Different Types Of Lash Extensions

Have you always dreamt of beautiful long eyelashes that can embellish your eyes? 

What if you could get them without having to stick false lashes or apply mascara every day?

Wow! That sounds great, right? 

The secret lies in eyelash extensions. But there are different types of lash extensions and you might be confused seeing many. 

Don’t worry! We have explained the different types of lash extensions and also how to choose the right ones according to your eye. Why wait? Just keep reading!

What Are Eyelash Extensions? 

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent synthetic faux mink or silk fibers that are applied strand by strand to your natural lashes.

They are very good alternatives for temporary false lashes and mascara as extensions can be kept for a comparatively longer time ranging from 6 weeks to 2 months. 

what are Eyelash extensions

Benefits Of Lash Extensions

– They make your eyes look beautiful. Lash extensions give you long full and fluttery eyelashes at all times enhancing your eyes and attractiveness.

No more mascara or gluing fake lashes that can be tiresome and messy when you don’t have enough time. 

– They are customizable according to the size and shape of the eyes. You get to choose what type of lashes you have from the color to the curl. Amazing isn’t it?

– They’re safe and waterproof. They also last longer. 

Eyelash Extensions Vs. False Lashes

So what’s the difference between eyelash extensions and false lashes? 

While false lashes are strip lashes that can be glued as a whole to your lashes, extensions are when individual lashes are applied to your natural lashes using a special glue. 

False lashes can be worn at home by yourself but eyelash extensions could be done only by professionals or technicians. 

Different Types Of Lash Extensions

– Based On Material 

Animal Fur 

1. Real Mink Eyelash Extensions 

Real mink lash extensions are very expensive as they are taken from the fur of the mink to give a natural real look. It is also lightweight.

They are mostly used by celebrities. However real mink lash extensions require to be curled regularly as they come without curl. 

2. Sable Eyelash Extensions 

Sable is an animal found in Russia, Serbia, and parts of Asia. These types of lash extensions are the thinnest and have a wispy appearance. 

This type is not used widely and requires regular curling and maintenance. 

3. Fox Eyelash Extensions 

These lash extensions are made of fox fur and are mostly reddish in color. They are soft and shiny, but not used widely. 

Synthetic Eyelash Extensions 

1. Faux Fur Eyelash Extensions 

If you want a foolproof cruelty free method, and if you are not a fan of animal fur, you can go for faux fur extensions. Faux extensions are widely used and preferred by lash artists since they are shiny and look glossier than real fur. 

They give a more dramatic look than animal fur and are quite affordable. 

2. Synthetic Silk Lash Extensions 

These are not made of real silk but of materials made of silk fibers. They are thicker than the other types and also are mid-weight.

These extensions are best suitable for people with strong lashes, due to their extra weight. Synthetic silk lashes are bolder than the other types and still look natural. 

They hold a curl and this gives a full appearance to your eyes. They are affordable too! 

Benefits Of Lash Extensions

– Based On Extension Length

Lash extensions are not just about the material. You must also be careful about the length of extension you choose to give your eyes that perfect look. 

Choosing the wrong length might damage your natural lashes and could also give you a creepy look. Your eyes may get heavy and this would prevent your natural hair follicles from growing.

Lash extensions come in different lengths and when you choose your lash extensions you must make sure they are only 3-5 mm longer than your natural eyelashes. Also, the diameter of the extension must be as close as possible to the diameter of your natural lashes.

If you choose lash extensions that are thicker in diameter than your natural lashes, the change will be more drastic. So if you want a dramatic look with long eyelashes, then choose extensions of a thin diameter. 

– Based On Extension Volume

If you want more than just length and curls for your eyelashes, then you could go for volume extensions. Volume is achieved by adding multiple extensions to a single lash. 

In this type, each extension is made lighter and thinner than the previous ones to make it less heavy. They are extremely lightweight and give you a softer and darker result without any damage to your natural lashes. 

Volume lashes are named by the number of individual lash extensions added together to a ‘fan’. This number plus the alphabet D is given to each volume type. For example, if 2 lash extensions are put together in a fan, then it is called 2D.

To give a more natural-looking lighter volume style, stylists usually use 2D-4D volume extensions. For a more voluminous and dramatic look, types 4D-8D are usually used. 

Those with naturally strong lashes can go for more voluminous ones if you prefer a dramatic look. 

– Based On Extension Curl Type

Eyelash extensions come in different curls – J curl, B curl, C curl, D curl, and L+ curl types. 

  • J curl lashes are the closest to natural eyelashes in their curl. This type is great for those who are just looking to increase the eyelash volume or length without a dramatic look. It looks straight with a very slight curve at the end. 
  • B curl lashes are the most natural-looking type. If you have straight lashes and want a slight lift, then you can go for a B curl. It too is straight and has a curl at the end. 
  • C curl lashes are the most common type and fit almost all eye types. This can be used if you have straight natural lashes and want a fuller and more open look.
  • D curl lashes are perfect if you want a dramatic look. A D curl resembles a semi-circle and it looks best on people with curly lashes. 
  • The L and L+ curl lashes have a flat base and then lift upwards. They are also called “Barbie Curls” as they are very bold. You can use this type if you have single eyelids, hooded eyes, or eyelashes that are straight and facing downward. 
Pick The Right Lashes extension

How To Pick The Right Lashes for Extension?

Are you wondering what type of lashes you should pick for the lash extension? There are some factors you need to consider before making the choice: 

  • Your eye shape
  • Eye color
  • Length and thickness of your natural eyelashes.
  • Eyelid type: Monolid and hooded eyes require special care. 
  • Your tolerance: Conditions like allergies or sensitivity to certain materials should be taken into account. 

Types of Eyelash Extension Applications 

Based on the way the lash extensions are applied there are three types.

Classic Application: In this, individual lash extensions are attached to each of your natural lashes.  

Volume Application: In this, multiple lash extensions are attached to each lash.

– Hybrid Application: This application is a combination of both classic and volume applications. 

Disadvantages of Eyelash Extensions

We all know anything that is man-made has its pros and cons. So eyelash extensions have both benefits and disadvantages which you must take into consideration before you choose to get an eyelash extension done.

These are some disadvantages of lash extensions:

– They can cause irritation and allergies if proper sanitization is not done. Some of you might be allergic to lash glue.

– If not done or removed properly, lash extensions could damage your natural lashes.

– Eyelash extensions can be quite expensive

styles of lash extensions

Final Words

Having seen the different types of lash extensions, it’s your choice to decide which type would be the best for you.

So weigh all the options carefully and decide wisely! Talk with your technicians to get suggestions based on the looks you want to achieve. 

Go ahead and create miracles around your eyes with lash extensions that can enhance your beauty!