5 Best Ski Goggles Under $50 

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It is not always possible to buy ski goggles for 3-digit prices. Like, come on! You too have a budget issue, right? These expensive goggles literally cost you an entire fortune! 

But if you are a little more tight on the budget, excellent quality goggles under $50 are your thing.

I know what you’re thinking. Good quality goggles under $50!? Do they even exist? Yes! They do. 

Ski Goggles Under $50

OutdoorMaster PRO Ski Goggles

ski googles under $50

These ski and snowboard goggles are designed to give you a premium feel at way less price. The amount of features these goggles provide you with weighs out the price quotient effortlessly! If you do not believe you might as well read for yourself. 

These goggles feature a frame made from Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), that ensures durability and resistance, so you do not have to buy the old and expensive goggles anytime soon! The goggles come with a Toric lens, which offers a very very wide field of vision. Not just this, the lenses incorporate within it the polarization feature that effectively reduces glare when in snow. And if you are someone who spends most of your time in snow, you will know that polarization is a characteristic that is vital when in the snow! 

And for swift action in the course, you have been provided with a magnetic lens change system. Yes, magnetic lens change system ski goggles are worth less than $50. I am in awe!

To address fogging issues, an anti-fog coating has been installed outside the lens, and for effective ventilation and condensation, the TPU frame and triple-layer foam help minimize fogging, while the ventilation system optimizes airflow and moisture reduction.

And, as if all these features were not enough, the goggles also feature an OTG design for being accessible to prescription wearers too. Now that’s what you call a good ski goggle! It is available for less than $45 only. 


1. A lot of features at a very low price.

2. They ensure durability.

3. Wide field of vision.

4. Magnetic lens change system.

5. OTG design


1. May not fit people with small heads.

Wildhorn Cristo

under $50 ski goggles

Talking about excellent quality products at a cheap rate and not mentioning Wildhorn Cristo is ironic! It is literally the best one out there in its price range. You can consult the US Ski Team if you are still having second thoughts. They are the users of the Wildhorn Cristo, after all.

They offer a blend of performance and style without breaking the bank. Designed by passionate skiers and boarders, these goggles are meant to attract eyes with a semi-frameless design so if you are a shy person, start practicing how to avoid people’s gazes. 

Crafted from a flexible and highly durable TPU frame, the Cristo goggles are versatile companions for diverse conditions. The triple-layer high-density prevents the pebbles, dirt, and small ice flakes from entering your eyes while skiing.

Their lenses are Wildhorn’s most creative feature. If you did not know it already, let me tell you. It provides you crystal clear vision as if you are not even having a layer of plastic sheet in front of you! 

It also has OTG features so that the prescription glasses wearers do not feel left out. Oww, they are so sweet! Providing us with so many amazing features for less than $40. 


1. Affordable price for performance and style.

2. Triple-layer high-density foam for debris protection.

3. Crystal clear vision.


1. Does not have an interchangeable lens system. 

Kiichi Terasawa

affordable ski goggles

When a product is made from Japanese technology and designed by Japanese engineers, there is no way anyone is gonna doubt its efficiency. No, honestly. Will you? 

These Kiichi Terasawa goggles are designed for professionals and work like magic. With HD lens technology that provides crisp and hot vision, it can make a huge name in this field! To clear it out for you, the lens features do not end just here. The lenses also have an aerospace laser technology and platinum lenses offer exceptional contrast-enhancing vision, minimal color distortion, and reduced eye fatigue.

Crafted with precision, these goggles feature TPU frames and high-quality, rimless, anti-fog-coated lenses. They incorporate Kiichi Terasawa’s exclusive water, oil, and fog-resistant technology along with 100% UV protection coating. So you can relax now as your safety has been guaranteed! 

These goggles are also accompanied by dense-eye-invisible vents that effectively balance out airflow to reduce fogging. And as I always tell you, your goggles’ ventilation character is its life. 

These goggles are going to cost you around $40 only. All these features, but still humbled. 


1. HD lens technology for crisp and clear vision.

2. Aerospace laser technology and platinum lenses enhance contrast.

3. Water, oil, and fog-resistant technology for protection.

4. Dense-eye-invisible vents for effective fog prevention.


1. Not suitable for small-sized heads. 

Oakley L-Frame MX

cheap ski goggles

Shocked? Surprised? I am sure you are one of these two right now because no way you were expecting Oakley goggles for under $50, right? Gotcha!

The MX Series from Oakley is typically meant for people who want to enjoy the Oakley experience but are broke at the same time. The features are quite a lot, starting from the Lexan lens technology that is scratch and impact-resistant, the lenses also have an anti-fog coating! 

Made out of Oakley’s proprietary O-Matter, the glass design is the full rim for providing a comfortable solution for glasses wearers. Yes, you heard right, it is OTG-compatible. 

The lightweight frame accompanies along with it, a triple-layer face foam that wicks away sweat. And, it comes with two lenses, one for light conditions and the other for dark conditions. Definitely great if you are a beginner in skiing.

So, it includes almost all the important features you would desire in ski goggles! Oakley just seems to know the players by heart! And it also knows your financial conditions and thus has priced this for less than $50.  


1. Affordable Oakley experience with MX Series.

2. OTG compatibility for glasses wearers.

3. Lightweight O-Matter frame with dual lenses for varying conditions.


1. Does not have an effective ventilation system.

2. Interchangeable lens not applicable.

3. A very old-styled design.

Oakley O-Frame 2.O PRO

cheap goggles

Sorry to surprise you again but we also have another Oakley goggles with us. Save the best for the last, as they say. The 2.O PRO goggles are one of the Oakley products that care about your wallet. It cares that you are spending too much because these goggles are gonna be worth it!

Crafted with a flexible O Matter frame, these full-rim goggles ensure comfort, fit, and an expansive peripheral view. The triple-layer face foam effectively wicks sweat away, minimizing the chances of fogging up lenses. The high-impact resistant lens comes with an anti-fog coating, not fogging up even in harsh conditions. Plus, the frame is compatible with prescription glasses wearers too! Amazing, isn’t it? 

And on top of it, you’re not only getting the goggles alone but also a complimentary kit from iWear that consists of a spray bottle, mirror, screwdriver/keychain, and a microfiber cloth. All these in less than $50!


1. Flexible O Matter frame.

2. Triple-layer face foam reduces fogging.

3. High-impact resistant lens with anti-fog coating.

4. Includes iWear complimentary kit for care.


1. Specific lens technology not specified. 

2. Does not include many features of modern ski goggles.


Now that you know the best cheap-priced ski goggles, would you like to go back to the time when you thought that price is directly proportional to quality? Yes, you may find some features missing from here and there, like the magnetic lens features or the OTG features, improper ventilation, or warped lenses, etc… I’m sure you will get why some features aren’t there because these features make a ski goggle high priced. 

But you will find a few goggles having all these features within them, showcasing how performance-oriented these brands are, even though the price is way minimal! Kudos! 

Anyways, I hope you found your ideal pair here and I hope I was able to save some of your money. Happy shopping!  

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