How to Trim Eyebrows at Home

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Unplanned events or sudden beauty cravings can make it difficult to visit the salon for eyebrow maintenance. Trim Eyebrows at Home can offer a convenient solution, allowing you to save time and money while shaping your brows to your preferred style. However, caution must be taken to avoid over-plucking or uneven results.

Well, all of this is pretty relatable. For that, we have tried to come up with solutions to all those inconveniences.

In this article, we have talked about trimming eyebrows and the do’s and don’t of the process!

Trim Eyebrows at Home

Can You Trim Your Own Eyebrows At Home?

Absolutely! In my humble opinion, I believe that most self-care routines that we run off to the parlors for can be fulfilled at your homes. Among those trimming eyebrows is one.

So if you know what you are doing then yes go ahead and trim those bushy brows off!

How Often Do I Need To Trim My Eyebrows?

Trimming eyebrows are the most overlooked part of many beauty regimes. We tend to forget about them once engrossed in other beauty routines. But it is trimmed eyebrows that give your face a sharp and neat finish, especially if you have bushy brows.

On an average scale, you’d be required to Trim your brows once a week. Although if you are aiming to look your best for some event, then you may want to run your scissors over the ends of your brows once. Otherwise, depending on the speed at which your hair grows, once your brows start messing with your looks, just trim them off!

What Will You Need?

So to begin any beauty regime it is important you collect all the required equipment and accessories in one place. Some things needed to start off your trimming of eyebrows at home are: 

  • Small, thin bristle eyebrow comb
  • Small sharp scissors with two straight blades
  • Tweezers
  • Small mirror

How To Trim Your Eyebrows: A Step-by-Step Guide 

Step 1: Get Your Tools Ready

As I have said before, before proceeding to any kind of beauty regime you need to get your things in order. So if you are sitting to trim your eyebrows you cannot very well keep getting up from your position in front of the mirror to bring stuff. This is not only annoying and breaks your concentration but it also affects your position and may lead to uneven trimming in places.

So sit with your scissors, mirror, comb, and even your tweezers (you never know when you need them).

Step 2: Comb Your Eyebrows 

Comb Your Eyebrows to trim

Once you have organized and sat with your tools, start combing your eyebrows. Now this combing should be done in strokes going outwards from your face. In most cases you may in spite of combing, the brows refuse to remain tame.

If that happens, wet your fingers and run them lightly over the brows. This keeps even the curviest strands straight for some time. Comb the slightly wet brows to keep them in place when you try to cut off their sharp ends. 

Comb according to the Eyebrow lines you were aiming for.

Step 3: Trim The Long Hair

With the combing done place a small mirror in front of your face pointing at your brows. Now slowly start trimming the overly long strands with small sharp scissors with straight blades. Start cutting tiny portions from the long ends that seem to break off from your Eyebrow line instead of going to remove huge chunks.

It is because of this that sharp scissors are so essential to keep the cuts clean.

Step 4: Tweeze The Extra Hair Around The Brows

In the entire process of trimming eyebrows, this part is a bit tricky and prickly. So after trimming the long hair on your brows, if done properly you’ll notice your eyebrows have lost some of their bushy appearances. Now to make them look according to your desired brow line you need to tweeze off the extra hair along the lines.

Very carefully use the tweezers to pluck off tiny eyebrow strands around the brow line with sharp pulls. Keep the pulls sharp and neat to avoid uneven-looking eyebrows.

Step 5: Fill In Sparse Spots

perfect brow line

Many times in an attempt to get the perfect brow line we come across spare spots. So when you are lightening the bushy eyebrows and tweezing away Extra strands it also becomes important that you fill in the spare spots to properly make up for the whole look.

You can use good waterproof eyebrow pencils to draw short lines and fill in those gaps to fill out that perfect Eyebrow line you were hoping for.

Step 6: Brush Your Eyebrow

Once done, run a brush over your newly groomed eyebrows to ensure that you are not missing any part.

Step 7: Repeat The Process

After brushing out the entire area you may notice that some areas of your brows look like they might need a redo. In most cases, it seems to require some extra cuts and trims. If that is the case, repeat the entire process from step one again.

But this time you need to be extra careful while trimming because you are at risk of overdoing it!

I trimmed my eyebrows too short. How long will it take to grow back?

So after brushing the eyebrows you may notice that you have overdone your brows. That means instead of the neat and blunt eyebrow you are hoping for, now you are stuck with a scrubby slice of too-narrow eyebrows. Depending on the rate of your hair growth, too-short eyebrows may take a couple of months to three months to grow back to their normal selves.

get the perfect Trim Eyebrows at Home

Final Words

Remember though, if you have trimmed your eyebrows too much leaving yourselves with complete gaps then they may take up to four months to be back to normal. But don’t worry, all this while you may use mascara,  Eyebrow liner, or eyeliner to make your eyebrows look how you want them to.

Wishing you safe and happy eyebrows trimmings!

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