Eye Makeup For Older Women: Tips & Complete Guide

Are you seeing visible changes in your skin and feeling you are growing old? It’s quite natural for the skin to lose its intact elasticity as we get older. However, eye makeup for older women can be effective.

But this doesn’t mean you become any less beautiful. Eye makeup requires special attention when it is done on older women and here we are to help you with it. Keep reading to find out tips for perfect eye makeup on older women. 

Why Should You Take Extra Skin Care After 50?

As you age you need to go for a different skincare routine as your skin texture changes and you need to cater to your needs. Women above the age of 50 undergo many hormonal changes in their bodies which can affect the skin and cause problems like wrinkles. Signs of aging indicate that you need to take extra care of your skin and it is important not just for looks but for health too. 

And it is undeniable that a good appearance gives great confidence. So don’t feel shy to give yourself that extra self-care for healthy skin and a boost of confidence. 

Eye Makeup Tips For Older Women

Since the skin texture starts getting different with age, the makeup techniques that you need to use must be altered based on your skin type. Eye makeup is very important for a proper face look and that’s why we have given you tips that can be used for older women. 

why do eye makeup for older women

1. Start With Eye Cream

Both your eyelids and under-eye area need to be kept moist by the use of a cream. But make sure you don’t make it too greasy as well. A well-moisturized skin stays healthy and retains elasticity for a long time. Dry skin is more prone to wrinkles. 

So based on your skin type, use the appropriate quantity of eye cream on your eyelids and under-eye. Also if you have dark circles then go for under-eye creams that can treat or cover those dark circles. 

2. Primer On Lids

Primer sets the makeup well on your skin. It is a must as it helps to prevent your eye makeup from creasing, smudging, or becoming untidy.

Apply primer on the upper eyelids and the under-eye area too.  This helps to soften the skin for a good blend of makeup after that. 

3. Use A Fine Pencil Liner 

Look straight into the mirror and gently pull your eye taut at the outer edge while applying the liner to your upper lids. This ensures a smooth line over the eyelids without any bumps that might occur due to wrinkles. 

4. Double Up On The Line 

Go back over the pencil line with the same or similar dark powder eye shadow, preferably the darkest shade from your palette of shadows. This fills in any gap between the lines and the lashes and enhances the intensity of the eyeliner giving a dramatic shape to your eyes which can make you look younger. Double lining with shadow gives a smokier effect too. 

5. Contour The Crease

Contouring the crease can make your eyes look bigger. But this doesn’t work well for those with deep-set eyes where the crease line is not visible.

The shadow tone you use must be neutral and medium. This is to make sure the shadow complements your skin tone well. 

  • Trace the hollow of the eye above the crease and emphasize the outer half of the eye. 
  • Blend the line with a brush to slightly soften it and retrace it with a similar shade of powder shadow in a brown or gray

6. Use Neutral Shadows

Don’t go for too flashy shadow tones. You need to do a light shade on the lids, a medium shade for the crease, and a dark shade to double line over your pencil.

It’s the contrast of a lighter lid, medium crease, and very dark liner at the lash line that creates the illusion of bigger, more sculpted eyes. A lighter color shadow gives a younger look. 

An alternative way to use shadows is to highlight the corners to make the eyes look brighter and fresh. Use a light color shadow in matte or shimmer to the inner corner, a lower lash line in the outer corner, and the inner lid.

neutral shadows for older women

7. Use Lash Curler And Black Mascara

Curled lashes open your eyes and make your eyes look beautiful. 

  • So using a lash curler can help you achieve this look. But there’s a small trick to do this. Once you secure your lashes within the curler, turn your wrist away from you to get the maximum curl. 
  • Squeeze the closed curler for a few seconds, release it, then squeeze again. 
  • Always curl before mascara, never after.
  • A black mascara goes well for everyone. But as you age the lashes might get thinner and shorter. So go for a lightweight mascara and not a heavy lash lengthening one. 
  • You can also try lightweight false lashes to give a boost, especially at parties or special occasions.

8. Cover Up With Foundation Conservatively

You might want to hide your wrinkles but putting too much foundation to cover up can end up getting more attention than expected. So cover up conservatively. For your eye makeup to look appealing you need to keep your face makeup good too. 

Don’t overdo the foundation as it can give a plastered look which can spoil the entire face. 

  • For the eyes, concentrate on the under eyes and inner corners to effectively counteract dark circles.
  •  Most women get the darkest on the inner corner of their eye as opposed to the outer corners where you smile and have laugh lines. So work on the inner corners and blend with a mild concealer. 

9. Add Shimmer To Inner Corners Only

To create a lively look, apply shimmer only to the inner corners of your eyes. But avoid putting shimmer on the other parts of the eye as it can amplify the lines and wrinkles in your skin if you have them. 

10. Always Line With High Pigment Liners

Liner is what restores definition and shape to your eyes. The pencil should glide on but it shouldn’t be too slippery or too dry, either. An intensely pigmented liner that is black or dark brown can enhance your eyes giving you sparkling eyes. 

11. Give Your Brows A Good Finish 

Most women above their 50s have sparse and thin eyebrow hair. You could just use eyebrow pencils to fix this. 

Brush your eyebrows down, draw a light line along the top of the brow line and then brush the brows up again. Be careful of the color you choose because you don’t want your eyebrows too dark and stand out on your face. 


Whether you’re 20 or 60, age is just a number. Feel confident and comfortable with your makeup and do what you love! 

Make sure to follow these tips to get that fresh young look and boost your happiness. Hope this article has given you what you had been searching for. Go on and try these eye makeup tips for a new look!

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