Best Glasses for Mountain Biking at Night in 2022

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After being stuck in lockdown from 2020, going out would be quite the experience, that’s for sure.

Whether you take it in a good way or a bad way is entirely up to you.

But if you’ve always been nuts for an “active lifestyle,” it would make sense for you to have a LOT of pent-up energy built the entire time you’re stuck indoors.

Since that happened while you were inside, it’s only fair that a fantastic way to get all of that energy OUT is by going out, too!

And one way to do that is through some time spent on a bicycle seat!

However, with how summer’s been kicking everyone’s butts, you can go night riding up a nearby mountain to enjoy the cool, night mountain air while pumping out buckets of sweat!

Of course, you can’t just go biking up a mountain all willy-nilly without gearing up, especially with how unpredictable nature is (be it night or day).

And your gear won’t be complete without a pair of cycling glasses that’s perfect for nights up the mountain! 

But which one to choose? 

Best Glasses for Mountain Biking at Night in 2022

KAPVOE Photochromic Unisex Cycling Glasses

What makes a pair of MTB glasses perfect for night cycling is a photochromic lens.

This kind of lens is guaranteed to be one-in-a-million from what’s available in lens technology because this can adapt to any light condition, be it night or day.

However, if you’re particularly nit-picky over getting the entire package of what you purchased, you might get peeved when you use this pair of sunglasses during the day because the tint doesn’t get too dark.

Going back to its features, its size is just as big as the one from X-TIGER or ROCKBROS or maybe it’s even bigger– but because of its width, you can put in a myopia frame (if you have one) with how much space it is built-in for one.

A TR90 frame ensures you have top-quality durability for your biking at night; its wrap-around design promises you a secure grip, along with the nose pads that you can change if they get too dirty.

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ROCKBROS Photochromic Cycling Glasses

To begin with, The ROCKBROS roughly have the basics included while making a pair of cycling glasses for the night.

Why is that, you ask?

Well, first off, it has photochromic lenses so that they can quickly adapt to any light condition you find yourself in.

You won’t have to worry about it breaking anytime soon when it has a TR90 frame paired with a scratch-resistant coating to keep the lenses scot-free from any damage that might be inflicted by flying debris.

A wrap-around design has the ROCKBROS secured to your face, with an adjustable nose pad providing you a snug fit and comfort.

Now, what it doesn’t have is an anti-fog coating, especially as the frame sits against your brow and doesn’t allow any airflow to occur. 

So you might find your lenses gaining moisture when it’s a bit chilly out in the night, and you’re way too warm due to exertion.

Things to Consider Before Buying Glasses for Mountain Biking at Night

X-TIGER Polarized Sports Sunglasses

Despite being relatively young when it was established in 2013, X-TIGER specifically caters to cycling equipment because its team members are major cycling enthusiasts from several cycling clubs.

But does that mean this is the best pair of glasses for cycling at night? Let’s find out!

X-TIGER sets off to a good start because this is the only pair of glasses on our list that’s not photochromic but lets you change your lenses.

However, it is not for just one pair of lenses or even two or three; FOUR lenses are included in your purchase, and that’s not including the lenses already installed in the frames.

So, all in all, you have five lenses at your disposal because the more, the merrier!

Anyway, each of these lenses has a specific purpose to be fulfilled, which might be seen as compensating for the photochromic lenses, but this allows you to transition between each lens.

First up, these sunglasses include two mirrored lenses; one is already on the frames, and it works best on sunny or cloudy days; the other has an orange tint with the same purpose.

The polarized lens is up next, and this has a dark tint built against days when the sun’s directly above the sky.

Yellow lens is another, which is supposed to be designed perfectly for exceptional night vision.

But the thing is: the yellow tint on lenses is perfect for those who are sensitive to bright colors.

In addition, the yellow tint serves to reduce the light passing through, softening the intense glare.

However, there have been certain misconceptions on the internet that yellow lenses can apparently “brighten dark surroundings.”

Nonetheless, since it allows less light, it just means it’s awful at night because you’ll need all the light you can get in the dark!

Therefore, your best bet for taking on the night would be the transparent lens.

Be alert though; you might notice there’s a slight visual distortion in the lens, so look out for that.

Moving on to the frame of the glasses, its TR90 wrap-around design hugs any face shape in a secure hold, and it’s perfectly curved for the wind to brush past easily.

X-TIGER doesn’t have replaceable nose pads because what it DOES have are replaceable temples!

And not only that, but you can also adjust them up to five gears in order to accommodate any face shape! 

What’s more, it comes with a mole that you can set inside the lens where you can put your myopia frame in (if you have one), like the KAPVOE.

For protection, all of these lenses are covered in scratch-resistant coatings.

ROCKBROS Photochromic Sunglasses

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you- this is another pair of sports sunglasses from ROCKBROS because two’s always better than one!

Anyway, you might be wondering what the heck’s the difference between the two because of ROCKBROS!

Well, let’s go through their features to understand this better,, shall we?

