Wildhorn Ski Goggles Review 

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Looking for goggles that smell of amazing quality whilst being of a price that many of you will be able to afford? Go nowhere else because this is the best place you should be at! 

According to the description you have provided, I think that the Wildhorn Ski Goggles are gonna be the goggles of your dreams. 

Are you ready to meet Wildhorn Ski Goggles Review? Let us go!

Wildhorn Ski Goggles 

Wildhorn Ski Goggles Review

These goggles are manufactured by Wildhorn Outfitters, who produce a wide range of products apart from just ski goggles. They contain within them, every quality you desire in your dream goggles. 

Ventilation? They got it. Durability? They have it covered. High-quality lens technology? They have one of the best in this one. All this in one goggles and that too at an exceptional price! Come on guys do not drool over a goggle, even though it’s worth drooling over. 

The Wildhorn Outfitters collection of ski goggles has four goggles to offer to us, and you are going to have a hard time choosing one. The four goggles are Roca, Maxfield, Pipeline, and Cristo. Let me introduce you to all of them! 

Wildhorn Roca

Wildhorn Ski Goggles Review

Wildhorn’s all-time best-seller should be the very first on the line. The Wildhorn Roca ski goggles boast a 100% optically correct spherical lens that accounts for the high-quality lens feature I was talking about. Coupled with their innovative Aurora lens technology, the Wildhorn Roca goggles provide flawless and distortion-free visibility. And these are not the only wow factor of the goggles that you will find out as you read.   

How do I not tell you about the interchangeable lens when it is the most unique one and is highly commended by most of the users? The magnetic instrument helps you to change lenses at the speed of light. This feature is becoming more and more necessary so that you won’t have to leave the track as soon as the weather changes. Uff, how messy and hectic it’d be! You can do it standing on top of the track and changing your lenses effortlessly within minutes while other people struggle with the old mechanisms. You can show it off, my kid!

Straps are like the lifeline of ski goggles because that is what connects them to you! Roca has a premium woven strap that comes with silicone grips, enhancing the goggles’ stability on your helmet and ensuring they stay in place during your active pursuits. 

Here comes another wow factor, which is Wildhorn Roca goggles’ Dual Anti-Fog that works effectively in preventing fogging. So you get immunity against fog. Because when you are on slopes, fog becomes your biggest enemy. In some goggles, one anti-fog feature is not enough because of many factors. But before we could question Roca, they brought it up. You might already know why people in Wildhorn hated snow!     


1. Effortless magnetic system for changing lenses.

2. Dual Anti-Fog technology combats fogging and improves visibility on slopes.

3. Price point at an affordable range.


1. OTG feature not available. 

2. Does not completely stop the passage of small dust.

Wildhorn Pipeline

wildhorn goggles review

You cannot expect any less from this even after getting introduced to the best. Wildhorn Pipeline is one of its kind, providing an exceptional level of performance with advanced technologies embedded within it. The lenses of the Pipeline goggles are equipped with Aurora lens technology, and you can’t question the Aurora lenses at all costs! Just one look at it and you will know that the goggles are crafted from premium materials and meticulous construction. 

You may have experienced that when you are in the snow, riding at high speed, snowflakes and all the small rocks hidden beneath the snow start attacking you. These situations are serious as they can harm your eyes. The Pipeline is designed to withstand the rigors of snowy environments, so your problem is solved!

This feature truly sets the Pipeline apart. Actually, the magnetic changeable lens system seems to be proprietary to the Wildhorn goggles. The convenience of the magnetic lens system means you can effortlessly switch lenses as soon as the sky decides to switch on its weather. Easy! 

Pipeline goggles also prioritize exceptional ventilation technology. And this is on par with the mechanism of high-end brands. We know how important the ventilation system is to prevent fogging because we do not want fogging while skiing! Thus, this ventilation mechanism of the Pipeline works to enhance clarity even during intense physical activity. Plus, the goggle’s anti-fog and scratch-resistant properties are always present to ensure the best experience.

The amount of premium features in these goggles is insane! Just a few hundred dollars more and I would have called it exquisite. Their attention to detail also applies to its premium adjustable strap, offering a comfortable and secure fit on your helmet. 

