What Is Eyebrow Threading and How Does it Work?

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Have you always longed for perfectly arched eyebrows that look neat?

You might have seen many people getting their eyebrows threaded. 

But is the process intimidating you? 

Don’t worry! You will read about eyebrow threading and how it works in this article. So keep reading to know more about the procedure and its benefits for the perfect eyebrow shape that you desire!

Why Is Eyebrow Shape Important For The Face? 

Your eyebrows give that perfect lift to your eyes and face. The shape of your eyebrows defines your facial features and that’s why makeup artists give special care to your brows. 

Also, a bad eyebrow shape can spoil the makeup look and can make you look tired too. Trust me, your face radiates differently when you get your eyebrows threaded neatly.  

Perfectly shaped eyebrows can enhance the color of your eyes and brighten your face as they can make your natural beauty stand out by softening your facial features. Your eyebrows also show emotion. 

Yay! So you get so many benefits from a good eyebrow shape and nothing is as good as eyebrow threading when it comes to shaping them neatly. But did you know there are six ways to shape eyebrows? Let’s take a look at them. 

Six Ways To Shape Eyebrows

Ways To Shape Eyebrows

• Waxing:

This is done by applying a strip of hot wax along your brow line to pull off the hairs at the root level. The strip is ripped off in a direction opposite to the growth of your brow hair. Although you might get a long-lasting smooth surface,  waxing can cause redness and irritation immediately following the procedure.

• Plucking:

This involves tweezing individual hairs to remove them for the desired shape. This can be risky and time-consuming so it’s not preferred often.

• Sugaring:

This follows the same concept as waxing. A gel paste of sugar, lemon juice, water, and glycerin is applied, and hair is removed in the same direction as the hair growth. This means there is less pulling on the skin and less pain in the process. This method is recommended for people with sensitive skin and finer hair. 

• Microblading:

This is a low-maintenance semi-permanent procedure. It uses a super-fine needle to draw strokes of realistic-looking hair along the brow line using a medical-grade pigment that lasts about 18 months. Unlike a tattoo, microblading does not penetrate the skin. It’s a good choice for brows that have hair fallen off by over-plucking.

• Tinting:

This uses a semi-permanent dye to fill in the eyebrows according to the shape and color you desire. 

• Threading:

This is the most popular method that originated in Asia. It involves using a fine cotton thread or string to pull and remove full rows of hair. 

What Is Eyebrow Threading? 

what is Eyebrow threading

Eyebrow threading is a hair removal technique that originated in Southeast Asia centuries ago. The concept behind this is to remove multiple hairs along the brow line row by row at a time to give the eyebrows shape.

Threading is a form of epilation i.e., deliberate removal of hair. It includes the removal of the entire hair from the root rather than just cutting it. 

Threading can also be done to remove other facial hair like those above your lips and on the chin. But though hair removal is effective, it is highly recommended NOT to use it to remove hair anywhere else. The thread used is made of cotton and is very thin to allow a stronger hold on each strand. 

How Does Eyebrow Threading Work?

Your technician will hold the thread between their hands, with one end at their teeth, and twist it. Then they will hold the end of the twist over the eyebrow hair section that needs to be removed and move the thread in a quick motion. The twisting motion traps hairs between the thread and pulls the hairs out as a whole.

So basically the pressure and the twisting motion of the fine thread help in plucking out multiple hairs from the follicle level giving a neat appearance. 

Benefits Of Eyebrow Threading 

  • The speed of the process is a great benefit. Threading takes less time than waxing which requires cooling down of the hot strip of wax. 
  • Threading can be done in seconds and multiple hairs can be removed. 
  • Threading gives a perfect eyebrow shape when done properly. 
  • It is also less painful than you might expect as compared to waxing and tweezing.
  • Threaded eyebrows are also relatively easy to maintain as you can take four to six weeks between two sessions. 
eyebrow waxing

How Often Should You Thread? 

This entirely depends on the growth rate of your brow hair. But on average it can be done every 2-3 weeks. 

The growth rate of eyebrow hair depends on various factors. But it is recommended to get threading between 2-3 weeks after each session to avoid excessive extras growth that can cause pain while threading. 

Eyebrow Threading Vs. Waxing- Which is Better? 

Waxing can cause breakouts and irritation in some people. Also while waxing is only for eyebrow shaping, threading can target stubbles and peach fuzz-like growth that waxing would normally miss.

Threading is more precise as it can remove even tiny hairs along with the other hairs using the superfine thread. And it also has the advantage of less preparation and clean-up when compared to waxing. 

But some people claim that threading is more painful than waxing and this might be because threading involves repeated efforts, unlike waxing where a single pull can strip off hair. So if you are less tolerant of pain, then decide based on which procedure can be suitable for you.

how to maintain eyebrow shape

How To Maintain Eyebrow Shape After Threading? 

Post threading if you feel redness or irritation, you can soothe it by applying aloe vera gel or moisturizing cream. All you have to do after threading to maintain shape is to do nothing. 

As this process can keep your shape for 2-3 weeks you need not do anything in particular to maintain the shape. It is recommended that you maintain a regular threading schedule with your technician.

If you could not get an appointment you could use an eyebrow trimmer to remove extra hair but you need to be careful not to change the shape that the threading had given your brows. Trimmed brow hairs tend to grow back thicker and you might experience extra pain if you go for threading the next time.

So it is recommended you be patient till you get an appointment with your technician for eyebrow threading.

Disadvantages Of Threading 

  • Some people can find threading to be painful. This is because of the repeated twisting movements of the thread that pluck the hairs from the root level. Though it is said that there is less pain in threading as compared to waxing, it depends on the skill of the technician. 
  • Eyebrow threading does involve some risks. If your eyelids are not held tight properly, then the thread might accidentally cause cuts on the skin. 

But this doesn’t mean eyebrow threading is harmful. It is completely safe and you can go for it without any fear.


So if you want perfectly shaped eyebrows that can embellish your face and enhance your beauty, then don’t hesitate to get your eyebrows threaded. 

So why wait? Go ahead and get those neatly arched eyebrows with the thickness and shape you want! Get ready to glow!

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