How to Wear Makeup with Glasses: Tips for Women

Whatever you say about it, doing one’s makeup is a form of art that is on a completely new level.

The foundations, the blushes, the contours—everything you use for makeup is your chisel to “sculpt” your face in any way you want it to look.

Of course, like any other artist, different mediums are available that tests your skills and have it set up as a challenge- one of which is glasses wearers.

Obviously, they’re not the usual bare-faced ladies who either have excellent eyesight or use contacts. 

Since glasses wearers already have something else (their glasses!) on their faces, it would be puzzling to figure out how to do makeup with your glasses on afterward?

Luckily for you, it’s already 2022, so there are a TON of solutions available as many women share the same plight that you have!

So keep reading to find some valuable tips on how to wear makeup with your glasses on.

Tips for Women

Pow It Up!

Do NOT use liquid foundation if you wear glasses with makeup!

Even though you have it set and dry up before putting on your glasses, the foundation WILL get smudged once you’ve put it on, ultimately wasting the time you’ve poured into perfecting your makeup.

Instead, use a powder foundation to keep it from getting ruined; have it pressed into your skin to make it light and compact.

If you don’t like how “dried up” it makes you look, then you could go with a water-based foundation since this allows you to apply it as lightly as possible without getting it all cakey and craked up.

Again, “water-based,” not “extra moisture.” Got it?

Also, be sure to even out your foundation and concealer! 

Include your under-eyes in your makeup sesh because now they could be highlighted by the shadows from your glasses even more, and those shadows will make you look a lot tired and weathered down.

And, well, that counters half the purpose of wearing makeup, isn’t it?

Have Your Eyes Go Pop!

Speaking of eyes, did you know that they tend to get highlighted more if you wear glasses?

Well, now you do!

Groom and fill out your brows to highlight your bone structure; however, don’t make it to matches your glasses!

Your glasses are replaceable; your bone structure isn’t! Funny how that works, right?

So, if you groom your brows to perfection and you still find that there’s something off once you wear glasses, maybe try replacing it with something else.

As it’s still considered an accessory by some, your glasses should flatter you, not the other way around!

Another thing: long lashes with hooded eyes? They have to sit this one out, girl.

Even without putting on any mascara, long lashes tend to be a hassle on your lenses as they sometimes leave smears against them. 

Now imagine what would happen if you apply inches-long mascara on them?

Other than leaving streaks on the lenses, putting anything on your lashes can be an uncomfortable experience as they have more chances of bending backward.

Sure, they might look aesthetically pleasing, but will you really give up your comfort over style? Think about it.

Too Much or Too Little?

When is it “too much” or “too little”?

Well, the joke’s on you; because that’s a trick question!

Kidding aside, though, this question technically doesn’t apply since everyone has different facial features- it’s one of the many things that make us unique, after all!

Of course, there will be some instances that “too much” has its downsides regarding this.

Such as putting too much foundation or concealer might make you look stiff because moving your face a lot can produce lines, especially when you frown or smile.

And if you want to keep your makeup in pristine condition, you don’t want this from happening, particularly when you’re wearing glasses because those lines will be highlighted even more!

While it’s true that your glasses do most of the work of hiding those dark bags beneath your eyes, it also gives it all the more reason to make your eyes pop, as mentioned before!

Even though falsies are out for the count, that doesn’t mean there are no other ways available to highlight your eyes.

Eye shadow’s right up there beside eyeliners to complete the rest of the eye makeup with glasses.

You could go for something bold like a smoky eye, or maybe put a nude base around the eyes to make them look much brighter and bigger since the bottom hides the fatigue well?

Be it bold or subtle—whatever you do should complement your features first and then your glasses!

You can also experiment with lighter applications before diving into it headfirst in order to know which screams “you” a lot more.


Matching, Matching!

Of course, cute makeup isn’t complete without a stunning lip color!

Anyway, just because your eyes are getting all the attention doesn’t mean your lips don’t deserve a piece of that action!

And you might’ve heard some say that the best way to get that attention is to have your lips be bright for the extra “wow!” factor, which is partly true, especially if you’re wearing glasses.

Bright as neon or dark as ink, all that matters is whatever color you use must complement the color of your frame.

If you’re playing safe, you could go ahead and use the same color as your frames if you want.

For a bit of challenge, try out different shades based on their color; for example, lavender glasses will go well with anything purple, that’s for sure.

Or you could branch out completely, as long they look good on your eyes, like a baby blue frame would look amazing with a pink lippie.

Just make sure your lip color completes the whole look you’re going for instead of stealing the entire show!

 Makeup with Glasses Tips

Final Thoughts

Some people do not prefer to wear glasses because of how “nerdy” it looks on them, so they try to hide that away to please their peers.

Although makeup may not be as critical or necessary as wearing glasses (especially prescription ones), there are ways o complement your glasses with it to look your best and feel confident even on your off days.

Because that’s what makeup is supposed to do: highlight your features and elevate your looks!

If anything, feeling good about yourself makes you far more attractive than any brand of makeup out there.

But, for now, you can be proud of stepping into new territory for a change of space, and hopefully, these tips can help you settle in with your glasses on!

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