How To Stop Concealer From Creasing Under The Eyes?

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Are you tired of your concealer creasing under your eyes and ruining your flawless look? You’re not alone! The problem of concealer creasing is a common one, but there is a solution.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the top tips and tricks to help you Stop Concealer From Creasing Under The Eyes.

Say goodbye to unsightly lines and hello to a smooth and youthful complexion!

How To Stop Concealer From Creasing Under The Eyes?

Some easy but effective ways to stop your Concealer from Creasing are:

Strategically Apply The Concealer 

Concealer From Creasing Under The Eyes

Many people apply for Concealer just as they, please. But if looked at properly, this usually doesn’t work. Personally, Concealer should be applied in a way that conceals and smoothen the skin instead of cracking it up.

So you need to apply it strategically. For instance, you can’t just apply it haphazardly all over your face. Rather you need to apply dashes of it under your eye and then blend it properly with good blending strokes. For best results while blending the product keep your skin stretched out.

Use A Good Under Eye Cream

Concealers are not meant to be applied straightway on the skin. It is an Ineffective and plain waste of the product. To build up a solid base for your Concealer to be applied so that it remains not creased you need to first use a good under-eye cream. 

This cream could either be a normal one if you have normal or dry skin. But if you have oily skin then you may need to switch to gel-based cream that will serve as a base for your primer. And then only after priming the area can you add on the dashes of concealers.

Build Up The Layers

This is another thing that many people miss out on. When you are going for a bold and heavy makeup look where concealers and their trucks become a must especially in the undelete areas then you just cannot ignore the building layers process. Building layers is nothing but the approbation of products and let them soak into your skin.

And then after a few minutes, you need to blend them together to give the proper surface look. In some cases, you may have to reapply it to keep the layers intact. This reapplication should be done by again stretching out the easily creasing areas.

You may notice some product has gathered there, so again blend it out. Keep doing it till no product remains.

Don’t Apply The Concealer Too Close To The Lashes

This is another mistake frequently made. In an attempt to blur out the dark smudges, we tend to apply the concealers just under or over the lashes. This is problematic because these are areas that can be fraught with creases. 

And if you apply the Concealer here chances of it collecting there are higher. So apply it a bit away from the lashes, then stretch out the skin and blend it towards the lashes. This way the creases can be tended to graciously.

don't apply Concealer Too Close To The Lashes

Adequately Blot Before Setting

Many makeup products tend to deposit oil on your skin. So to prevent this kind of oiliness resulting in the Creasing of your makeup you need to adequately blot it. By this I mean use a blotting paper to pat on your makeup face, especially near your eyes which tend to get more oily.

This will absorb the excess amount of oil and prevent the creasing of products like concealer under the eyes.

Bake Under The Eyes

So if you have especially oily skin I suggest you adequately bake under the eyes. The process of baking is just pondering your overly oily skin and letting it sit for 10-15 minutes. This allows the powder to be sufficiently acquainted with the skin so that the next makeup products like concealers have a better chance of holding onto the skin.

Try Different Concealer Formulas

If you feel that even after all these strategies still your concealers are creasing under your eyes, then I’m afraid it is probably your Concealer that is not able to keep up with your skin. And in that case, you may need to change and try out different Concealer formulas.

Final Words

The best option is to talk to some skincare or beauty experts and they might be able to point out the best Concealer for you in accordance with your skin tone and quality. And always remember that you shouldn’t ever put on whatever you find or think may suit your skin. Talk to experts and figure out what works best.

And if all is sorted, the above-mentioned points should be enough to keep your concealers from creasing!

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