Oakley Crankshaft Review + Comparison with Fuel Cell & Gascan

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Ever wondered “How is the new Crankshaft line of Oakley, does it live up to the expectations? Could it be possibly any better than Fuel Cell and Gascan?” 

That is exactly what we are gonna find out in this article. I will try to review the Crankshaft sunglasses by Oakley in the best possible ways. Compare it with Oakley’s other two gems: Fuel Cell and Gascan

And deliver that analysis to you so, that you can understand the difference between the three, whilst also finding the right choice for yourself.

Oakley Crankshaft Sunglasses Review

Oakley Crankshaft review

Hmmm… so where do I begin about the Crankshaft. The Crankshaft was introduced in the market in 2011. They were solely inspired by Oakley’s other two amazing sunglasses, the Gascan and Fuel Cell. 

Crankshaft was made to be extremely durable, having lightweight material “O” matter included in it. And so, these glasses are perfect for your next long road trip or just another casual day where you run your errands. 

Crankshafts are made with Plutonite lenses, blocking 99% of the glare coming to your eyes. When it comes to protection Oakley does not miss a spot, the lenses that come with the Crankshaft sunglasses are quite durable enough. So if any accident or such were to happen these would completely protect your eyes from severe damage.  Their design is made such that they give full coverage to the face, protecting you from harmful UV rays. 

Moreover, the design is almost rectangular giving it an edgy, almost futuristic look. Whilst, improving the way it looks and catching up with its stunning design, the temples of these glasses were designed to be matte, and an Oakley logo that glossy has been embossed to it. 

The amazing matte property of these Crankshaft sunglasses sort of provides this shield around it that makes sure it doesn’t get scratched. So, regardless of their design, Oakley does keep in mind your comfort making these sunglasses extremely lightweight and durable. 

Oakley Crankshaft Vs. Fuel Cell

Oakley Crankshaft vs Fuel Cell

“But Crankshaft and Fuel cell look so same”. They do indeed but there are some small key differences in them. 

In the design aspect, Crankshaft has a more rectangular design with a wrap-around frame. Although Fuel Cell does have the same look, their lenses are much larger in comparison to Oakley’s Crankshaft. Crankshaft has a more edgier look to it while Fuel Cell has a much more classic touch to it.

When comparing the lens size of the Crankshaft, these are smaller when compared to Fuel Cells’ large lenses. 

Now let’s look at the temples of each of these glasses, the temple size seems to be shorter in Crankshaft while in Fuel Cell it’s quite huge and wide too.

Edgy and sportiness conquer the looks present in the Crankshaft while in the Fuel Cell a more robust and bolder look. 

Oakley Crankshaft Vs. Gascan

Oakley Crankshaft vs Gascan

Now, let’s compare with the other half of Oakley’s best and most timeless piece which is Gascan. 

When compared to the Gascan, the Crankshaft features a sleeker look and trendier look. While Gascan is more classic and has a boxier shape with straight lines. 

The Gascan sunglasses have a definitive lens shape with sharper corners and rectangular lenses. While Crankshaft has new technology applied to its design giving it more peripheral coverage, they have a three-point system that holds the lens in place. They also have unobtainium material that gives it more grip if you were to perspire or anything as such. 

Gascan has high-definition optics that give you more clarity and visibility even with an increased amount of glare present around you. Oh and let’s not forget about how they are impact resistance and also include some polarised lenses. 

The Gascan glasses are versatile and timeless pieces. And these were taken as an inspiration which thus created the Crankshaft. If you liked this detailed comparison, then check out this amazing Oakley Gascan vs. Oakley FuelCell comparison as well.

My Final Verdict

So what are my final thoughts, well Crankshaft is modified to catch up with the trend and the fashion. Not only that they are also made with immense technology and better alterations made to the model. 

Things like full coverage and a futuristic look just make the Crankshaft much more exciting and fashionable to wear them. The Oakley Fuel Cell and Gascan are really good, and you should definitely check.

If this detailed review, gave you so much more insight into these models, then check out some more reviews of Oakley products, we have an Oakley Gascan review and a review of Oakley Chainlink. Check these out to see what suits your style the best!

I’d for sure go for the Crankshaft because it goes with the present fashion looks, generally modified for the needs of the 21st-century fashion world. 
So, if you’re looking for something awesome, trendy, protective, and impact-resistant, Oakley’s Crankshaft is your option for sure.

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