5 Best Giro Ski Goggles for Skiing & Snowboarding

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Looking for the best goggles in Giro’s collection but cannot decide on one because of the variety?? Look no further mate! 

I have analyzed the goggles from Giro’s collection, and from the big, vast bouquet, I chose a few flowers that stood out the most! And in this article, I am gonna tell you about those flowers in detail so you can choose yours too. 

Best Ski Goggles For Skiing & Snowboarding 

Giro Moxie

best giro ski goggles

First impressions make the best impression, and it stands apt for these goggles! Even without knowing the features of these goggles, you will be drawn to them. And after knowing the features, there’s no going back my darling. 

The Giro Moxie goggles are designed with a rimless frame made of silicone material, offering a sleek-sophisticated look and a comfy fit. These goggles come with an anti-fog coating on the lenses, so you do not have to worry about the lenses getting fogged up while having the best riding experience! 

These goggles feature the EXV frame technology, providing you with a wide field of view along with a stylish design. They include double-layer face foam with microfleece facing for enhanced comfort, making them OTG (Over-The-Glasses) friendly. Now that’s what we are talking about. It is jam-packed with features. The silicone on the inside of the strap prevents slippage, ensuring the goggles stay securely in place over your helmet or beanie. 

For garnish with a cherry on top, the package includes two lenses, one for low light/flat light conditions and the other for bright light conditions, both cylindrical thermoformed, adding a dash of versatility. All these features, y’all will avail at a price of a mere $60+ only! I told you, there is not any going back once you know the features my friend!


1. EXV frame technology provides a wide field of view.

2. Double-layer face foam.

3. Two lenses for varying light conditions add versatility.

4. Affordable pricing


1. Size is not apt for small heads.

Giro Roam

what are the best giro ski goggles?

If you are tight on budget and looking for something which is of a reliable quality but also costs you an minimal amount, Giro has a Roam for you! Well, it’s Giro Roam. 

The best ski goggles you can get at less than $50 have almost all the high-class goggles’ qualifications. Yes, you heard it right, and no, I am not exaggerating.  

Speaking of features, the Giro Roam goggles boast a rimless design that we all drool over badly! With a special focus on anti-fog capabilities, it stands on the line to fight fogging issues for you. These goggles, just like Moxie, feature the EXV technology for an expanded field of vision. They come with a cylindrical thermoformed lens and an additional low-light lens. An extra lens for goggles under $50. What more do you desire?

And the best part is for those who have the need to invest lots and lots of money in special OTG goggles. These goggles are OTG-friendly. Yes, they are pretty much all-rounders!  


1. Affordable price under $50 with high-end features.

2. Anti-fog capabilities ensure clear vision during skiing.

3. OTG friendly.


1. Not many advanced features.

Giro Ringo

best giro goggles

Other goggles with premium features but at a fairly low price, Giro Ringo. These goggles feature a rimless frame for a stylish dash to your look. It also has an Anti-Fog coating and exceptional ventilation characteristics. No benefit of the doubt arises here!

The EXV frame boasts remarkable optics as well! It uses a toric vivid lens with Optics by ZEISS, ensuring exceptional contrast and clarity. The Vivid lens technology enhances the visual experience on snow by manipulating blue light for contrast while blocking harmful UV light simultaneously. It won’t be much of a lie to say that Giro’s goggles can do almost everything even after being affordable, at this point. You will have to agree with me on this. 

The toric lenses’ features do not end just here. They mimic the human eye’s form, providing superior optics and preventing fogging. And you can get all this in just one pair that costs you somewhere around $90!


1. Premium features at an affordable price point.

4. Toric vivid lens enhances contrast and clarity.

5. UV protection.


1. Has the potential to fog up after a few uses.  

Giro Method

best giro snowboarding goggles

Now, in this lineup, we have a goggle that will provide you with that beautiful premium feel. For an ‘affordable’ but premium feel, you resort to Giro Method! 

Starting with the basics, the Giro Method features an anti-fog coating and outstanding ventilation features. The EXV frame includes a quick change clash seal lens interchange system, providing ease in swapping lenses on the go. Now, you won’t have to halt midway to change your lenses when the weather decides to change itself. You thought only high-end brands have the interchangeable lens feature? Really!? 

Consisting of optics by Zeiss, the vivid lens technology enhances the visual experience. It incorporates the unique Evak ventilation technology that minimizes fogging. These goggles include two lenses, for bright light and overcast conditions. On top of this, it is OTG compatible. So many premium features, I lost count!  

Price-wise, you might have to step out of your comfort zone just a bit because these cost a good amount. These are affordable for the premium features it offers, but rationally speaking $110+ might not be counted in affordable prices.  


1. Good ventilation system.

2. Quick Change Slash Seal Lens Interchange System.

3. Vivid Lens Technology.


1. Higher price point.

2. Durability issues.   

Giro Axis

which is the best giro ski goggles?

If you are looking for real premium goggles and are willing to invest your entire pocket money along with your savings, then come take a look my darling, these are the ones! 

The Giro Axis goggles offer an exceptional anti-fog feature coupled with premium technology. The ventilation character of these goggles is praised by all users. Trust me, all.  

The EXV frameless design comes with a quick-change magnetic-assisted lens interchange system, making it even easier to change the lenses. It utilizes self-locating magnets for lightning-fast lens replacement, you won’t even need a second. The Vivid lenses enhance snow visibility. Evak ventilation system minimizes fogging by releasing moisture as well as maintains a barrier from any condensation probabilities. How cool is that! 

With glass lenses, these goggles ensure crystal-clear optics. Beware, you might feel like you’re not even wearing any goggles! The sophisticated Axis model comes at a whopping price of around $190. I already told you, your savings are gonna vanish but it will be worth it. 


1. Outstanding anti-fog feature and ventilation.

2. Magnetic lens change.

3. Vivid lenses improve snow visibility.

4. Glass lenses ensure high-quality, crystal-clear optics.


1. High price.

2. Glass lenses might be more fragile.


I gave you so many great options! You must be confused right now, I am 100% sure. Because it is anticipated that you like all of them. Giro never goes wrong with its products. 

One good thing about Giro is that all its products have all features. But the lower-cost ones have the basic versions of the features while the costlier ones are advanced in their features. It has everything for audiences of all categories. The ball is in your court, good luck!   

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