Mirror Coating Sunglasses: Pros & Cons in 2022

Fashion nowadays quickly changes, with one trend fading out only to be swiftly replaced by another emerging one!

But out of all that rising and falling tides of fashion trends, sunglasses never seemed to die out, isn’t it?

Be it for a casual hang-out in the mall, an intimidating appearance as an athlete or even a formal party, wearing a pair of suitable sunglasses can immediately amplify your look and magnify your style.

Of course, owning sunglasses for the sake of style alone can be reckless, especially if it’s one of those brands that cost a fortune.

So, if not for style, what makes a pair of sunglasses a great accessory to have?

Its coatings, of course!

These coatings serve as your eyewear’s first line of defense when it comes to scratches, smudges, and whole other things that can otherwise ruin an ordinary, coating-less pair of glasses.

And one of the must-have coatings out there is the mirror coating for sunglasses!

So let’s find out a little more about them.

What are Mirror Lenses?

Mirror Coating Sunglasses

Mirrored lenses are just like what you’d imagine them to be as soon as you hear about them.

It deflects any light source that may land on its surface, so it’s playing into the “mirror” part.

And it’s also why you can consider this the polar opposite of the anti-reflective lenses because of how THICK its color is!

Have you heard about the typical creepy story surrounding the one-way mirror? Where can you see your reflection from one side, not knowing there’s someone else watching you from beyond the mirror?

That’s technically how the mirrored glasses work.

The lens’s exterior comes with a color tint to protect you from the light, and even though it looks like it’s hindering your movements, in reality, it’s helping you when you can see much more compared to when you’re not wearing it!

Did You Know…

Revo sunglasses is another name for reflective sunglasses, and it has a history you can consider “out of this world.”


It all started on an average day in 1982 when NASA astrophysicist and optical engineer Dr. Mitch Ruda began a project protecting satellites’ porthole windows from any space radiation outside.

Because of this, Dr. Ruda had a light bulb moment and tried experimenting on sunglasses+ lenses.

In 1985, Dr. Ruda finally succeeded, as he now uses NASA-developed protective coatings on a pair of sunglasses for the sole purpose of protecting your eyes.

Till then, Revo was born.

Pros & Cons of Mirror Coating Sunglasses


Tones Down the Glare

Has it been far too sunny lately at where you live? Too challenging to enjoy your summer outside when you always had to narrow your eyes every time you wanted to look somewhere, all the while hoping you’re not glaring at someone by accident?

Well, excessive light will be the last of your worries because these lenses can block them out effectively!

All because of its reflective coating, you’ll be able to see clearly without straining your eyes any longer.

And without experiencing any strain, it’ll be easier for you to maintain good vision!

UV Shield

Other than glare, UV protection is another item checked off the list for you to look out for.

Having this be a part of the package does well in protecting your eyes from any harm that prolonged sunlight exposure can bring, be it UVA, UVB, or even UVC!

Not only that, but it also protects you from blue light!

Let It Snow!

Since the glare will be lowered tremendously, it is perfect for you to use in places where you’re outside around water or snow.

These two elements have light reflecting on them irrespective of how bright it is up on the snowy mountains, making them perfect for skiing and snowboarding.

But by using a pair of mirror-coating sunglasses, you won’t be bothered by these reflective surfaces ever again!

Because of that, if you’re an athlete for the snow Olympics or if you’re playing somewhere with a lot of water, wearing this kind of sunglasses can enhance your vision one step further.

Instead of absorbing the light, the coating bounces it right back, thus giving you adequate clarity with clearer vision.

Confused about Mirror and polarized glasses? Do not worry! We got your back.

The Wonder of Anonymity 

Other than its practical uses, style is also something provided by mirrored lenses, especially when it offers so many colors and designs for you to choose from!

Not only that, but you can also enjoy a brief moment of respite as these glasses offer enough to build up a mysterious persona.

Heck, even cameras will have a tough time recognizing you as the mirrored lenses are tinted just enough for nobody to see through it and look at your eyes!

Mirror Coating Sunglasses


Too Dark In Low Light

Because they’re still technically sunglasses, using this in low light conditions won’t be recommended.

Without a lot of light present in the scene, your already darker-hued lenses can only do so much, thus confusing your vision even more.

Or worst, you’ll strain your eyes so much that your eyesight might degrade, further compromising your vision.

So word of advice: don’t use it in low light!

For example, if you happen to be driving through a tunnel, take your mirrored sunglasses off through the entire drive to prevent any accidents. 

Not Tech Savvy

Although this protects you from blue light, it doesn’t mean that it’s ideal to be used while looking at devices.

Specifically, those that have screens called a liquid-crystal display (LCD).

Because of the coating, the images in these LCD screens might look comparatively darker with those squiggly lines across them because of how distorted they’ve gotten.

Final Thoughts

With how fast technology has been advancing, it’s no surprise to have experts create many, many additions in every tool you’ll need that can make life easier.

And one of these additions is the mirror coating.

Now that it’s officially 2022 summertime, you’ll need this embedded in your shades, among other coatings, to make sure your eyesight is all good to go for the long run!

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