How to look Cute in Glasses: Tips for Women

Wearing glasses can make one look smart, sassy, and neat at the same time. 

You might be a girl who wears glasses to protect your eyes from the computer screen, or your eyes might genuinely need assistance to look around, and wearing them can be a hassle, but all four eyes are essential to people!

 And you do want to look cute even while wearing your glasses, don’t you?

Then, ladies, this guide is for you! Keep reading to know more on how you can magnify your adorability in 2021 in your eyeglasses!

How to Look Good with Glasses

Eyeglasses can be pretty annoying at times, but you have to learn to love them because they will be your best friend every day.

But, how to look cute with your glasses on? Well, all you have to do is follow these simple tips:

Use Neat-Colored Eye Shadow

If you love wearing eye shadow, colorful ones may be hard to combine with your glasses. 

Your eyewear’s frame will only hinder the full view of the eyeshadow, and if it is an everyday look, go with the suitable subtle eyeshadows that you can wear the whole day. 

It would be best to stick with neutral color eyeshadows because it will emphasize the size of your eyes and make them look more natural under the glasses.

Avoid Long Winged Eyeliners

If you want to look pretty in glasses, you can only wear long-winged eyeliners on special occasions. 

A short-winged eyeliner will do best under the glasses, and it will also be okay if your eyeliner application has no wings. 

Wearing eyeliners under glasses can emphasize the beauty of your eyes, and you should make sure the line is just above the lash line, applied smoothly and proportionately. 

Remember, ladies, that eyeliner can significantly impact the eye shape: it can either make your eyes look smaller or more prominent and highlighted.

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Eyebrow Cleaning

Cleaning your brows has a significant effect on making you look beautiful with glasses.

Not only does this make you look neater, but it also allows you to maintain your eyebrow shape the way you want it to be. 

There are different ways to clean your brows: it can either be with eyebrow threading, waxing, by using a hair puller, or by using a razor blade to keep the eyebrow shape intact. 

Ensure to clean your brows at least once a month because this will contribute to making you look good with your glasses on.

Eyebrow Filling

To make your brows look more prominent, bushy, and thick, fill them by using either eyebrow pomade, pencil, or whatever eyebrow product is suitable for you. 

Do not apply too much, but just sufficient enough to make them look natural. 

Fill the gaps, the thin spots, and you can also create an eyebrow arc to make them look more fleek, but keep in mind that your brows must be natural-looking so that it won’t overpower your eyeshadow and glasses.

Blush On

Applying blush on your cheeks can instantly alter the face shape especially when you have high cheekbones, depending on where you put them on. 

When applying blush, avoid using them at the front part of your cheeks; instead, apply them at the side, slightly near the temples of your head but not aligned onto it. 

This way, your face will look slimmer and will emphasize your face shape.

Apply a small amount, adequate enough to make your face look natural and flawless.

How to look good in Glasses

Lip Color

If your glasses’ color is dark, you can wear bold colored lipstick, specifically a red one; if they are just your regular glasses, you can wear any lip color you want so long as they are good quality when applied to the lips.

Some lipsticks are hard to maintain, so only apply a lip color that you can manage to wear the whole day. 

For example, if you can’t manage to wear a red lippie the entire day, you might as well wear any other lip colors so long as they can match with your glasses and skin tone.

The Correct Hairdo

Here comes the most common and expected part of dealing with glasses every day: the hairdo.

Most women have their hair either short or long enough to tie them whenever they want. 

Some women also have boy-cut hair, and that is extremely fine! But do you know how to look good with glasses with that current hairstyle of yours?

Ensure that you always have a comb, a hair tie, and a small mirror with you.

If you have a hair length that is enough for you to tie them, ensure to tie them, especially if the weather is hot. 

You don’t want to see the sweat running down your face the whole day, and it will only compromise the natural look of makeup that took you hours to finish. 

On the other hand, tying your hair will be the best way to look cute with glasses in hot weather, and make sure to use a comb before holding them in place to avoid a messy look!

If you have boy-cut hair, you can style your hair with tiny hair clips or nothing at all. 

Comb your hair whenever needed because your hair moves with the wind, and it is hard to stop it because it cannot be held secure with a hair tie.

Avoid covering your face with your hair if you have glasses on; this will keep you looking fresh the whole day. 

You can also have a messy bun look with your glasses, which will make you look cuter; however, that largely depends on the settings.

Instead, match your hairdo with your surroundings, and this will indeed make you look and feel cuter with glasses all day long.

Final Words

Being a woman who wants to look pretty in glasses at all times can be a nuisance, but it will never be a problem if you feel confident wearing them! 

Just follow the tips we have mentioned above to feel more beautiful and confident even when you’re wearing eyeglasses.

Wearing makeup is not a problem, and it is even better when it makes you feel pretty every day! 

Don’t mind what other people say; so long as you feel good with your favorite glasses on, you will be beautiful inside and out. 

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