance of the eyes. 

Their eye makeup is fantastic, and they use the best Korean eye makeup products. It’s amazing to see how inventive and artistic they can be just by looking at them. 

Here are some tips for Korean eye makeup.

What Exactly Is The Korean-Eye-Makeup Look?

While Korean eye makeup trends change all the time and everyone has their own makeup style, there are some makeup styles that remain popular and are widely accepted by Koreans. 

This typical Korean eye makeup look is all about using specific makeup techniques to achieve a look that is natural, youthful, and soft.

Korean eye makeup


Eye Shadow

If you’re familiar with K-dramas or K-celebs in general, you’ve probably noticed how simple Korean eye makeup is. When it comes to eyeshadow, Koreans prefer to keep it simple. For a natural Korean makeup look, they prefer subtle, neutral colors. 

Choose neutral colors that are close to your natural skin tone. Avoid bright reds and greens and instead opt for matte nude eyeshadow palettes.

Straight Eyebrows 

This type of makeup has no arch and is intended to make the brows appear sweet and youthful. Wrap the tops of your brows from the arch downwards with a thin layer of stick using a brush. Allow drying. 

Smear concealer over the top of the stick to coat the hairs. Mix and draw in the rest of the hair with an eyebrow powder or a pencil. To the greatest extent possible, combine concealer.

Doll Eyes 

Koreans, by default, have smaller eyes and are similar to Japanese and Chinese eyes, and this makeup creates the illusion of a larger, more defined eye shape, or else creates a doll effect to the eyes.

How to do korean eye makeup

Enlarged Eyes 

Another common feature of Korean eye makeup trends is the desire to make the eyes appear wider and larger. Whether you prefer puppy or cat eyeliners, extend your eyeshadows and liners to the outer corners of your eyes and apply darker shadow to the triangle zone at the outer corner of your lower lash line

This method will give your eyes more depth, creating the illusion of enlarged eyes.

Korean Eyeliner

Eyeliner is important in Korean eye makeup, but this is because Korean makeup is all about looking natural. Koreans prefer pencil liners because they give the eyes a more soft and natural appearance. 

Other liners, such as liquid and sketch liners, are, however, available in stores. The ‘puppy eye’ look, which is basically a little slanted towards the end of the eyes, is popular in Korea. 

Koreans, unlike the famous winged liner, tend to follow the shape of their eyes, which droop slightly at the corners. As a result, the eyes appear brighter and more defined.


Curling the eyelashes and applying mascara are the final steps in Korean eye makeup. Because Koreans have short and thin lashes, adding long, thicker, and darker lashes may overpower the look. 

The Koreans employ a technique to make their lashes appear naturally fuller. They draw the waterline of the lashes from below with a pencil liner. As a result, the lashes appear naturally fuller and thicker. 

It is best to use pencil liners for this process because they are smudge-proof when compared to liquid or gel liners. They frequently prefer lighter-colored lashes as well. Bottom lashes are also used by Koreans to make their eyes appear more appealing especially when you have hooded eyes.

Scotch Eye 

Normally, people who do not cover a lot of Asian eye lines, although in general, Koreans prefer plastic surgery to make the eye crease, and nothing we have set as role models. We rarely use scotches, also known as sola-tips, to create folds in our eyes.

Korean Eye Make-Up

Korean eye makeup is appropriate for all women, not just Koreans. It complements your eyes and gives you a very simple but stylish look. You can use this design if you’re going out to dinner with your friends after sunset or for more formal occasions.

Half Moon Eyeliner (Natural)

This is the best and easiest look for Koreans to pull off on a daily basis, and the result is stunning! 

To get an equal endpoint, start drawing eye lines from the outside inward. After drawing a straight line along the eyelid, thicken the eyeliner along the line and on the outer corner of the eye to create a super thick eye effect. 

Whoop! Your natural eyeliner look is complete!

Eyes With Teardrop

In the world of K-beauty, glitter makeup is very popular. Koreans, on the other hand, use it in a different way. They would rather have glitter at the bottom of their eyes. This gives their eyes a childlike, teary-eyed look. 

Apply regular black eyeliner to the outer corners of your lower lash line. Then, using a glitter eyeliner, line the inner corners of your lower lash line.

Final Words

Korean eye makeup is known for being both subtle and eye-catching. When working with the common Asian eye shape, hooded lids, this is the most flattering style to try. 

A sheer layer of eyeshadow and sometimes a hint of shimmer are used in this technique. Everything must appear natural and effortless. Follow the above methods to get perfect eyes in Korean style even when you have glasses on.

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