How To Stop Glasses From Slipping Down the Nose?

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Do you keep adjusting your glasses to keep them from sliding over your nose? It is very annoying, right? 

As a person who wears glasses most of the time, I know how bothersome it is to keep adjusting your glasses often. Yes, the biggest fear of those who wear glasses is the fall and scratch of your expensive glasses. 

You are at work and your glasses keep slipping down your nose every minute and it makes it difficult for you to focus on your work. Sounds bad, doesn’t it? But don’t worry!

We have got it covered for you. Keep scrolling down to find out 7 tips to avoid your glasses from slipping down your nose. 

Why Do Glasses Slip Down Your Nose?

Have you ever wondered why your glasses don’t sit still on your nose? Well, there are a few reasons for the slip.

– Your frame might be too wide or loose.

– Your face might be slim that your glasses do not fit in properly.

– You might have oily skin.

– Your frame’s arms could have a misaligned angle.

– Your frame might be too heavy

– You might have a narrow nose bridge

Fixing the root causes of these reasons might not be feasible. But we have some hacks for you to help you with it. So let’s go on! 

Stop Glasses From Slipping Down the Nose

Simple Tips To Stop Glasses From Slipping Down Your Nose 

Tip 1- Stretchable Eyewear Band/ Spectacle Straps 

A stretchable eyewear band can be used to secure the glasses from behind. Tie these at both the temple tips of your glasses and see the difference!

A spectacle strap works the same way by fitting behind your head, thus helping the glasses stay well secured at the nose bridge. 

If you don’t like straps or bands, don’t worry we have some good news. There are adjustable chains available that could also look classy and trendy with your glasses.

But if you are not a fan of having the back of your head strapped, then this tip might not be good for you. These straps are visible outside and for those who don’t want that, this hack is not for you. 

But wait! That’s not the end! We have other hacks that can help you! 

Tip 2- Adjust the Frames

You might wonder why this is a hack when all day you have only been adjusting your glasses to keep them from sliding. But that’s not what we are trying to say! 

Adjusting your frames means to re-align them properly. Most of you would have noticed that your glasses tend to slip more over time. This is because new glasses are well aligned but with the wear and tear, the frame might have lost its alignment.

Here’s how you can fix it:

– Go to the Optician: The most viable option would be to go to the optician to get your frames tightened. If you feel the angle between the frame’s arms and your ears is wrong, then the optician can fix it for you. 

But you need to go to the optician regularly and it’s some extra work!

– Adjust the Temple Angles: 

  1. If your frames are plastic, heat the temple arms by blowing a hairdryer at the required point for a few seconds. You can then bend it according to the desired angle. 
  1. If you have metal frames, here is some good news. You need not heat the frame, you could just bend the temple arms at the adjustment point. 

Tip 3- Anti-Slip Nose Pads

While adjusting the temple and arms of your frame is a good option, the nose is where the glasses get seated. So fix the nose pad and everything gets solved.

Using silicone nose pads can provide more grip to keep your glasses fixed on the nose. But how do you do this at home? It’s easy!

  • Stick the silicone nose pads on the bridge of your glasses with its adhesive side down. This hack has an edge over the others as the nose pads are pretty invisible and you can do it yourself at home. 
  • But make sure you clean the nose pads frequently and change them once they wear off. 

Tip 4- Anti-Slip Ear Grip Hooks

These are small hook-shaped rubber pieces that prevent your glasses from falling off the ears. 

  • Just push in some ear grips or hooks into the arms of your glasses and the job is done. 

These hooks sit behind your ears, preventing the glasses from slipping down as you bend your head. They are small and cannot be seen by others too.

This hack sounds good, doesn’t it? Why struggle when you can purchase them with ease? They are affordable! 

Tips To Stop Glasses From Slipping Down Your Nose

Tip 5- Hair Ties or Rubber Bands To Your Rescue 

Tired of all the above methods? 

Wish you could find a very easy hack? 

Here you go. 

  • Just take a hair tie or rubber band and wrap it around the arms of the temple of your glasses.  This increases the grip of the arms and prevents them from sliding down your nose.
  • Make sure you grab the proper color of hair tie so that it doesn’t look odd by standing out. 

Though this method is easy, it has its disadvantages too. 

The band or hair tie might compress your ear and cause pain and marks on your skin. 

  • So make sure you wrap them around according to the desired tightness. 
  • Try different thicknesses of bands to see which one is comfortable for you. 

Tip 6- Wax on the Bridge 

Yes, you read that right. Trust me, it’s not silly! 

Before you do this, check if the wax suits your skin and doesn’t cause any allergic reaction. If it doesn’t, then go ahead!

  • Apply some wax on the surface of the nose pads and see how much grip it provides! This hack can lessen your worries about the look of your glasses. 
  • Also, make sure not to apply the wax to the lenses by mistake. Even if you do, it’s not a big deal! You can wipe it off with a microfiber cloth. 

You can solve the glass slips without altering the appearance of your glasses. A great relief, isn’t it? 

Tip 7- The Right Glasses For the Right Person 

Are your glasses now and do they still keep slipping down your nose? If yes, then the problem is not with the glasses, but with the choice of glasses.

All of us have different face shapes and our features need to be kept in mind before we choose the right glasses. 

Some of us have a narrow nose bridge, while some have wide ones. Some of us have chubby faces, while some have slimmer faces. 

Choose your glasses accordingly and to do this 

  • Try the glasses before purchase and look for the right fit first. 
  • Ask your optometrist to measure your face and they would suggest the right size of glasses for you. 
  • Technology has advanced so much today, you could use apps that have a tool to measure your face and predict the right fit of glasses for you. 

Apart from the above tips, those with oily skin could make sure to wash their faces frequently to avoid the spectacles from sliding down the nose

Ways To Stop Glasses From Slipping Down Your Nose

Final Words 

So don’t let your glasses slip and fall.  Protect and secure them as they are your key to a clear vision!

We hope this article has given you useful tips to save your glasses from slipping and falling. So go ahead and try these hacks to save yourself some time and money!

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