Blenders Eyewear vs. Shady Rays: A 2022 Comparison

It’s summer, and the sun’s especially brutal at this time of year, but you want to go out there and fend for yourself in style.

Wait, scratch that: what if you just want to be stylish IN GENERAL?

Lucky for you, eyewear helps in boosting your appeal and cast a “mystifying” aesthetic for yourself.

Now, when you think “eyewear,” the first thing that pops in mind is probably Ray-Bans or any other brand that’s equally as expensive.

Well, if their price is an eyesore, then look no further as we delve into Blenders Eyewear and Shady Rays in this article right here!

Blenders Eyewear

A Simple Idea into Something More

Blenders Eyewear

It all started with a party and a pair of neon green “beater” sunglasses.

Fresh grad Chase Fisher was just looking to have some night fun in a nightclub in San Diego, wearing the mentioned “beater” sunglasses.

Now, if you’re new to wearing sunglasses (or you just didn’t know much about it), “beaters” are way cheaper compared to designer shades.

Cheap enough that it won’t hurt your wallet along with your butt when you sit on it by accident.

Chase Fisher- Founder of Blenders Eyewear

Back at that fateful party, other partygoers took notice of Fisher’s sunglasses with an overwhelming amount of positivity and an idea hit Fisher:

Not every fresh grad like him can afford fancy designer shades, so why not make one that’s a perfect blend between “designer” and “beater”?

And that is the beautiful start of Blenders Eyewear.

Shady Rays

Have a Shade Wherever You Go

Shady Rays

Shady Rays’ is much more straightforward than Blenders Eyewear’s humbling background story.

Chris Ratterman already had a goal in mind when he created Shady Rays from a side bedroom in 2012 while his father helped in shipping: to produce affordable eyewear with out-of-this-world quality.

The independence of this company has been maintained, even after its spike in popularity up to this day, and he intends to keep that as he finds a way to give back to people.

Chris Ratterman - Founder of Shady Rays

He’s always been determined to bring some good to the world from his creations.

Through Shady Rays, he found a way to do so when every purchase from the brand results in donating ten meals to fight hunger in America.

As Shady Rays expanded, Chris is committed to doing the same thing internationally and giving back to the people!

Comparison of Blenders Eyewear and Shady Rays

Blenders Eyewear vs. Shady Rays

Distinct Signature

Of course, any product must have an eye-catching feature (or at least a memorable one) for you to leave its mark on your mind, like the minimalistic “M” from McDonald’s. That’s just great marketing!

Now, what do Blenders and Shady Rays have up their sleeves?

Both of their sunglasses are polarized. You won’t struggle from any bright conditions, especially if you’re at a beach and the sun’s glaring right at you.

Another thing this can help you with is enhancing the water’s visibility. As sunlight tends to reflect on its surface, the polarized lenses help you see through the water!

So, how will you be able to tell them apart from each other now?

Well, in every pair sold, the Blenders have these “stripes” at the side. The meaning behind it is “Life in Forward Motion.”

It serves as a silent reminder of your perseverance for whatever future you want to have for yourself.

However, another feature you might notice on Blenders is how most of its frames may be leaning on the “larger” side, despite consulting a fit guide, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

As for Shady, Rays doesn’t have any symbolism like that, as its full brand name is emblazoned at the side while its initials “S|R” are on one of the lenses’ upper corners for subtle minimalism.

How Much Do They Cost?

Here comes the hard part.

Seeing how both brands have affordability in mind for every single one of their products, it’s fair for them to be a tie in this regard.

If we compare them to other popular brands, Blenders and Shady Rays don’t even go beyond $100!

Their most expensive pairs only reach up to $70, so if you frequent, say, Ray-Ban and see how some of the eyewear there push to $200, imagine how many pairs you can buy from Blenders or Shady Rays!

Unless you want to have add-ons for your eyewear, that is. 

In this case, Blenders allow more flexibility as its range goes over both prescription and non-prescription sunglasses, prescription glasses, blue light readers, and snow goggles.

Once you touch on prescription eyewear (or the snow goggles), expect the price to be pushed up to $150 (depending on your add-ons).

Still, that’s a big difference from many designer brands out there!

Therefore, it’s safe to say both of these brands are winners regarding price.

So, What Now?

So, you’re about to check out your order. What’s next?

Well, first off, as you’re doing this, you’ll notice the difference between Blenders and Shady Rays.

Blenders are limited to shipping within the US, while Shady Rays go international. Both provide free shipping (as long as your purchase goes up to $50 in Blenders), but you can see which one has its limitations.

Besides that, Blenders also has free returns, the same as Shady Rays, and that’s as far as their similarities go.

Delving deeper in Shady Rays, you’ll learn that it has a lifetime craftsmanship warranty, which is a stark contrast to Blenders’ as this benefit is only limited to its snow goggles and helmets.

Shady Rays welcomes replacements if your purchase has been lost or broken if that’s not enough.

As long as you contact its manufacturer and have a receipt to back it up, Shady Rays are for life!

Like an avalanche, Shady Rays dominated this round for good!

Finally, Which Brand is Better?

To be honest, it depends on YOU which brand is better.

Both are affordable and stylish, although significant differences can benefit whoever’s out there.

Shady Rays focuses more on polarized sunglasses. You can’t precisely consider its design to be “unique,” but it does serve to be straightforward.

But, to top it all off, its benefits are generous; each one is meant to make sure Shady Rays keeps its relationship with its consumers and tends to all of them. They are even going so far as to achieve this internationally!

As for Blenders, you could just catch a glance of its signature “stripes” at the side and remember it’s from Blenders with how meaningful its message is.

Its range is vast when it manufactures sunglasses to prescription reading glasses. Even snow goggles!

As you’ve already read, both of them have their downsides, but you got to admit that both of them probably tickled whatever preference you have.

After all, you’re the one who’s going to buy from either one, right?

Final Thoughts

It’s been a hard-fought battle, where both Blenders Eyewear and Shady Rays have shown to be gracious victors through it all.

On a serious note, though, they both have admirable missions to provide for every potential consumer out there instead of only catering to the “higher class,” that’s why they deserve this win.

And you deserve a win, too, once you get your pair of glasses from either brand. Just make sure to choose wisely.

Also, don’t forget to slay once you’re wearing it!

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