10 Brands That Make Sunglasses Similar To Blenders Eyewear

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Hey there! Looking for some best alternatives for Blenders Sunglasses?

Look no more. I have brought to you all the brands that have sunglasses models which are perfectly similar to Blenders. Read till the end to find what suits your taste the most!

Sunglasses Similar To Blenders 

Blenders Eyewear has gained a strong reputation as a high-quality eyewear brand. However, there are instances when individuals may seek sunglasses similar to Blenders due to various reasons like unavailability, price constraints, or color preferences. 

This article aims to address such needs by presenting alternatives to Blenders Eyewear. By exploring these alternatives, readers can find convenience and choice while still enjoying the quality and aesthetic appeal they desire. So, continue reading to discover the perfect alternative to Blenders Eyewear that suits your preferences and requirements.

Pit Vipers

Pit Viper Sunglasses

If you’re searching for wrap-around style sunglasses similar to Blenders, Pit Viper is the brand to explore. With a wide selection of sunglasses featuring wrap-around frames, Pit Viper provides an impressive range of diverse options that will leave you amazed. 

What sets them apart is their unique sub-designs that build upon the wrap-around style, offering even more variety and innovation. With Pit Viper, you can find the perfect wrap-around sunglasses that combine style, functionality, and a touch of individuality. When it comes to price, the Pit Vipers are a bit more expensive than Blenders. Blenders and Pit Vipers are both incredible in their own way, but what makes them fun and what sets them apart, are their features and their preference by particular customers.

Check out sunglasses here, and The  Gobby Double Wide Sunglasses here. Even though I am not a big fan of wrap-around, these two really stand out a lot for me. Feel free to look around for more designs, you won’t be disappointed. 


Knockaround Sunglasses

The Knockaround sunglasses have a whole collection of oversized frames, cat-eyes, and circle frames that are literally the best Blenders alternatives! 

If you ask me my favorite Blenders alternative then I’d go with this, because you just have to look at them to know how similar they are. They are just like twins! Click here to check out Blender’s Canyon Series and Classic Polarized from Knockaround. 

Price-wise, it costs way less than a pair of Blenders Sunglasses. Do check out more styles from their brand!


Blenders alternatives

Talking about alternatives to Blender Sunglasses and not mentioning Goodr sunglasses would be a crime. This brand’s collection is very much similar to Blenders, and even if not a sport-driven brand you’ll feel some of Blenders in their glasses. Pursuing popularity through fun and quirky styles, Goodr is already a gem!

When it comes to price, the Goodr sunglasses are cheaper than Blenders but provide high-quality performance even at that price. Their products are absolutely remarkable! I’d definitely recommend you to check out these models from Goodr; Check the price here, and click here for more sunglasses

Shady Rays

Shady Ray sunglasses

Blenders Eyewear has a taste of Aviator sunglasses that I find even better than the original Aviators. And according to me, only Shady Rays did justice to that taste. I wouldn’t say anything, just show you this. 

Rose Gold Aviator from the Shady Rays, and the Ashley Kidd Aviator from the Blenders Eyewear. Do you see what I want to show you?

Price-wise, it can cost more than Blenders Aviators. But the Shady Rays are still the best alternatives for Blenders Aviator models and likewise. When it comes to Goodr and Shady Rays, choosing between these two may be a complicated situation, but checking their features out may help to see what suits your taste best!

WearMe Pro

WearMe Pro Sunglasses

When it comes to non-sporty sunglasses that align with Blenders Eyewear’s collection, WearMe Pro stands out as an excellent alternative worth exploring. WearMe Pro’s classic collection offers a range of sunglasses that resonate well with Blenders’ non-sporty models. 

With its stylish designs and attention to detail, WearMe Pro delivers both fashion and functionality. Whether you’re looking for trendy aviators, chic cat-eye frames, or timeless wayfarers, WearMe Pro offers a variety of options to suit different styles and preferences. When considering alternatives to Blenders for non-sporty sunglasses, WearMe Pro proves to be a compelling choice, providing top-notch quality and style without compromising on affordability.

Price-wise, WearMe Pro costs way less than Blenders and is normally affordable to anyone. It is priced in such a way that it is available for most of the people out there. 

