Comparing Blenders Eyewear and Pit Vipers

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If you’re confused between Blenders Eyewear and Pit Vipers or maybe you’re just curious about which brand is better, this article will definitely help you.

I have used both Blenders and Pit Viper sunglasses, so I think, I can help you.


If you look at the quality of sunglasses, then both Blenders Eyewear and Pit Vipers are equally good. To be honest, I found Blenders Eyewear to be slightly better than Pit Vipers, but the difference wasn’t that big.

But, initially, when I was ordering sunglasses from Pit Vipers, I was a little hesitant because of the weird website design. Yeah, their website is weird. It looks like their website was developed in 2005, and no one changed it since then.

Maybe, this is their marketing tactic, they use weird images to promote their sunglasses. But, I’m not a fan of their marketing.

On the other hand, I have purchased many sunglasses from Blenders Eyewear on different occasions. First of all, their website design is clean and it feels like, I can trust this brand.

I have contacted them a couple of times, and my experience was good every time.

If you compare the overall brand popularity, then you can say, they’re equally popular. Pit Vipers has slightly more followers on Instagram than Blenders Eyewear, but I feel that happened because of their weird marketing tactic because based on my experience, I found Blenders Eyewear to be better than Pit Vipers.

So, if I have to suggest you a few sunglasses from Blenders Eyewear, then I’ll recommend Blenders Eclipse & Expose Series. You can also look at the Eclipse X2 and Deconstructo. I can assure you that if you buy both Blenders Eyewear and Pit Vipers, you’ll definitely like Blenders over Pit Vipers.

But, if you’re still inclined towards Pit Vipers, I suggest you check Pit Vipers 2000s and The Originals sunglasses.

Pit Vipers

Pit Vipers Official Website

Chuck Mumford and Chris Garcin founded Pit Vipers in 2012. Being sporty people themselves, they introduced Pit Vipers for people who love to live a vibrant lifestyle and like their life to be colorful, thus the polarized and colorful lenses in their sunglasses. 

Pit Viper follows the style circuit of the 80s and the 90s which inspires many models in their collection. The brand uses humorous references and a playful approach to promoting its products, as can be suggested by its very “appealing” website. They manufacture bold, stylish, and fashionable designs, the target audience being outdoor enthusiasts like surfers and skiers. 

Even though the brand is very popular, it isn’t exactly a performance-based brand. Its main focus is to provide aesthetically pleasing and fashionable products to the users. 

Blenders Eyewear

Blenders Eyewear

This California-based brand was founded by Chase Fisher in his 40s.  After being praised for his cheap neon shades one night at a club, Fisher realized that there are tons of cheap-stylish sunglasses available which are popular but aren’t produced under a big name. That was how Blenders was born one day in 2012.

The brand offers us various choices from its collection of styles. They add their touch to the classics like Aviators, Clubmasters, Wayfarers, etc… Known for its bold and sporty styles, Blenders has grown a lot since it has been founded. Frequently collaborating with various celebrities and influencers to create limited-edition collections. 

Comparison between Pit Viper and Blenders

Brand Popularity

Both Pit Viper and Blenders have a huge market for sunglasses in the world. But when it comes to their popularity we declare Pit Viper as the winner with more than 800K + followers on Instagram and 20K + followers on Twitter compared to Blenders’ 600K+ Instagram followers and 11K+ followers on Twitter. 

pit vipers instagram popularity

Still, somehow, Blenders have over-crossed Pit Viper by large numbers on Facebook by gaining more than 1 Million followers. 

blenders instagram popularity

Although the Blenders did not win the social media race, the F1 racing team Oracle Red Bull chose to collaborate with Blenders in 2022 which added to its popularity among the giant Oracle fanbase.

Retail Distribution

The Pit Viper does not have any physical stores yet. Its services can be obtained directly through its official website and retailer shops. The website is a bit complicated and edgy to handle, but it is always advisable to buy the products from the official website as it will give you surety regarding the authenticity of the product. 

The Blenders does not offer physical store service, it sells its products through various retailers present all over the country and through its official website. Blenders still have 3 walk-in stores of its own in California and 1 store in Texas. 