Now, just like the last one, this ROCKBROS has photochromic lenses that adapt to any change in light conditions.

There’s an adjustable nose pad that grips whatever size nose it has in order to prevent the ROCKBROS from slipping down.

And it even has the same wrap-around, curved design to allow the wind \to freely blow against your face without any hindrance that can leave your glasses askew.

Now that we’ve gone through some of their similarities let’s proceed to what makes this one unique.

If you have the two ROCKBROS sit next to each other, you’ll notice that this particular one has a bigger frame than the other.

Not only does its size means you can have a larger field of view, but this can also allow you to wear your myopia frame (if you have any) when there’s space already built inside the lens!

It’s not exactly like the one from X-TIGER because, compared to the latter, there’s a mold inside the lens where you can set your myopia frame. Unfortunately, this ROCKBROS doesn’t have that.

Anyway, other than being adjustable, ROCKBROS has a hydrophilic nose pad AND temple tips that can keep a good grip on your face despite being drenched in sweat.

The only downside this has pertains to its photochromic lenses.

Although it’s designed to transition between different light conditions, you might notice that the dark tint for sunlight remains a bit even in the dark.

So, if you’re bike-riding at night, this pair of glasses might not be the best for you unless you can keep a light on to see your path up ahead.

Bertoni Sports Photochromic Sunglasses

Decades of experience from the Italian brand Bertoni gave it the upper hand over the rest of the sport-optic market.

Although its design closely resembles the usual pair of glasses, Bertoni Sports Sunglasses is far from being fragile as the frame is made out of shatterproof nylon and polycarbonate.

And as you’ve already known, polycarbonate got a reputation for being one of the most durable plastic materials out there!

However, despite being shatterproof, this doesn’t cross out the possibility for scratches, which Bertoni is prone to have.

So, if you’re cycling through a path with low-hanging foliage or maybe a strong gust of wind carrying some debris, you might find your Bertoni littered with scratches in the aftermath.

But you don’t have to worry about the Bertoni getting pushed off your face because of its wrap-around design that’s suitable for narrow and large face shapes, allowing you wider peripheral vision.

Not only that, working alongside its wrap-around are rubber temple tips and a nose pad that keeps a secure grip on your face to keep it from slipping, like the ROCKBROS!

As for the lens technology, Bertoni features photochromic lenses that can change between the four categories of VLTs, from Category 0 to Category 3.

Other than that is an anti-fog coating to keep your lenses from getting any moisture even when the night is a bit chilly, and your breath is warm.

Things to Consider Before Buying Glasses for Mountain Biking at Night

Go With the Light!

Instead of getting a pair of glasses that simply have clear lenses that are best for night cycling, it’s wiser to get one that has photochromic lenses!

This photochromic feature makes it so your lenses can adapt to any light condition and transition to how much light is transmitted by an outside source.

So, now, not only will you have clear lenses that are perfect for biking at night, but your glasses can also go well with the day when the lenses can darken, too!

And if you’re still a relatively new biker, you’ll learn that dark lenses relax your eyes and prevent you from straining your neck, which can affect your posture in the long run.

Tough as a Rock!

Biking at night AND up a mountain will bring you loads of who-knows-what the entire ride!

There are so many things that can happen; a stray pothole, a rock you noticed too late, maybe a critter spooking you so badly when it suddenly crosses the path in front of you.

Any of those scenes can cause you to take a tumble down with your bicycle!

You’re lucky if the only things you’ll get out of it are bruises, not so much when you break something from your fall.

Whether it’s a broken bone or your glasses getting snapped, either one is a valid reason to get upset about!

But if your glasses have a durable frame, paired with shatterproof and scratch-resistant lenses, then your eyewear might survive this entire ordeal a-okay!

The same can’t be said for you, though, so please call an ambulance immediately if you get into an accident.

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A Perfect Fit

Your glasses fitting you perfectly won’t be enough to tell whether that specific pair is good for you or not.

Its temple tips and nose pads might seem like pointless accessories, but they’ll be the ones who can either cause you to lose your glasses or vigilantly have them stay in place on your face.

You can tell if they’re cheaply made when they’re too hard or poky, and they squeeze your head too much, thus causing discomfort.

A quality nose pad and temple tips are supposed to provide you comfort and security. 

Hydrophilic ones can give you that since they repel any amount of sweat you drench them in.

Not only that, but adjustable nose pads can promise you comfort as their ergonomic fit only leads to comfort.

As for the frame, having a wrap-around design is meant to secure your glasses in place to keep them nice and steady.

That way, you can rely on your glasses to stay on your face despite the rocky ride.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned earlier, who knows what you’ll come across when you go out biking in the dark?

Well, if you’re a seasoned cycling enthusiast, you’d have an idea.

If not, then all you can do is prep yourself up for the worst!

And the most fundamental thing you should prepare for is a sturdy and dependable pair of cycling glasses that you can use at night.

Once you have those, the rest of your gear will follow!

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