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Let me guess, you’re thinking about buying Oakley Gascan sunglasses, and you thought that it’ll be a good to check the review of Gascan Sunglasses.

Well, Gascan sunglasses are really good. I’ll not say, they’re my favorite sunglasses, but I liked the Gascan’s Polished Black frame sunglasses with Prizm Ruby lenses.

So, let’s talk about these sunglasses.

Oakley Gascan Review

my review of Oakley Gascan Sunglasses

The Oakley Gascan is a popular eyewear model manufactured by the eyewear giant Oakley. It has a sleek appearance and a very stylish look. It provides high durability and superior optical clarity being made of A-quality materials. Introduced to the market in 2005, it became very popular for its efficient features and its innovative design. It became an icon in the world of eyewear. 

Lightweight and Durable

The Gascan has various features which make it suitable for many different kinds of activities. The Oakley Gascan has been made by O-Matter, which is developed by Oakley to manufacture sunglasses frames that have inbuilt features because of the O-Matter. 

Gascan are lightweight and durable

The O-Matter’s most special feature is the stress-resistance which means that it can maintain the solid shape of the frame under any condition and remain the same for a long period. It is hypoallergenic, which means it is less likely to cause allergies compared to other material frames. The frame is exceptionally lightweight although it looks very heavy. 

Lightweight frames are very important because Oakley’s main audience, the outdoor-lovers and the athletes will require this type of frame. And do I need to say that durability is very important considering that Gascan sunglasses are so expensive!

Optical Clarity and Color-Enhancing Technology

The High Definition Optical(HDO) lenses, made from XYZ optics technology, are cut from a single lens shield offering a wide field of view and top-notch vision. The HDO feature ensures superior optical clarity and sharpness, while the XYZ optical technology is used to maintain visual clarity at all angles. 

The Gascan’s lenses are made up of Plutonite, provide 100% protection from UV rays and filter out UVA, UVB, UVC, and blue light. Some Oakley Gascan has the Prizm-lens technology embedded within itself. The Prizm-lens technology enhances color, contrast, and clarity for the users. 

Even though the other products of Oakley do provide amazing optical clarity in their sunglasses, Gascans come with three different technologies embedded within the same lens. I don’t need to say anything else.

Three-Point Fit 

The Gascans also integrate Oakley’s famous Three-Point Fit system that optimizes comfort by discarding the pressure points. This ensures that the glasses have a precise alignment throughout the usage, even if it’s being used for a long time, and reduces discomfort.

oakley gascans three point fit system

This has to be my favorite feature that the Gascans provide. If you are just as outgoing as I am, then trust me, these are what you are looking for. The three-point fit system keeps the frame intact to your face by touching very few areas of the face. You won’t feel the heavyweight frame for a single second but it will keep on serving you for hours! Isn’t that amazing?

Distinctive Design

It has a unique wrap-around shape with rectangular lenses and provides an athletic and contemporary look to you. It comes in the size-large for men and size extra-large for women. Along with being available in various shapes and sizes, the Gascan also has different models. These various models mainly have the ‘interchangeable-icon’ design. It means that the Oakley’s O branding on the temple of the frame is available in various styles and users can choose among many of those. No wonder Oakley customized its corporate logo just for this eyewear. 

How cool is it to wear the same Gascan, but with different logos, and twinning with your friends and family?

oakley gascan distinctive design

Sometimes, people get manufacturing defects after their purchase and even though it is a rare case, it does happen. If you reach out to Oakley’s customer service if issues like this arise then they might be able to help you out. Some customers get disappointed because as the lenses are small in size, the Gascans cannot fully cover all the sunlight. 

But these are just the minority section among the customers. The majority of the people who have brought Gascans are exceedingly impressed with its high-quality performance and its build. The style of the sunglasses is loved widely and people usually buy the Gascans because of the unique style of its. Many users have liked its HDO lens technology. 

The Gascans might look quite similar to Oakley Fuel Cells, but they are two completely different models. The Fuel Cell will cost you a few dollars more than the Gascans. 

If you want to check out other great reviews of other Oakley products then, check out this review of Oakley Crankshaft and even this Oakley Chainlink review. Back to the topic!

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My Final Thoughts

The Gascan’s unique features and designs are meant to appeal to individuals seeking athletic and fashionable eyewear. It has a design that stands out from conventional eyewear. 

Oakley’s Gascans are no doubt very efficient with their functioning and design, as I mentioned previously, but somehow the design didn’t catch my eye as much as the other Oakley models did. I did not find the design any better than the classic Clubmasters which are my all-time favorites. I know, the design of Clubmasters is very different, but still, I like them.

So, overall, yes, I recommend Gascan sunglasses. They’re not my top favorite sunglasses, but they’re good. As told earlier, I like Gascan’s Prizm Ruby sunglasses, but I prefer Clubmasters. If you want me to be more specific, then I’ll say Ray-Ban Clubmasters in brown lenses.

But the functions of the Gascans are honestly quite reliable. So if you are athletic-sports enthusiasts, outdoor lovers, and someone who looks out for high-quality eyewear then Gascan is the stop. If you want a comparison between two of Oakleys famous models, Oakley Gascan vs. Oakley Fuel Cell, then check this out. Check to see what is your favorite between the two!

So, now that you’re on the right track, I wish you luck with your shopping!

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