Variety of Styles

The Pit Viper offers various styles in the ring of the sunglasses industry, each style of a unique fashion and inimitable. Some of the styles from the exclusive collection of Pit Viper are; The Original, The Exciters, The Admirer, Flight Optics, etc… Pit Viper has recently launched The Limousine, which I loved the most out of the entire collection. It has a fresh touch to it and even though the Pit Viper offers different styles from other sunglasses brands, The Limousine stood out the most to me. 

The Blenders have a collection of popular Aviators, Wayfarers, Rounds, Cat-Eyes, Oversized, Retro-Squares, Butterflies, etc… It is important to mention that the Blenders eyewear comes in bold and vibrant designs so these styles won’t turn out to be like your typical Aviators and Wayfarers. But even though they have a large and very interesting collection, the Pacific Grace Polarized Sunglasses model of the Round sunglasses has my heart. It has a very stylish, party-wear touch to it even though it has a very plain design.

Price Range

The Pit Viper offers very decent pricing with products starting from $39 to $99. The model which has polarized lenses will cost you $119-$129. This tells that the price of the Pit Viper is quite low and affordable to its target public. You can take a look at Pit Viper’s The LA Bright Polarized sunglasses from The Originals, and see for yourself, you’ll get good value for money.

The lowest-priced product in the Blenders sunglasses collection costs $49, while the most expensive one is going to cost you less than $100. You can look out for sales by checking their official website because during that time the price drop is pretty wow. You should check their best seller, The Rose Theatre model of The Norh Park, which is really good at this price point. The prescription eyewear of the brand can be a little expensive elsewhere, but in Blenders, it’s not more than $100! Can you believe it? Already loving Blenders wanna check out some alternatives of Blenders sunglasses, well then, you are just a click away!

Their Brand Marketing

Considering that we live in the age of the internet, a company needs to build a strong social media presence so that its brand can reach a wider audience. 

To promote their products the Pit Viper has built a good image in social media and do Pop-Up events at some places a few times a year. Here is one thing that I would like to mention here. The Pit Viper provides information about the Pop-Up events they conduct on their website, and their website is like a difficult program that one has to decode. The website design is a little eye-straining rather than eye-catching. When I was exploring their website, I was amazed to see they’re quite popular but still their website looks like it’s from the 2000s!

A website design is supposed to be minimal for people to remember things, stressing their visible memory. But the Pit Viper’s website can be described to be a little messy, and the elements are scattered here and there without a proper indication. Let’s take a look.

Official website of Pit Vipers

Want to see yourself, check the official website of Pit Vipers. Personally, I didn’t like their website design much, but their sunglasses are good.

The Blenders Eyewear on the other hand has done quite a lot of hard work on collaborating with brands and celebrities. Naming some celebrities who have released their limited edition products with Blenders’ are the Latin artist Maluma, Grammy winner T-Pain and former Alpine ski-racer Julia Mancuso. It has also collaborated with Crystal-Cult to produce sunglasses embedded with crystals giving them a rich and sophisticated look. 

The most important point to add is that the Blenders have a very organized website that is easy to navigate compared to Pit Viper’s website.

Warranty & Customer Service

Pit Viper provides a lifetime warranty for their product, mentioning on their website that if any of their buyers are confused as to how their product is not in the right condition, they can freely reach out to the company any time after their purchase from Pit Viper.

pit vipers return and exchange policy

This is a commendable and very responsible job Pit Viper has done. A gentleman’s behavior indeed, contrary to what their website suggests. 

The Blenders provide a 1-year warranty period to its buyers. In this one year, you can get your pair of sunglasses replaced with a new one if they have manufacturing defects and are faulty. Any sunglasses broken due to external damage will not be replaced.

blenders return and exchange policy

Which One I Like from Blenders & Pit Vipers?

Both Pit Viper and Blenders have quite a vibrant range of styles and collections. And both of them are very affordable for the general public. It is completely up to you if you liked Pit Viper’s frenzy and dashing sunglasses more or if Blenders’ sober but bold collection was more appealing to you. 

If you ask me, I love many elements from both brands but Blenders just seem to be my type. Its soft monochromatic styles are to die for, and at the same time pretty reasonable for the pocket too.

Wanna check out some more fun comparisons that I have done between Blenders and other popular brands. Well, then check out Blender’s eyewear and Oakley or even Blender or Goodr.

If you ask me, then I like Rose Theatre, Americano, and Black Tundra from Blenders Eyewear, while The Fondue, The Limousine, and The Exciters from Pit Vipers.

Good luck shopping for sunglasses!

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