Why Sunglasses Are Expensive?

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Have you ever wondered about your sunglasses’ worth? Have you ever thought about why your sunglasses are so expensive, despite they consume a small part of your body and you can only use them depending on if you want them on or not?  

Many people frequently ask why their sunglasses are expensive: why can they not just become cheap? They all do the same work for our eyes, in the end. 

Having a clear view of the picture surrounding you is important, and it won’t happen if you are walking on a sunny day without sunglasses on. Chances are, you will keep on squinting to see what’s in front of you, or you’ll get a headache because of the intense glare.

Unpacking the Reasons Behind Expensive Sunglasses

Sunglasses are expensive because each brand offers different benefits. Undoubtedly, these expensive sunglasses offer you UV protection to keep your eyes away from harmful sun rays, and they can either be polarized or not. Some sunglasses deserve the price they are worth, while some need to prove that their sunglasses are worth their high cost. There are a lot of factors why sunglasses are expensive, and let’s discover them.


Do you want to wear sunglasses that do not fit your face shape? You don’t.

Sunglasses have different designs. Each design is customized to fit a person’s face shape to accentuate his facial features without the sunglasses hindering that person’s face: it is always both the face and sunglasses that are noticed if your eyewear fits you. Some have complex designs, some have the usual designs of sunglasses, while some have the most unique yet elegant designs that one could ask for. We cannot deny that we purchase sunglasses mainly because of their design, and that’s what buyers are looking for, so manufacturers also aim to hit the customers’ expectations to encourage them to purchase the sunglasses even when they cost so much more than what you expect.


Yes, you read that right.

Designer brands usually have their sunglasses’ prices so much higher than what people typically expect for expensive sunglasses because of their publicity. Of course, if your trusted brand published a sunglasses collection, you would not hesitate to purchase one of these sunglasses because you already gave your trust in them and their products. 

A brand is a significant factor in why sunglasses are so expensive, although it is not always a factor: it’s just one of them. Even when the sunglasses that this brand published do not give the maximum benefit a user can have, some customers will automatically put it in mind that they have distributed the best eyewear because they offer the best quality of all products.


Mostly, sunglasses are made for typical hot day use, but sports sunglasses are also made. Notice how there are two different types of sunglasses? Yeah, that’s a factor too.

Manufacturers do not create sunglasses just for the sake of having them in their products: they make sunglasses according to the customers’ needs. Not everyone wants regular sunglasses worn for athletic purposes, and you can’t also convince everyone to wear their sports sunglasses on a typical day. Since different sunglasses are worn depending on which occasion, each lens and frame has various components. This record means that not all features of sports sunglasses are included in the regular ones, and customers can use not all frames of regular sunglasses for sports purposes.

Prescription and Non-Prescription Sunglasses

Usually, non-prescription sunglasses are already expensive. What more if you have prescription sunglasses?

Prescription sunglasses can aid your eyes in seeing everything clearly without needing to wear your regular eyeglasses. Imagine having the protection from UV rays plus polarization (if ever your sunglasses have this) plus your prescription? Not only can you get away from the bright, sunny day and its glare, but you can also see things more vividly and clearly with the shade you are looking for.

Are Expensive Sunglasses Worth Their Price?

Each pair of sunglasses are built with varying materials. As mentioned above, many factors contribute to why sunglasses are expensive. If you’re asking if expensive sunglasses are worth their price, it is a subjective question that we can answer from different perspectives.

Expensive glasses are worth the price if you can get the benefit you want to get. For example, you want your glasses to have UV protection and polarization simultaneously. If the design you chose for these sunglasses is the design you can go crazy for, then it might be worth the expensive cost. Especially when it comes to the lens: sunglasses with high-quality lenses are worth their price if the features are worth paying for.

Expensive glasses will not be worth their price if you do not like the design, first of all, and if you only bought them for the sake of having them. Some sunglasses are also expensive even when the product has no substance at all, and you should not put yourself in a dilemma if you want to buy them or not. 

Expensive sunglasses can be worth the cost if the frame is durable despite the purpose, if the lens can protect your eyes without downgrading your vision, and if you are confident enough to wear the sunglasses wherever you plan to go.

Are Expensive Sunglasses Worth

Final Words

Sunglasses are expensive because they are built in different ways. Some sunglasses are costly because the brand is famous, some are expensive because the brand is renowned, plus the product quality is at its finest, and some are expensive because of the product composition. There are many reasons why they are costly, and you deserve to know about them.

Choosing between expensive and cheap sunglasses depends on what you want. If you want sunglasses that offer the maximum benefit they can from the frame and lens, expensive sunglasses can be worth your penny. However, if your only goal is to look fashionable with your sunglasses and doesn’t worry about fancy brands or logos, go for affordable sunglasses.

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