These are some of my favorite designs from WearMe Pro; The Classic Flat Retro, and The Reflective Round Lens


Ray Ban sunglasses

When it comes to alternative choices for non-sporty sunglasses to Blenders Eyewear, Ray-Ban emerges as a prominent option. As the parent brand of many iconic sunglass models, Ray-Ban boasts a rich heritage and reputation for timeless style and exceptional quality. 

Their diverse range of sunglasses offers an array of non-sporty models that can be considered excellent alternatives to Blenders. Ray-Ban proves to be a compelling choice that offers exceptional alternatives to Blenders Eyewear’s non-sporty sunglasses. 

Price-wise, Ray-Ban is indeed much more expensive than Blenders Eyewear but if we look at the quality and the reputation then Ray-Ban also stands in a better position. 

Check out these incredible designs from Ray-Ban; Click here to see, and Check out more sunglasses here. Honestly, there are so many amazing models in Ray-Ban’s collection it is difficult to recommend just a few so you better check out their entire collection. 


Outdoormaster sunglasses

When seeking alternatives to Blenders Eyewear for ski goggles or snow goggles, OutdoorMaster is a brand worth considering.

By opting for OutdoorMaster as an alternative, you can expect exceptional value and a wide range of snow goggles that rival Blenders Eyewear. 

Price-wise, OutdoorMaster costs a lot less than Blenders Eyewear. It also offers many models at low cost, thus appealing to a larger audience. 

Make OutdoorMaster your go-to choice and discover a fantastic alternative to Blenders for ski and snow goggles that won’t disappoint. Check them out here; Ski Goggles PRO

Nectar Sunglasses

Nectar Sunglasses

Just like WearMe Pro, Nectar Sunglasses offers a classic collection that complements Blender’s range of non-sporty models. 

With their stylish and fashion-forward designs, Nectar Sunglasses provides a wide selection of sunglasses that cater to various preferences and styles. Whether you’re looking for trendy aviators, bold cat-eye frames, or sleek wayfarers, Nectar Sunglasses offers a diverse range of non-sporty options that rival Blenders Eyewear. 

Make Nectar Sunglasses your choice and experience a fantastic alternative to Blenders Eyewear that won’t disappoint. When it comes to price, its price range revolves nearby Blenders Eyewear. Here are some of my favorites from Blenders Eyewear; Check out the Sunglasses


Tifosi Sunglasses alternative for Blenders

If you’re looking for non-sporty sunglasses that lean towards a classy side, Tifosi is an excellent choice. Tifosi provides a touch of sophistication to complement Blenders Eyewear. 

With their premium designs and high-quality craftsmanship, Tifosi offers a range of non-sporty sunglasses that exude elegance and style. Whether you prefer aviators, oversized frames, or contemporary designs, Tifosi’s selection caters to various tastes. 

Choose Tifosi for non-sporty sunglasses that elevate your style and provide a high-end alternative to Blenders. Even though its collection looks quite high-end and luxurious, Tifosi products are very cheap compared to Blenders Eyewear. Look at my favorite Sunglasses


Oakley sunglasses

Oakley and Blenders Eyewear indeed compete in the market as rivals in the sports sunglasses category. While Oakley is an established and renowned brand, Blenders Eyewear brings a fresh perspective to the eyewear industry. Surprisingly, when comparing their collections, there are noticeable similarities between the two brands. Both offer stylish designs and high-performance features that cater to active individuals.

For those seeking an alternative to Blenders Eyewear that matches in design and performance, Oakley is an excellent destination. Oakley’s reputation for quality and durability is well-known, making it a reliable choice for sports enthusiasts. 

While the price point of Oakley sunglasses tends to be higher than that of Blenders Eyewear, it aligns with Oakley’s evergreen status and the premium materials and technology used in their products. The brand’s longevity and reputation come with a higher price tag. If these are so similar, then how are different from Blenders? The debate of Blenders Vs. Oakley will never end, and they will continue since both of these brands are just absolutely spectacular in their own way!

Here are some of the best models from Oakley that stood out to me; Check them out here

I hope that by now you might have decided on your choice from this wide collection of alternatives provided to you. Happy Shopping folks!

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