Why Do Security Men Wear Glasses?

Did you notice those intimidating men with black glasses too?

Probably with an earpiece and a black suit?

Well, it is difficult not to see those super stylish and intimidating personalities around.

But you know what? These people, who are usually bodyguards and security men, don’t just wear those glasses to look intimidating and as a fashion choice. 

Security men are like the civilian army. These people, just like the army, need some protective gear at all times, but with less intensity, obviously, and glasses are one of those. Confusing isn’t it?

Well, whoever thought of including glasses in the uniform of security men is indeed a genius! Scroll through the article to know how this minimal thing is just the game-changer in the world of security and protection.

Why Do Security Men Wear Glasses?

Do All Security Men Wear Glasses? 

There are mainly two kinds of security men, the first one for the premises and the other one being for humans. Both of them have different kinds of duties, and the security mem for humans is more likely known as a bodyguard.

One can say that all bodyguards are security men, but not all security men are bodyguards. 

Bodyguards are more likely to wear dark sunglasses as their work involves more travel compared to the ones on-premises. Also, cause bodyguards are usually with high-profile individuals, where the chances of an attack on them are higher.

Importance Of Uniform

Eyewear is indeed one of the important factors. The uniform is the representation of importance, poise, intimidation, safety, and so on.

Eyewear provides an added advantage to the entire image. Just by the look of the black formals, dark glasses, one can literally feel the safe and important presence around.

Eye Protection 

Most of the security men have their work outdoors, or at least have to go out at some point time of the day. These glasses protect them from any dust, fog, direct glare from the sun and provide better protection and vision.

Not just better vision, these glasses act as a shield to the security men’s eyes and provide a longer comfortable period of time without blinking and being more attentive.

Dark sunglasses are just bliss on a bright sunny day or for water-based duties due to their glare protection and keeping the eyes safe from the damage of long periods of harmful light exposure. 

Eagle Eye

Nope, not just style or eye protection, but these glasses have a more important motive. Security men wear these dark sunglasses to mislead the attackers nearby. Their eyes are what help keep a track of their surroundings. 

Wearing dark sunglasses provides the element of surprise as the attacker is unable to figure out if the security man has an eye on them or not. This even leads the attacker to be hesitant at times and buys some time for the bodyguards.

Strong Emotional Front

When security men are on duty, it is extremely important for them to have control, which includes a strong emotional front. In case the attacker has in some ways shocked or scared the bodyguard, the eyeglasses work as a cover.

This advantage also helps in providing an edge in the psychological mind games, as this emotional front depicts an imposing look and a more intimidating aura. This front also helps hide the time of counter-attacks by the bodyguard, too.

Do All Security Men Wear Glasses? 

Unfortunate Blasts

It is extremely sad, but these security men do have a danger factor of blasts. In the case of some minor blast, the eyewear help protect the eyes from the small flying particles which might cause permanent eye damage.

This eyewear also helps provide a better vision to see through the blast.

Brownie Fact

You know, the very first reflex that is likely to happen in case of an attack or a blast is shutting of eyes. Since the eyewear provides extra protection to the eyes, this helps the security men see through it and keep their eyes open.


It is no doubt that security men wear glasses for a lot of other reasons than just a statement of style. It ranges from protection for eyes to protection of people and premises, and the glasses serve as a savior to the field of security itself.