On top of all this, the inclusion of an extra amber lens adds versatility by catering to various light conditions. I hope you are aware that brown/amber lenses are equally effective in any condition. Thus these goggles are your best choice that you can purchase for just a little more than $100.  


1. Premium materials that will ensure durability.

2. Magnetic changeable lens system

3. Does not cost you a fortune.


1. Can be a bit bulkier than normal ski goggles. 

Wildhorn Maxfield

Review of Wildhorn ski googles

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it got the best! The Wildhorn Maxfield ski goggle has the ultimate toric lens shape that allows you to see more terrain with both a large horizontal and vertical perspective. Its low profile frame design not only enhances visibility but also creates a better seal against your face providing extra warmth. Yes, you deserve it!

It is distinguished as Wildhorn’s flagship goggles for showcasing its innovative Fenom™ technology. Parallel to the high-end lens technologies in the industry, Fenom™ is a light filtration technology that elevates contrast and filters light, ultimately enhancing visibility and performance on the mountain. This technological advancement ensures that you can see the slopes with greater clarity and precision. The flexible and uniquely low-profile frame of the Maxfield goggles contributes to its exceptional warmth and secure fit. This design seals your face completely, minimizing cold airflow while maximizing comfort. 

And as I said, the magnetic lens swapping system being a highlight of the Wildhorn goggles, Maxfield offers you that too without any doubt. And, each pair of Maxfield goggles comes with two lenses of two different tints, ensuring you are ready for various conditions. The Maxfield goggles also excel in ventilation technology too. We knew it though! 

Since there is a whole carnival of features present in these goggles along with the latest Fenom lens technology, the goggles are priced a bit more towards the higher-end if not any less. A pair is gonna cost you around $150.  


1. Toric lens shape for expanded terrain visuals.

2. Fenom™ technology for enhancing contrast and visibility.

3. Low profile frame design for better sealing and warmth.

4. Dual lenses included, ready for varying light conditions.


1. Higher price point.

Wildhorn Cristo

are wildhorn ski goggles good?

Don’t let go of your breaths yet because it is not over! We still have the Wildhorn Cristo snow goggles that are designed to provide both value and performance equally. Its main focus rests on maximizing visibility needs that most goggles lose out on. These goggles ensure you can take in wide panoramic views of the snow-covered terrain, in HD quality. And the best thing is that even a prescription glasses wearer can enjoy it because of its OTG compatibility! Amazing, right?

It features a cylindrical lens shape that offers a rational design with a style statement too! Durability is a must, thus the Cristo goggle boasts a TPU frame that can withstand snowy environments. Its triple-layered foam provides a comfortable and snug fit, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor pursuits with smooth ease.

Adding more to its adaptability corner, the Cristo goggle comes with a premium adjustable strap that can comfortably secure any helmet. The goggles also feature a fog-resistant coating, preventing condensation buildup and ensuring a clear view even in challenging weather conditions.

Incorporating a host of features to enhance your skiing or snowboarding experience, Cristo does not disappoint you with its price which is a mere $40+! You can now let go of your breaths. 


1. Panoramic views in HD quality.

2. Over-the-glasses (OTG) compatible.

3. Durable TPU frame.

4. Triple-layered foam.

5. Extremely affordable pricing.


1. Does not feature the magnetic swap lens system. 

Tell me you are confused without telling me you’re confused. Boy, I already told you! You are gonna have a tough time settling for one because all four are the best of the best. 

Where Are Wildhorn Ski Goggles Made? 

They are all designed and manufactured in Salt Lake City, Utah.  

Are There Any Good Alternatives For Wildhorn Ski Goggles?

I must say, finding one was difficult because I am in awe of the Wildhorn ski goggles but I did find one. The very creative Blenders has an even bigger collection of Ski Goggles. The Blenders, similar to Wildhorn, offer en-number of high-quality and durable goggles at a very cheap and affordable price. You can check out their entire collection here, Blenders Snow Goggles

Or else, Wildhorn is always there!


I am going, to be honest here, the Wildhorn Ski Goggles collection was by far the most satisfactory collection I reviewed! Every product has something or the other that is worth appreciable which makes them more wanted and leaves the buyer more confused. I am genuinely impressed. And I know you are too, aren’t you!?

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