How to Fix Broken Eyeshadow

When you reach for the pricey makeup palette, it accidentally slips from your grasp and disappears. Sometimes it’s easier to mend those shattered pieces of makeup by employing some tricks and procedures. 

You don’t have to purchase a new one each time something similar occurs. To save money and time by avoiding the need to buy the same palette twice, you must learn how to fix a broken eyeshadow palette. Here are some tips to help you mend your damaged palette and avoid the many stages of grieving.

Tried & Tested Methods For Fixing Broken Eyeshadow

Use Coconut Oil

Just enough coconut oil should be added to the compact to cover the makeup completely. You can always add more if necessary, so move slowly. Mix by blending and smoothing. 

You can wax with a wooden waxing stick or your finger. Apply! Use a tiny quantity of cream shadow on your fingers, dab it into your eyelid, and then blend it for optimum results.

Use Water

Water is frequently used to repair cracked or slightly damaged powder cosmetics palettes. When the powdered makeup is moist and thoroughly blended together but not runny, add water to it. Apply the paste to the empty palette and press with your palm and a paper towel. 

Add a drop of water without taking the eyeshadow out of the eyeshadow palette if you are mending your favorite eyeshadow that just so occurred to shatter. Mix the pieces in the tray or press the pieces back together. Before using, smear the surface and allow it to dry.

Use Alcohol 

Because alcohol aids in rebinding the powder, add some rubbing alcohol to the containers. Additionally, it has a rapid evaporation rate, which causes it to dry up quickly and won’t change the makeup, making it incredibly pure and allowing for speedy reuse of the cosmetics.

Once the rubbing alcohol has been added, stir everything together until it has a creamy consistency. 1-2 tablespoons should be sufficient for blush. When the product has dried, apply it.

Use Setting Spray 

Place the entire makeup palette’s contents in a basin and crush them. Make sure the pieces are adequately crushed into tiny bits. Add a finishing mist or face spray. (Apply it gradually, either dropwise or by one spray at a time. Make sure the mixture is thick.

Fill the original makeup palette with it. Using a spatula or a spoon, check that it is smooth.

Use tissue paper to wipe down the exposed areas. Allow it to self-harden by drying. It is prepared for usage.

Use Vaseline 

You may quickly mend your broken eyeshadow palette by applying vaseline. Your powder eyeshadow can become thick, consistent eyeshadow with this technique. Use a spatula first to crush your broken eyeshadow into a fine powder.

After that, put this powder in a tiny container. Utilizing a spatula, combine this eyeshadow powder with vaseline. Once combined, the mixture should resemble lip gloss. Transfer this paste to a pan after it is finished.

You can now utilize your eyeshadow. This product has a variety of applications, such as blusher and lip color.

Make a Loose Formula 

By converting it into a loose powder eyeshadow, you can keep using your favorite eyeshadow. The damaged eyeshadow must be broken into a fine, open texture to transform into loose powder. 

Put the broken eyeshadow in a tiny plastic bag, seal it, and set it aside. Use a spoon to immediately push the back against the powder to break it into smaller bits. Your new loose powder eyeshadow will be created once you pour the powder into a small container.

Press Your Eyeshadow 

To make the broken eyeshadow bits smaller and more straightforward to mend, crush them first. Then, use your makeup wipe to press down on the eye shadow. Once the pressure has been maintained for roughly 5 to 10 seconds, your eyeshadow is ready to be slayed! This is a fantastic quick cure for any cracked and damaged eyeshadows!

You need to learn how to repress your eyeshadow palette if you want to repair it by this method. This can also help you in repairing other cosmetic products in loose powder form.

Make a New Shade By Mix, Match 

Always include a neutral element. Keeping the look more approachable and taming the overall look requires using a neutral eyeshadow and any brighter colors you may utilize. Always mix up your finishes because both shimmer and matte are available. 

If you use eyeshadows with matte finishes, you’ll look too flat, while using only shimmery eyeshadows would make you look like a disco ball. Combining the two will give the appearance more depth and detail.

Use a light, medium, and dark color scheme to create a well-rounded appearance with many dimensions.

Final Words 

Broken eyeshadow does occur, but neither it nor your eyeshadow is destroyed. Of course, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever be able to get it back to its previous shape. If you reassemble an eyeshadow, it may still be delicate and may not function exactly as before – but try experimenting with different techniques to discover what works best for you. 

As a pretty pressed shadow, a vibrant loose pigment, or a striking unique lip color of your very own, damaged eye shadow can still be given a new lease on life.

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